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DUNG VAN NGUYEN also know as Vand for his Limo Service in PHOENIX,AZ which is called ARRIVE EXPRESS he makes 500.00 to 800.00 a day he has 2 SEDAN cars he refuses to pay child support he owes me 64 thousand dollars. He pay when he want’s to because he is getting paid under the table. I have raised my daughter by myself. She don’t even have health insurance. I have been unemployed for a year now. I can hardly feed her or put clothes on her back, and she just turned 16. And I have reported to the State and they will not do anything because he knows how to work the system. If you pay even 50.00 they will not come after you because you made a payment. He lied about his income and I was suppose to get 800.00 a month and they dropped it to 609.00 and he won’t pay that he also let his cell phone bill get 3000.00 so they would drop some his child support. He gave me 250.00 months ago. I’m also suppose to get his taxes, but he knows how to work that too. And he don’t pay his taxes like he is suppose to, so when time to file the IRS takes everything. I would not get any Limo Service from this man that don’t take care of his obligations.

Aaron E. ROSS, Phoenix area, Active Warrant for failure to pay child support. TOTAL LOSER

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aaron ross.jpg (4 KB)

AARON ROSS (alias Everett Ross, A.E. Ross, Aaron Winters, Gemini Jones or any combination of these) is wanted by the Yavapai Sheriff’s office for FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. He owes close to $30,000.00 in arrears.

How to spot him: he is the shortest black man you’ll ever see. He trains dogs. Some of his company’s names are Ross Dog Training, USA dog training, and many more. If you need to know what a SCUMBAGE he really is then go to and put in dog trainer runs off with people’s money. They did a 3 on your side on him and the news found countless people in AZ that were scammed by this bastard. And the worst thing of all is he took people’s money and didn’t even pay his child support with it!!! WTH????

He went to jail 2 years ago for the same thing. Had a wimp judge who let him out on less than the purge amount. Have a new judge now and I am hoping and praying that he sticks to the purge amount.

AARON ROSS (alias Everett Ross, A.E. Ross, Aaron Winters, Gemini Jones or any combination of these) is wanted by the Yavapai Sheriff’s office for FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. He owes close to $30,000.00 in arrears.

How to spot him: he is the shortest black man you’ll ever see. The warrant says he is 5″5 but he’s more like 5 feet. He walks bowlegged. He owns more shoes than most women. He has brand new white teeth. He shops in the children’s department because he is so short. He is losing his hair on top (easy to see as he is so short)lol.
He trains dogs. Some of his company’s names are Ross Dog Training, USA dog training, and many more. If you need to know what a SCUMBAGE he really is then go to and put in dog trainer runs off with people’s money. They did a 3 on your side on him and the news found countless people in AZ that were scammed by this bastard. And the worst thing of all is he took people’s money and didn’t even pay his child support with it!!! WTH????

He went to jail 2 years ago for failure to pay child support. Had a wimp judge who let him out on less than the purge amount. Have a new judge now and I am hoping and praying that he sticks to the purge amount that is set now.

Aaron has lived all his life in Arizona. The address on the warrant is a LIE. That is his grandmother’s address, he uses it to hide all of his crap. Wonder what he’ll do when she passes away. So feel free to stop by there and ask her where he is. Here is her phone number [REMOVED].
So if you are sick and tired of men (he’s not one at all) not taking care of their children and running from the law then I dare you to find him and turn him in. In fact I am willing to pay the person who has him arrested or gives me the direct information to have him arrested$ 250.00 cash. I will paypal you or western union you once I have confirmation he is in jail.

his dob and address is on the warrant- go to for all the info.

Thank you !

I think my sh*t dont stink

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peice of shit.jpg (21 KB)

Well the low life your looking at is John Lee Mosley, and because of him being so secretive I only know that he lives somewhere in Arizona. I was married to him for 5 years when he decided he couldnt deal with being married with the 3 beautiful children he helped make. So he ran away to Arizona with the lie to me that he found a good paying roofing job to be able to get caught up with bills and rent. Like I said lie. He has quite the knack of being a liar. The whole year before he actually left he would leave me stranded at home with my children missing school and while he was running around in my truck being the man whore he is. He didnt even have the balls to show up to one of the court hearings for the divorce, not to mention in the span of a year and half he has only seen the children once for aprox 8 hours, and has only spoken to them once with me initiating the call. He has been told time and time again that he always has access to speaking to them whenever he wants. But then again we are talking about one selfish s.o.b!! Now I havent even begun to talk about the child support he hasnt paid. See remember now I was married to the p.o.s and know what kind of money he can make being a roofer. When he left he said he would send money every week and low and behold he cant even keep that up the right way. I got ordered an appropriate amount for 3 children not to mention alittle in spousal. He will go months not paying a dime and then another few months giving me 70 dollars here a hundred there. While he himself provides for himself, gets necessities, fills his tank full of gas. And the thing of it is I have never bitched at him for not paying the full ordered amount, just live up to your responsibilities, but of course remember what kind of low life we are talking about here. He is now behind almost $20,000 in child support ( that is including the added interest) He doesnt comply with the courts and what they have ordered one bit. The Child Support Services are involved but with him already evading the courts on a no license ticket that has now turned into a FTA, he is working real hard at flying way under the radar. The federal has put a hold on his wages too so I know what ever work he is doing is under the table. So hey look out for this p.o.s and get the word out and beware, to women and employers alike, cause he is no good!!!


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9131_104438306233134_100000008944535_117119_4983221_n.jpg (33 KB)

Hello, my name is SHAWN BUSSKOHL of Phoenix/Waddell/Anthem Arizona and I am what grows below the scum of the earth. I have several children that I have nothing to do with because I am a complete LOSER! I think it is okay to beat on women even if they happen to be carrying my child at the time. Its just part of who I am. I also enjoy having nothing to do with my children and when i say nothing I really mean NOTHING. Of course there has been a time when over the last 9 years I have called my 11 year old daughter that I could care less about and asked her what she would like for her birthday but of course that was just a fake out. I never sent anything duh I am a deadbeat good for nothing liar. I also like to switch jobs every two months or so, so I can avoid paying as much child support as possible. But somehow I am still able to play cowboy and buy horses for my little ranch…I have to find a way to impress the next woman that I will con into marrying me and eventually divorcing me once I verbally and physically abuse her. I have never sent my daughter a Christmas present, hell I don’t even call her bc she isnt important enough to bother with on holidays and actually just in general. In reality her mother is one lucky lady to not have to worry about her growing up to be a completely disgusting and lowlife human being like myself. She is lucky that she never has to be around someone as putrid as myself. In closing I would just like to say what a complete piece of shit I am. I care about nothing but myself and will die a lonely old piece of tattered shit with no one by my side bc that is what I deserve.


Trust Funder, Crappy Tattooists, Criminal, and Serial Deadbeat Dad Greg Surprenant

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GregMugShot.jpg (33 KB)

I am posting this because I am not the first of women who has had the misfortune of this deadbeat’s (Gregory Stephen Surprenant) existence in her life. Its not even so much that I’m spiteful or vindictive, he’s the worst of the worst, and all you other unsuspecting women out there should be made aware, so you don’t fall victim to his ‘charms’ (trying to keep it clean).

He’s an irresponsible, child, with a continuous flow of income, because of a trust fund. He does what he wants, when he wants, and with whomever is dumb enough to do it with him, without regard to anyone’s well being or even safety. Including drugs (meth, cocaine, marijuana, pills, heroine) and alcohol and unprotected sex. Not a good combination, considering he works as a tattooist, whenever he feels like working. And a really bad one at that. He’s often misspelled words in tattoos, and scarred many.

I have this gorgeous little boy, that he helped create, that has an awesome father figure in his life now, but his only memories of his sperm donor, are of him being physically and emotionally abusive, and the police taking him away.

I really don’t want them to have a relationship…ever…but if my boy decides he wants to try when he’s older, I’ll leave it up to him. Of course, there is that 1 in a million chance that if his sperm donor gets himself clean and wants to try…. we’ll cross that one when we come to it.

Nevertheless, he has responsibilities. He helped create this little man, and needs to help provide for him.

As ‘normal’ as this may seem in today’s society, this deadbeat, Gregory Surprenant, has screwed up at least 7 children’s lives along with the 4 women that have given birth to them. Yes. You read that right. There are at the very least 4 of us stupid enough to sleep with him and bear his offspring.

He has arrest warrants in at least 4 states, for offenses from assault to grand theft. One of his many crappy tattoos, is a definite giveaway to what kind of person he really is at the core. On his right fist, a tattoo that reads, “TRUST NO BITCH.”

If you see Greg Surprenant aka Gregory Steven Surprenant aka Gregory Supernant II aka Greg Stephen Suprenant Jr. (or any other combination of the above names) Please report his whereabouts to A CASH reward will be offered for information leading to his arrest.

LOSING!! Rodney McCullough OWES $30K so how can he afford this dog??

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Rodney.jpg (57 KB)

Rodney Bryan McCullough DOB 7-02-1970 *had one young child when we started going out, a year and a half later I found out I was ten weeks pregnant when with no warning, he severely beat me on and about the head/face/mouth. I had over fifty stitches at the Colorado Springs ER (which eventually led to plastic surgery on my upper lip, with still very visible scars) and so of course, we broke up. While I was pregnant, he got another girlfriend and got her pregnant. So he also had a third child by a third woman a few months after I had his child, and now we know of four by four women for sure. Won’t go in to the ginormous skank that came to my door asking if her toe headed child looked familiar??? He didn’t meet my/his daughter until she was two years old, then back out of her life, moved back closer, then took off to Rimrock Arizona without even telling her or saying good bye (and he wonders now why she doesn’t want to talk to him….hmm, she’s 16 now and is sick of your shit). He has taken care of SEVERAL other women’s children, which doesn’t bother me except the fact he doesn’t take care of his biological children first. He has paid about $200 in child support. Her braces alone were $5000! It costs $200K to raise a child. I went over three years without a court order in hopes that would give him incentive to pay and I’d take a way lesser amount because of course some is better than none. Guess not. He’d rather waste all his money at the bar, on cable, on go carts, expensive tools to work (?), kids that arent his and girlfriends cell phones, on the lake..things that are not necessities to live. He is a compulsive liar and a whore. He says things he has no proof of but denies straight documentational proof (of anything from ‘i never hit you, even tho the police came to the ER and took pics’ to who bought the couch! how did he buy my couch when he was half way around the world knocking up some chic in HA, WOW! and are you f’kn kidding me!!) Now I’ve worked every day of her life to keep a roof and needs with no extra for sports or things like that. Its SAD. He owes $30,000.00 in back support for my daughter and an astronomical amount to other mothers and/or states. Oh and he hasn’t done taxes for well over ten years. He is from MO which is where we are at but apparently living in AZ. Parents, hide your daughters! Two of his brothers are already on the MO sexual offender list. He’ll never pay the money so should be sitting in jail. But instead he’s driving a cherry red 2010 F150. WTF.

Andre Allen

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asshole.jpg (98 KB)

From the start he wasn’t there. It was his fault I got pregnant in the first place. He wanted abortion, I figured if were supposedly going to be together that it would be now or never.
He didn’t show up to her birth. He strolled into the hospitalthe following day after a whole’s day work.
He’s never paid any type of medical bill for her. He put her on his insurance at work but he already had a family plan for his own kids, no extra money required.
I have to beg for daipers once a month. Only when I threatened to break up would he ask to see her.
He never included us or her like family. His other kids wanted nothing to do with her and on her birthday at his house were not present at all.
I’ve asked for at least $200 a month. He wants to bargain down to $150 and have her every other weekend. Like I’m going to trust a dirty old man who spends more on cigarettes a month than his own kids and let’s teenagers and strangers come in and out of his house at all hours with my one year old.
I gave him the option out to leave us alone and not pay anything. He’s still on the not pay anything and have his way with me. In fact the last thing he said was he would not take no for an answer. All he cares about is sex but not us. Now I have to involve the law.

Michigans Finest Deadbeat Dad

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Frank.jpg (8 KB)

Hi my name is Lisa Little. My sister Magan Matwyuk has three beautiful girls, ages 2,4,7. My sister recently got a divorce. Her x-husband, Frank Matwyuk, kidnapped all three of her girls in January of 2010 from her home in Michigan. She fought to get them back and they are home safetly now. Let me tell you her story. Megan was married to Frank for about 8 years. She was a wonderful wife to him. She gave him 3 beautiful girls. She the type of person that works and works to keep her kids taken care of and to give them most of the stuff that they want. Through out her marriage her husband cheated, lied and was a part time dad to his kids. Frank spent many days away from home with other girls while Megan worked and took care of their kids by herself. My sister and I was out one night for a girls night out. It was a way to tell me goodbye since I was moving to Florida a couple of weeks from then. We went away for about 3 hours and came back to find her house trashed and her kids and Frank gone. She called everyone including the police trying to find out where Frank had taken her children. A couple of days later she found out that Frank was in Nevada with her kids. He had decided to take them to his dads house. It took her about 3 months to finally get her babies back home. This past year has been really rough on her. Frank is about $8,000 behind on child support. In the last 15 months my sister has only seen about $500 from Frank. She tries so hard to make sure her children have everything they want and need but its hard for a single mom of three to do this with no help. Frank has parenting time that the courts gave him. He is allowed to call the girls a couple of times a week at a scheduled time. Over half the time he doesnt even bother to call. Right now he is living in Kingman Arizona with a woman named Rebecca Jones. The picture I have posted is of Frank and his most recent girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca has three kids of her own and is supporting Franks choice to abandon his three girls. Rebecca has 2 boys and a girl. Frank considers Rebecca’s kids as his own. I dont know how anyone can abandon his kids and take care of some other mans kids. Its sickning that a woman that has kids would support this. Frank also possibly has a newborn son in Nevada. This newborn he disowns. I mainly posted this to let other women know about Frank. He tends to cheat and lie to his girlfriend. So ladies if you see Frank run the other way. Hes Michigan, Nevada and Arizonas top DEADBEAT DAD.

Avoid this guy at all costs-Christopher Jay Wright

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n299600037_315_5102.jpg (44 KB)

This is Christopher Jay Wright. The ultimate deadbeat dad. He has 4 children by four different women. My daughter happens to be child #3. He has not took responsibility for our daughter since the day I found out I was pregnant. Claims it was my fault for getting pregnant. And after she was born, he only saw her twice when she was 2 months old and he acted like he didn’t give a crap about her at all. Only thing he wants is to get into female’s panties and play World of Warcraft all day and not work. He owes so much back child support for my daughter and his oldest son, it’s not even funny. He refuses to pay, refuses to get a job, refuses to step up, but gets mad when we all don’t put up with the mess. my current boyfriend has been stepping up and taking care of my daughter and picking up the slack that this dead beat dad has not done. and the court system has not done a thing in 2 years when it comes to back child support. So ladies, if u happen to see this man, u might want to run. he will ruin your life and he is bad news. and don’t believe his lies, because he is still living with his momma and she is a freaking nut case.. by all means, please run if u are approached by this guy!!!

Joseph Freeman (POS Father)

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76807_1664220253677_1482387244_31678952_5810843_n.jpg (50 KB)

Raising Joe Freeman’s kids as my own. This is a sad thing as he does the very least that he can do to help his own kids. We have to pay for 4 kids college, medical, missions, weddings, food, clothing, and the like while he pays a pathetic $380 a month. He was awarded tax exemptions and the whole nine yards. My wife and I offered to lower and freeze his child support payments so that my wife could claim all 4 kids on our taxes.

So sad.

You can find him on Facebook. Check out pictures of and his sugar momma (wife) that takes him on cruises and frequent trips to California.

Again…So sad.