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This is the face of a true Deadbeat Dad!!! He hasn’t paid his child support in the last year!! The support he was able to reduce to $400 a month for two teenage kids when we moved to California more than 4 years ago. He was suppose to pay for airfare for his visitation in Florida on every holiday as he requested!! Surprise! He never took his visitation, nor has he paid for any airfare!!! Now he doesn’t even pay the measly $400 a month to help feed and provide shelter for our now teenage children.. He doesn’t pay for their insurance as required, their extra carricular activities or have anything to do with our kids over the last 4 years..I have been laid off 3 times during those 4 plus years. I have been on public assistance twice while in between jobs, but never longer than 3 months, unable to pay for my daughters college plan and pleaded for my children to be able to play the sports so important to them when I had no money for the registration fees. They have no yearbooks to look back on or have they seen much more than their mother stressed out trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their head. He hasn’t held a job since being forced to resign for being intoxicated on the job 6 years ago. He has had his girlfriend, our neighbor support him financially and and through all his lies.. He is a homeowner of a 4 bedroom home in an upscale area and drives a nice car, drinks himself into a stuper daily and smokes their child suppport away… If it’s the last breath I take, HE WILL PAY WHAT HE OWES TO OUR CHILDREN!!! THEY HAVE SUFFERED NOT ONLY FINANCIALLY, BUT HAVE NOT HAD A FATHER EITHER, ONLY A SPERM DONATER!!!! QUIT SUCKING UP THE OXYGEN OF THE WORLD DEADBEATS, IT’S MEANT FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE A PUPOSE ON EARTH BESIDES BRINGING HEARTACHE AND PAIN TO THE CHILDREN YOU LEAVE BEHIND!!!!!!!!

Richard Reyes Campos Stockton Dead Beat Dad

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I met this guy when I was 13yrs old, he knocked me up at 14yrs old and I became a mother at 15 yrs old. Richard was 18 yrs old when we had our son and he promised to take care of us. Ha! he lied. All he does is play video games all day and read comic books. He was hired by wal-mart and got fired ecause he was to lazy to go into work. I had to take under the table jobs just to provide our son with diapers, wipes, formula, and clothes, and medicine. Yet I still manaed to graduate High school a year earlier than my class. Richard campos is now 26 years old, our son is going to be 8 years old this year and has not seen his father in 4 years. Richard campos skipped town on the weekend he was supposed to have opur son and I had to find out about it on myspace. He moved to lompoc, CA to be with a 17 ear old girl, named Celina Santos, who’s parents are so stupid for supporting his ass. He had a pat-time job at mcdonalds for 3 months and got fired again for being too lazy to come into work. Richard owes me $5000+ in child support and says he shouldnt have to pay anything seeing as how he does not want to be in my sons life. Richard just had a baby with this girl and she has been threatening my son and I for months. Saying if I dont drop the child support case she and her family will come to stockton and hurt us. I will never call off child support everyday I have to deal with the questions my son asks ” Wheres my dad?” ” Can I call him?” ” I miss him…” “Why doesnt he come see me?”. Its not fair to my son Richard needs to man up and put his girl in check. What real man lets a lil girl talk shit about his first born son and what kind of female threatens an innocent lil boys life. They are both pathetic loser

Dead Beat Bryan Collins

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Bryan Collins (Lives in TRACY, CA) wants to spend time with son all the time but doesnt want to pay his child support for the past 2 yrs. He owes $10g’s in back support. He likes to dodge the DA and the Tracy police for contempt charges. Bryan makes sure he only works for cash/under the table to avoid his taxes and support. He takes cruises every yr with his current wife and several trips to DisneyLand a yr with our son. Bryan only wants to pay for stuff at his house only. I wish the state would go back and take away rights to these dead beat dads or throw them in jail would be nice. Bryan now has a baby on the way with his current wife and is making sure his new family is takin care of. Take care of your first child before creating a new fam. If Bryan Ray Collins would have continues to pay his support he would have only had 1 1/2yrs left till our son is 18. If someone see’s Bryan walk up to him and say hes a dead beat dad and own up to your financial responsibilities!

DeadBeat Dad & Bad Criminal of the YEAR

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Yes if you know “Ruben A. Garcia Jr. then you know this piece of shit so called “MAN”. He has 3 kids by 3 different women, and hasn’t paid a dime to any of his kids. He has 2 daughters and 1 son, i am the mother to his adorable son, i through his ass out 12 mths ago because he and my so called best friend decided to sleep with each other so since my son was 3 mths old he has seen his sperm donor about 4 times and with those 4 times no more then a 15 min visit. NO DIAPERS, NO WIPES, NO CLOTHES, NO NECESSITIES what so ever. NO CALLS, NO EMAILS, NO LETTERS NO contact not even for my sons 1st birthday, and he and my skanky ex best friend are living together no more then 15 mins from me. THIS DEADBEAT DAD doesn’t even see 2 of 3 children by his choice. THIS DEADBEAT DAD DON’T PAY ANY CHILD SUPPORT TO ANY OF HIS KIDS AND HE OWES OVER $50,000 in back child support for 2 or his 3 kids, for my son it is barely building up in back child support since my son is only 15 mths old. so LADIES PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THIS DEADBEAT or you will be next…..

Deadbeat Dad Joshua Jackson A.K.A. Jay Smoove

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lame.JPG (303 KB)

Joshua Jackson is out here just making babies left and right and not taking care of them. He got a girl that he lives with and has 3 kids with her but is also messing with all kind of other females and having kids with them too. I know, I have a 1 month old baby girl that he has done nothing for. He has only seen her 1 time, he doesnt even call to check up on her. He and his mother is trying to keep her a secret from his other baby mama. He lives is Los Angeles Ca, South Central to be exact. He is a so called rapper named Jay Smoove and also the CEO of Inked Up and formerly from Addicted2Ink (A2I)BEWARE cause he’S lurking and if you slip up you will be the next victim

Art Garcia Dead Beat Dad Owes over $70,000 in Child Support!!!!!

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My ex-husband, Art Garcia, lives in California with his wife and new son. We were divorced in May of 2005. We have three daughters together, ages 18, 16, and 13. As of today, August 13th, 2011, Art owes over $70,000 in child support for his three daughters. In order to keep himself out of jail, he will periodically pay something towards what he owes every 3 to 6 months, although it is never consistent, and it is rarely the actual amount that the courts have ordered him to pay. He has stated in numerous emails, as well as many telephone conversations, that he will not pay the money that he owes because he says that I will spend the money, and also because he never sees the girls; he does not see them, however, because the courts stated that he should only have supervised visits with the girls. He makes no effort at all to have anything to do with them. Below is the actual documentation from the courts as to what he owes as of today.

Participant Home
Case Number1 Custodial Party? County Status Open Date Total Monthly Support Total Amount Owed2,3 Total Past Due Support 3

1110053960-01 Yes VENTURA OPEN 12/26/2003 $ 719.00 $ 71,413.57 $ 70,619.57

California Child Support Self Service

DAVIDSON, KIMBERLY – Participant Number: 1110000112994

My Profile
My Payments
Contact Us
Payments I Made
Payments Sent to Me
Make or Receive Electronic Payments
Payments Sent to Me
To view payment information, click on an Issue Date below.

Issue Date 1 Amount 4 Payment Method Paid Date 2 Status 3
Records 1 – 5

1Payments issued prior to May 2006 may not appear on this list.
2Paid Date is the date the payment was sent to the bank account for Direct Deposit and Electronic Payment Card (EPC) payments or the date the check was cashed.
3Status is condition of payment.
Issued – Payment sent.
Paid – Check cashed or Direct Deposit or EPC payment sent.
Every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed on this page is accurate. However, in the event that the displayed information differs from the records maintained by the Local Child Support Agency or the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), the LCSA and DCSS records control. If you have questions or concerns about the information displayed here, please contact (866) 901-3212.

Account Highlights
My Appointments
Case Overview
Case Information
Case Number: 1110053960-01
Status: OPEN
Opened Date: 12/26/2003
Monthly Support: $ 719.00
Past Due Support Installment Due: $ 0.00
Total Past Due Support:1 $ 70,619.57

02/15/2008 $ 380.00 CHECK 02/21/2008 PAID
01/02/2008 $ 200.00 CHECK 01/10/2008 PAID
12/26/2007 $ 350.00 CHECK 01/04/2008 PAID
12/04/2007 $ 200.00 CHECK 12/17/2007 PAID
11/27/2007 $ 50.00 CHECK 12/17/2007 PAID

DEAD BEAT DAD of the Year

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Troy Martin.jpg (33 KB)

Hi I am Troy Martin and I have been awarded the DEAD BEAT DAD of the Year Award! First I would like you to know that it is all about me! I have two children that I walked away from and could care a less about. I owe over $15,000 in back child support, I am working under the table so that my wages will not be garnished and so that Child Enforcement can not find me. I blame the world for how screwed up my life is and refuse to take ownership for the things I have done. I have broken promise after promise to my kids and they should expect nothing less of me. As I said it’s all about me. My kids do not hear from me on their birthdays, and I will tell them I sent them something for Christmas but that something never was mailed. My kids do not health Insurance because of yours truly, I do not care if they have the supplies they are needing for school, or if they have food on the table. My only concern is ME ME ME.

Kimeyo James Daniels

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Nothing.jpg (38 KB)

Daniels, Kimeyo is currently under investigation by the state of California and Florida. He owes over $80,000 in chid support for his 8 children that he has failed to be responsible for. He has managed to maintain a stable life and foundation under the support of women, he has managed to travel, as well as attend social gatherings which investigators have spotted and photographed him amongst friends and family. Kimeyo has a record of driving with a suspended license, and being under the influence.

Kimeyo makes his living under the radar as an underground rapper, undiscovered, and living in the shadows of lime light groupies. If you have any information on Kimeyo James Daniels please contact your local Anonymous Dead Beat Dad Hotline and help a child get what they earn.

#1 one Dead beat Dad

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ron.jpg (60 KB)

This dead beat owes around $17,000.00 in back child support. He has 5 kids. now get this he marries a lady who has her own five kids and now they are having a kid of there own.. that’s grate but he is not paying child support for his 5 kids with me. When child support threatens to take his Driver license away he pays a whole $100.00. and they will leave him alone. And he works under the table so they cant take the money from his checks and he dose not file taxes. and if he dose he uses his wife so that he dose not have to pay.

Deadbeat dad abandoned son and owes $5000+ in child support arrears

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180500_111199018955403_100001959173523_87825_1705350_n.jpg (20 KB)

I am 23 and have a 7 yr old son who I have been supporting on my own since I was 15yrs old. The sperm donor, Richard Reyes Campos was in and out of my sons life for a few years only seeing him when it was convenient for him. We had a court ordered visitation rights established in dec of 2007 Richard never followed the order and when he did take my son I found out richard and his ex were abusing him and neglecting him. Richard is 26yrs old he met a 17yr old girl online 2yrs ago and left stockton, ca to live with her in lompoc, ca. He never said goodbye to our son who was left looking out the window of our home waiting for a dad who promised to come and visit him. i found out on myspace he left town he still lives in lompoc, ca working at a mcdonalds over there and just had a baby with his fat disgusting girlfriend. He plays videogames all night, spends all his money on comics and hats, lost his job at mcdonalds and lives off his 19yr old girlfriends parents. He owes my son $5000+ in child support and plans to never pay that. He recently statef on myspace that hes done with the past and the baby he just had is his only child. I pray to god that my son never sees that his father wrote those words and I hope my son finds peace one day and stops hurting over his father walking away. My son isnt a toy he has feelings and all he wants to know is why? Why doesnt my dad see me? Did he forget about me? i miss my dad. I want richard reyes campos to know that I hate you with every fiber in my being for leaving me here to answer these questions every holiday, missed birthday, and everytime he sees other children hugging there father. You deserve every bad thing that comes your way.