Deadbeat, Womanizer and Abuser

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3 babies. 3 different babymamas. No Job & doesn’t plan on getting one either. He uses social networks like myspace and facebook to talk to women. He depends on women to take care of him. A 25 year old boy, who not only is a womanizer but he abuses women.

Mr Bell—Sorriest of them all

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Meet William DeWayne Bell AKA Blaze, the worlds biggest loser and sorriest baby daddy alive. He is from Greenville, MS .As you can see, he spends most of his time locked up and in the streets. He has 6 kids, mabye more, by 4 different women, and doesnt take care of any of them. He is also a woman beater, is an alchoholic, and has been rumored of sniffing cocaine as well. Has beautiful kids but he is such a monster. Grown man who cant even take care of himself. I wish I wouldve known before getting pregnant with my daughter…Very nasty and uncircumcised too!!! Hope he rots for leaving his kids fatherless!

Daniel Bernard Moore the runaway deadbeat who lies and cheats and neglects his son.

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Hello again:

As promised i have a better picture of him.
This man is evil and should be punished to the full extent of the law.
This is him and his wife. We all have mutual friends but few of them even know that my son is his. Well at this point i dont care if they do. Read the rest of this post »

Deadbeat Dad Michael Wells

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Michael Scott Wells from Alabama owes me over $170,000.00 in bac child support. He has NEVER spent a day in jail and any money that I have recieved from him has been through garnishments. He has never carried insurance and never paid any doctor bills in which he was court ordered to. Alabama needs to step it up in doing something to these deadbeats!