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Deadbeat dads of the world have become an epidemic, period! They have freely chosen not to be a financially supportive parent in their children’s lives. According to the US Census Bureau, 47.3% of custodial mothers received all child support that they were owed and 77.5% received some.


• a person who deliberately avoids paying debts.
• a loafer; sponger.

• being a parent who neglects parental responsibilities, esp. one who does not pay child support: deadbeat dads.

CrappyDads.com is a place for all those affected by the “deadbeat dad” to display their stories, images and even videos. Not only will we update CrappyDads.com with your submissions but we will strive to provide you with helpful information on all topics related.

Our Satisfied Viewers

  • About 2 months ago I submitted a DBD on your site, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Because of this site he is currently surving time in jail awaiting his day in court to answer for his actions.
  • WOW your site really worked and it worked fast, My son’s father was found only a week or two after I posted mine. One of his friends saw the post and contacted me. I told him the only way I would remove it was if he paid his back c/s, and he did we got 5,000 from him. Thank you so much for the site.
  • Beautiful site!! I am a former single mother that struggled with a deadbeat parent for 20 years. It was through the internet I found him twice and was able to collect support.
  • I cant wait to put his name and pic up.  I’ve been looking all day for something like this for employers and friends to see.  I have to figure out now how to get hs pic from facebook onto this site!!!!!
  • I just wanted to thank you for putting this site out there for all the single mothers and their children who are the true victims in all of this.
    So again thank you!!!
  • Thank you CrappyDads.com, it worked! My Ex found himself on the internet and didn’t like it too much. We are now working out a settlement agreement for him to pay what he owes our child. Thanks a bunch!

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