Ran home to Mama in Alabama

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This is Jeromy. He abandoned our son, not once, but twice. The last time was five years ago. He is such a coward that he left while we were at the doctors. He has another son that lives with him and is only a few months apart in age. Jeromy’s mother likes to meddle in the middle of his affairs because she doesn’t think that Jeromy can handle responsibility, however, she refuses to make him pay his child support to HER grandchild. He has not paid child support in over a year. He never calls or writes to our son. Nobody in his family will talk to our son either. It’s as if he doesn’t exist. This loser has found another ‘victim’ to marry and I believe they just had a kid. So, now this bum has three children (possibly four) and only takes care of one. The other son lives with Jeromys mother because the little boy hates Jeromy. The state of Florida and Alabama stink and are dragging their feet making this loser pay his support. It’s okay though, what goes around comes around and Jeromy will get his.

Credrick Purnell Williams (Cedrick)

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This is Credrick Williams, he goes by Cedrick Williams because he once told me, “he was ashamed of his birth name.” As far as I know he has 5 children (including mine). I don’t know if he does for the other four children, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my daughter as his. I even gave him a DNA test and he still denies being her father. The truth is he is angry because I won’t be his girlfriend any more. So he thinks by denying my child will make me suffer. The only thing he is doing is insurring himself some back pay and/or jail time. He is still making babies, and not taking responsability for his children. He is an abusive man with anger issues. He can’t hold down a job because he keeps failing drug test.


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My ex Michael Ray Gonzalez of Clearwater/Dunedin Florida owes $45,000 & rising in child support. He has little to nothing to do with ANY of his 5 kids. He refuses to get a job unless it’s hosting karaoke & lives off his girlfriend who is on disability & Section 8 so basically he’s living off the taxpayers. He also receives $400 a month from his ailing grandma which wil hopefully stop soon since he wouldn’t even give me $25 for his kids. He quit a great job where he was making $26 an hour & had great benefits now my kids are on state medical assistance. He’s a selfish, self centered, manipulative jerk who is only out for himself. He’s cheated on EVERY woman he’s ever been with. Funny, his girlfriend thinks she’ll be the exception because he’s “changed”. He’s too much like his crazy, psycho mother who has never been faithful & never will be. This is a man who at 38 slept with a minor. He’s been evading all attempts from CA Child Support so now Florida will be going after him. This “man” is a manipulative, pathetic SOB who needs a BIG wake up call since he thinks he’s doing nothing wrong & his girlfriend is no better! If you ever see this jerk feel free to give him Hell. He deserves it & so much more! I can only hope he will suffer the way he’s made his kids suffer.

This is Brett Modjahedpour.

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Brett Modjahedpour lives in Centreville, VA. He owes over $44k in back child support but only pay $36/month even though he is court ordered to pay $900/month. He was reported to be working at either Savvis or Verizon.

Dead Beat Dad in camillus

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When we in the home he would offer 10.00 a week for a family of 5 to live off of because he couldn”t be left with no money to go out to lunch with his co workers. when he was out of the house he would break in and live in the basement he was arrested twice and put in jail once for domestic abuse second time for breaking a restraining order. Some how got into Nursing school and led us to belive he only made 23,000 dolloars a year and could only pay 75.00 a week. When in reality he makes close to $60.000 a year. and is not paying he child support at all because he claims he has family emergencies. with his other children which he only paid child support for 9 years for one child he has 3 from his first wife. never paid a dime for the other two. becuase as he said we have an understanding. if you see him tell him to grow. child support is a bill just like any other. Just lie his New car payment his credit card payments, and his rent.

a real winner

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this is DeAngelo Mitchell. he has 4 children with 3 different women. mine is the youngest at 14 years old. he doesn’t pay child support for any of them but mine is the only one he refuses to acknowledge even though he knows for sure she’s his. he lives minutes from our house but will not spend any time with our daughter which is all she ever wanted in the first place. i waived my right to child support when i was working full time because he said it was ‘ruining his life’. now I’ve lost my job and my right to drive due to disability. I’m still stuck with the burden of explaining to my beautiful child why her father loves her brother and sister’s but not her. how can a guy consider himself a man when he won’t take care of his own kids. how do you pick and choose which kids you are gonna love? even if he hates me how can he hate a person that came from him? that looks like him? that has nothing but love to give him? i would feel like a mega piece of Crap if i let my daughter go without anything! in 14 years he has given her nothing.

Ronnie Victor Smith Jr: Child Molestor / Deadbeat

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This Deadbeat Dad has 11 kids by 6 different women in 3 different states. He currently lives with his sister Dawn Smith in Williston, South Carolina…. She protects him because she’s a deadbeat mom. She lost custody of her 15 year old when she was just a little kid for being abusive, killed her second baby during her pregnancy, and recently lost custody of her 6 year old for being abusive and beating her with belts. It has been rumored for years that they are sleeping together, not sure but I do know that Ronnie has a baby with 1 of his cousins.
Ronnie is a registered sex offender who molested a 12 year old little girl. He currently has another baby on the way in Maryland, where he just left to avoid child support for baby he has in Florida. He gave his wife an std (genital warts). if you see him don’t fall for his southern charm …he is a drunk and very abusive. google his name and you will see that he molested a little girl! protect yourself from this monster and his family!

Dead Beat father that gets away with it

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I am a mom to 6 kids. 3 of them are a set of triplets. they are all 11 and under. my x husband is a business owner that makes alot of money. However He is still behind thousands of dollars in child support. He is to pay $1350. a month and he refuses. The judge does nothing. In fact i have been in court every other month since june 2009 trying to get a settlement. filled over 15 contempt charges and nothing. I dont even have a parenting plan signed. I get nothing for alamony and I was a stay at home mom for 11yrs. I have not got a settlement for anything. My x gets to keep everything, I got to keep my children and he doesnt even have to pay medical. Not only do I have a dead beat dad to my kids but i have a dead beat judge as well. If you are in Wichita,ks and see this man know he has 6 kids he wont pay for even tho he has the money to do it. The reason for the divorce is because not only is he a dead beat dad but he likes to hit women. So now he gets his kicks out of calling child services on me constantly. My attny is even shocked on what this man has got away with. I am so angry with the court system.

Dead beat dad, man, human

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This is Edward Sullivan and his current victim Shannel. He and I were married and had a little girl (now 6) but, he was an abusive , controlling, never working, living off mama, nut! I had to get out and did. He then decides to make (MY) house with new girlfriend has a new baby and one on the way!! REALLY?? Can’t pay child support because he told the court he has not had a job in 3 years. If you ever see him…spit in his face!!!

Dead Beat Dad William Francis Payne Jr./ Bill/ Billy

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William currently is in arrears of almost $16,000.00, and has warrents in NYC North Bergen and Ocean county New Jersey. He has left his daughter of 8 in tears by promissing to see her for her birthday and Christmas and leaving her crying for days. He is nothing but a crackhead alchoholic. He has his wedding band tattooed on his finger because he hocked the 5 i foolishly bought him. He likes to be wined and dined and is lazy as crap. I would assume he is mostly in North Bergen with his family since he has never been able to function on his own. If you have any info on his where abouts please contact me via e-mail thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!