DEADBEAT DAD – James Allen Myers – Owe’s 4 kids $200,000 + LIAR COWARD CRIMINAL

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James Allen Myers age 42 New York Native moved to California early teens. He walked away from 4 children 8 years ago. He currently owe’s over $200,000 in child support with many years to go. He is a liar & con artist than won’t take responsibilty for his beautiful children. He has been known to tell people that the kids aren’t his. Another story has been that his wife & kids died in a tragic car accident. He works in the hazardous waste field. All of his professional certificates are falsified. His last know employer was in 2003 Western Digital in Fremont CA. I believe he is now living under a different name and social security number. His whereabouts are unknown. He has previously lived in Poughkeepsie & Hyde Park, NY. He currently has many family members living in those areas in NY. Cupertino, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Stockton, Fresno, Amador City CA.are also places his has lived. He is a gambler. He has a very strong NY accent. He is 6ft tall, 170 – 185 lbs. Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Usually wears facial hair as a gote or mustache. If he is clean shaven he has a mole on his upper lip. The most distinguishing mark on him is a moon tattoo on his back. Inside the moon is a self portrait blowing a kiss. He has gone by the name Jim, Jimmy, Smokedog. If you have any information please call California Santa Clara County Department of Child Support Services 866 901 3212.

Pete in LA

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This guy is the worst kind – looks like a responsible dad, but ditches his infant in the park to hit on female joggers. Also known to “stroller race” his child across busy LA streets.

Preacher in Oakland

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Royce Goree is a self proclaimed preacher in Oakland, CA for the 37th Street Baptist church. You can google his name and see all kinds of posts for himself.
I was married to Royce in the 90’s and we had two children, we also divorced in the 90’s when he gave me an STD, thank goodness it was cureable.
At one point he owed me over 26,000.00 in support. He finally got a job at one point working for Social Security and got “laid Off” or so he told his family as he will not let me know anything. I started receiving some of his unemployment, however, I have been informed that he has no desier to get a job that he wants to go to Preacher school and become a full time preacher. Are you kidding me, he does nothing for our two teenage children and they know he lies so much they do not even want to talk to him or deal with him.
My son is also a diabetic type 1, he provides no support for that either, his answer was God will fix it….
What are the rules or standards for becoming a Man of God? How can you counsell someone on life when you do not even take care of your children that God gave you?

Look him up,, he is very full of himself being a man of God, as well as he is on single websites, while he is still married and trying to be a Preacher.

He does not care about the well being of his children, he just knows that I will do whatever it takes to take care of them. I work two jobs and barely get by, but make to much for any type of assitance.

What is the world coming to if this man can actually spread the word of God to others?

animal control supervisor shasta lake ca. What he is like at home is not what he is like at work!!!!!!

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Greg was a abusive man to me while I was growing up. I can not count the times that he would hit, shove, pull me, while mom was away at work. I was not allowed to talk at the dinner table. I was scared to go anywere with him because he would always threaten to leave me there because he did not like me and to make a man out of me.. I was only 8 years old.. I was scared to stay at home during the summer because he would come home at lunch just to scare me. When I would go to bed I was afraid to get up to even get something to drink or go to the rest room because he would point guns at me and tell me that he thought I was a intruder. He would abuse my mother as well and God only knows what she had to put up with, and the fear that he made her go thru for 17 years. We had to move from Ca. to the east coast for our safety. I was not allowed to watch tv in any room of the house but my room. Read the rest of this post »

Timothy Raymond Carpenter

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Timothy is the father of a remarkable young adult named Victor Bibeau. Victor is now 17 years old and needs his father. Timothy is a “child like” man who voluntarily dissapeared in April of 2008. At this time Timothy owes his son around $65,000.00! This man is tearing this child up. We believe Tim has mental issues and needs help. From time to time he does call his “mommy” but she will not give us any information. It is horrible that this “grandmother” helps this man get away with no paying for his son. Our son has had several medical emergancies and we have been in some very tough spots with no help. My son is angry and so am I. When this guy comes around he will be spending years in jail. He is not to be trusted.

Deadbeat Dad in Murrieta, CA

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Owes over $7900.00 to CA Dept. of child support. John Jay Barber.
Child support evader. Claims to be down on his luck, yet provides for a family of cons, and drug-users with active warrants for arrest. He would rather bail-out his 30 year old (meth-head) step-son out of jail than pay back child support for his child to DA. Beware of this family as they proclaim to be Christians and love Jesus! Posting this for a friend. Please don’t be fooled…

Daniel Vicente aka Danny Bwoy

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Attention Ladies…..Daniel Vicente aka Danny Bwoy from Belize is a DEADBEAT DAD….he has not contributed to the well being of his child since the day he was born. (going on 11 years) This poor excuse of a man, continues to dodge child support by working under the table as a club promoter (San Deigo, Shotta Crew Sound) or other odd jobs, moving in and dating young women or underage women to avoid taking care of his responsibilities. IF you see him or if you are dating him…REPORT HIM to CHILD SUPPORT (800) 257-9986…If he swears to God that he has no children…do the research and check public case information in San Diego (website,1056871&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL) and trust there are more children out there in other counties in California and Virginia. Stay away from this Deadbeat!!

Demas Miller Of San Jose CA owes $13,000 in back child support

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we have a 3 yr old little girl together. and he has not paid one dime in child support in the past 3 years. he has seen her maybe 6 times out of those 3 years.

he refuses to get a job and rather mess around on myspace and im messengers all day then go out and be a man and get job.

so beware of this dude he is all about himself and dont care about anyone he just uses people to get what he wants…

Sorry Excuse For A Human

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His name is Amid Kabba and resides in Los Angeles, CA. His daughter is 9 months old and he has seen her ONCE. He has a job and works right around the corner of my house. The one time he saw her, he gave me $5.00 to buy pampers. Talk about sorry. Haven’t seen him since. I can’t wait until Child Support catches up with him. $5.00; are you kidding me? I wish I had a picture of this fool.

Deadbeat Dad Emmitt Hardman

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This man right here is a sorry ass man his name is emmitt lee hardman jr. a.k.a shuga e don’t let him tell you different. he has about 6 kids only to he claims. has money but don’t care about his kids i have a child with him and she has never met him mind you i see him all the time. all he like;s to do is party he is 40 yrs old and ain’t got shit going. but i harley and a bullshit chain. and a vest that says magicwheels mc. ladies if you in the L.A. AREA BEWARE THIS DUDE IS AT ALL THE HOT SPOTS