Ran home to Mama in Alabama

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This is Jeromy. He abandoned our son, not once, but twice. The last time was five years ago. He is such a coward that he left while we were at the doctors. He has another son that lives with him and is only a few months apart in age. Jeromy’s mother likes to meddle in the middle of his affairs because she doesn’t think that Jeromy can handle responsibility, however, she refuses to make him pay his child support to HER grandchild. He has not paid child support in over a year. He never calls or writes to our son. Nobody in his family will talk to our son either. It’s as if he doesn’t exist. This loser has found another ‘victim’ to marry and I believe they just had a kid. So, now this bum has three children (possibly four) and only takes care of one. The other son lives with Jeromys mother because the little boy hates Jeromy. The state of Florida and Alabama stink and are dragging their feet making this loser pay his support. It’s okay though, what goes around comes around and Jeromy will get his.

Credrick Purnell Williams (Cedrick)

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This is Credrick Williams, he goes by Cedrick Williams because he once told me, “he was ashamed of his birth name.” As far as I know he has 5 children (including mine). I don’t know if he does for the other four children, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter as his. I even gave him a DNA test and he still denies being her father. The truth is he is angry because I won’t be his girlfriend any more. So he thinks by denying my child will make me suffer. The only thing he is doing is insurring himself some back pay and/or jail time. He is still making babies, and not taking responsability for his children. He is an abusive man with anger issues. He can’t hold down a job because he keeps failing drug test.

Poster-child for dead-beat dads!!!!

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My kids’ dad is a pathological liar, a perpetual victim and a professional mooch. He hasn’t worked in 3 years, hasn’t paid child support in 3 years for 4 children. Two of which are mine, ages 7 and 10; 1 with another woman, and another with yet another woman. He lives off of women. (Whichever ones are stupid enough to tolerate him and to believe his sob story!!!!). He doesn’t pay child support or do anything positive in any of their lives. The two older ones suffer as a result. Their school records reflect what dead-beat dad damage does to the success of impressionable young men who need a positive male figure in their lives; yet are sadly disappointed with the broken promises and lies of a loser who cares about nothing but his own selfish wants and needs. It’s sickening.
HIs latest stunt to try and get off the hook was a failed attempt to file false allegations of neglect and abuse against me. He bold-faced lied, and filed for an ex-parte hearing during my finals week at school, expecting that I would not show up. He thought for sure that he would be granted the request for full physical and legal custody that he asked for, which also included a request to give me monitored visitation. Imagine that!!!! I showed up to his ex-parte hearing however, and foiled his scandalous plan. When the judge asked him for evidence to support the specific incident that he claimed would warrant granting him emergency custody of the children; he began to say: “in 2008….” the judge reminded him that he wanted evidence to support his allegations. He had none… Hence he’s been discredited and his motives were revealed. Loser!!!!!!


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This is my ex husband….wow was I fooled into believing he was a great guy! Only six months after our daughter was born and only two months after being married, he decided that he wanted to jump the fence because the grass looked greener on the other side. She was well off, owned the business he worked for but could not find her own man. He only exercised his visitation a few times, we were divorced, and they were married a week later….Then she decided her family needed my child support more than our daughter did, and the payments stopped. Our daughter is now 15 almost 16, and he is over $14,000.00 behind in his obligation. He has had his license suspended about 10 times but somehow goes in and sweet talks someone into giving him his license back, by making a small payment, only to never make another payment until his license is suspended again. He spends no time with his daughter, refuses to accept any of her phone calls, and does not even acknowledge her birthday or Christmas. He and his wife ran her business into the ground, and they lost all the money he thought she had!!! He refuses now to get a job where he actually gets a legitimate pay check. He does everything he can to get his child support reduced claiming he has no real income, he also collects $600.00 a month in food stamps, but refuses to pay any type of support…claiming…”WHY DO YOU KEEP PUSHING TO GET YOUR SUPPORT IT IS NOT LIKE I CAN EVER GET OUT OF PAYING YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY EVENTUALLY!” The only problem with eventually is our daughter needs his support now! Not just the monetary support but the physical and mental support also. Talk about a dead beat…..he lives in Pensacola, Fl. hides not only from his daughter but from his obligations as well. His current wife carries his balls in her purse…..

Total Loser

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I kind of feel bad posting him as a deadbeat, but this pothead sperm doner has nothing to do with him son. He runs around clubbing, partying and doing drugs with his friends and left me right after our baby was born. He is a bully and has no idea who his son is! He won’t pay child support and is so busy going to parties, he doesn’t even want to get to know his son. Mostly, I just feel bad for this guy. He thinks that one day he is going to be a UFC champion (which should give you a good idea of what my relationship was like with such an aggressive meathead), but he has no motivation and is completely lazy. He left us a month after my baby was born so that he could punch dudes in a friend’s garage and get as many girls as he can. He’s missed the baby’s whole life so far and that’s what makes me the most angry!! Get it together, a-hole, time to be a big boy.

Supposedly a Christian minister

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This hypocritical, so-called “minister of God” walked out on his 2 month old son, moved to another city and continues to fail to pay child support while simultaneously “preaching” to churches all over the country. He considers himself a professional musician as well. Again… HE PAYS ZERO DOLLARS OF COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT. Pastors, do not be fooled by this hypocrite. He is a sham. He holds a Masters degree and refuses to work – he quit working long before the recession. Brandon McCray is lazy, arrogant, prideful, and fools your churches into supporting his lifestyle.

Dead beat dad

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This is the father of my child. He watched him fight for his life for almost two months and now has nothing to do with him.He has three kids by three different moms and just started paying child support for one.( i have received 16$ in two years). For me its not about the money. All I want him to do is call every now and then. He can’t even do that.At this point i am cutting my losses or should i say my sons losses. He is a worthless piece of human fecal matter and deserves nothing good in his life. If you ever meet this man do not let him charm you he will use you in every way he can.


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My ex Michael Ray Gonzalez of Clearwater/Dunedin Florida owes $45,000 & rising in child support. He has little to nothing to do with ANY of his 5 kids. He refuses to get a job unless it’s hosting karaoke & lives off his girlfriend who is on disability & Section 8 so basically he’s living off the taxpayers. He also receives $400 a month from his ailing grandma which wil hopefully stop soon since he wouldn’t even give me $25 for his kids. He quit a great job where he was making $26 an hour & had great benefits now my kids are on state medical assistance. He’s a selfish, self centered, manipulative jerk who is only out for himself. He’s cheated on EVERY woman he’s ever been with. Funny, his girlfriend thinks she’ll be the exception because he’s “changed”. He’s too much like his crazy, psycho mother who has never been faithful & never will be. This is a man who at 38 slept with a minor. He’s been evading all attempts from CA Child Support so now Florida will be going after him. This “man” is a manipulative, pathetic SOB who needs a BIG wake up call since he thinks he’s doing nothing wrong & his girlfriend is no better! If you ever see this jerk feel free to give him Hell. He deserves it & so much more! I can only hope he will suffer the way he’s made his kids suffer.

Dan Harvey the DEAD BEAT DAD!

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I met this man 16 years ago. I was 21 he was 36. We both lived in Michigan and he was a fun man then. ALL AN ACT! I soon found out. Claims he couldnt concieve any children yet I ended up Pregnant. Me not believing in abortion had my sweet baby boy 9 months later. We married when I was 3 months along and were off and on for 13 years. Then we moved to Washington State to start a new life. He found work. Then he started using CRACK. Finally I left his sorry @ss. We lived in Washington State for 5 years and when I moved out he let me have custody of our boy, and he is still living with me. DAN packed his amp and guitar and headed on down the road back to Michigan. In our divorce decree he is, and was ordered to pay $625 a month (his suggestion) Have not seen a dime, and medical. Our son is still with out medical or dental and I have been paying for his visits as needed. Not to metion clothing. Do not trust this loser young ladies. He is a nasty frito lay chip eating couch potato scum bag that refuses to pay a dime or even talk to his son

Deadbeat in Colorado

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This guy is a deadbeat dad and loves to work the system and women. He’s is now over $6000 in arrears in child support and owes the gov’t back taxes from 2006 and on with a tax warrant following him. He uses our son to win the hearts of women thinking that he is responsible dad, HARDLY!!! Everything out of his mouth is a lie, like he has tested at genius level inteligience, could of been on the olympics for karate, and ect. Don’t believe a word of it. This guy is bad news stay away…