Roger Swan Man up!

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It has been two years since I filed an order for child support. Roger was only paying me $250 as it was! He emotionally highjacks you so you don’t take him to court! I recently said I would forfeit all that he owes me if he would just be our daughter’s life but he hasn’t contacted her. He abates service and won’t return my calls!

Maybe this will get his attention!

Toronto’s Notorious Deadbeat!!

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This is Gary Martin. Who hasn’t paid a dime since his son ( now 7) was born. He works under the table doing either construction or flipping cars or selling drugs. Isn’t he great already? lol He is illegally collecting welfare as well.

Stewart Fry

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Stewart Fry – DOB July 1, 1958 – Living either in Sooke, Aldergrove, Surrey, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Maple Ridge, Langley, or Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Owes over $50,000 plus in back child support to two separate children. In fact one mother has been waiting 29 years to collect. He is now a grandfather and does not see his children or his grandchildren. Information on where his past or present employment is greatly appreciated. He does auto body restoration and auto body painting.

Michael Richard Pedros..needing to locate to serve papers so I can get child support.

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This man is like the other losers on this site.. a deadbeat.

I was in a relationship with Michael Pedros for close to 15 years and during that time we did have a child.

I left the abuser.. and yes I can say that because he has warrants in Ontario for Assult and Uttering threats so there is just a tad of what this guy is like.

I left Mike January 2010, packed up 2 suitcases, and my daughter from the relationship and left everything I had accumulated during the relationship.

I will disclose that I am an alcoholic.. who is in recovery and been clean since July 24, 2010. July 22, 2010 our child was apprehended by CAS and July 23, I was in hospital fighting for my life as my B.A.L. was 1.08. Once I got my head on straight the first thing to do was to attempt to get my child out of the Children’s Aid. I would like to say that Mr. Pedros helped with this however when our daughter was in CAS he was contacted and did not even attempt to get his own kid out of care? WHO DOES THAT? This man was given the opportunity to come and grab his daughter and he didn’t however he did come to Ontario and flew the new girlfriend to his sisters wedding.. Seriously!!!

Because this individual is in the construction field I have not been able to locate him to serve him papers regarding custody or support. I mean how is this allowed.. how is this legal? He has a new child with the girlfriend (I am glad for the girlfriend because she kept him occupied while I got to work on me) But how can this “sperm donor” continue to make children and then dispose of them like an old toy.. Oh yeah I forgot it’s all about making the babies and not supporting them financially, emotionally, or mentally.

I think men need to understand that the issues young kids who do not have a father in their life are the ones who suffer. I mean abandoment issues are huge, rejection, low self esteem, and then usually drug and alcohol usage to cope with numbing the pain that “my dad doesn’t want or love me!”

I say fuck you to these losers….

Stand up.. be a man.. and pay for your responsibilities instead of everyone else.. including the government to pick up your pieces.

There are so many women on the system because of losers like this.. why should tax payers and Canadian citizen’s have to be responsible for these men?

Give the women who are on welfare and can’t locate their “deadbeat” a job within the government to locate these men.. guaranteed it will not take years for them to be found!!

I am a mother who will not give up the fight to find this guy because if my government isn’t doing anything… fuck them.. I will do it!!

Don’t give up even thought it is frustrating.. these dogs will have their day!! GUARANTEED!!

Karma.. what goes around.. comes around baby!!!

Number 1 Soccer Coach Number 1 Deadbeat

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Mr. John Arenal father of 2 amazing boys has made the decision to not provide anything for them. He hides behind his mother and father. He owns nothing in his name, drives a car under his moms name since 2003 and lives in a really nice newly constructed home in a good part of town. He does not have any sign of an income and the government investigators cannot find a trace of money that he makes. They actually refer to him as a ghost. He has his passport seized but nothing else. He claims to be depressed and that his mother is keeping the kids from him. But if you search his name in the pictures you find a happy excited man who has a passion for soccer and coaching young girls. So many stories to tell but it would take too long to write them.


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where do i even begin? this fucker knocked my mom up when she was 18 and he was 24. THEN he tried to fight for custody. on the papers he had to draw up for the court hearing which was in march of 96, he wrote ‘born on April 3,96′ … she was born in February. he was then scheduled to see her (being his daughter) at least three times a week for a supervised visit over the course of 4 months. he showed up maybe twice. he eventually got his lawyers to tell my mother that he wanted nothing to do with me. he didn’t even have the decency to tell her on his own. he dropped off the face of the earth for 13 years. he lived all but two blocks away from where i lived. but never called, emailed, or wrote. he was only contacted when i found his name and phone number in a photo album. even when i was in contact with him he showed little to no interest. and made constant excuses as to why he couldn’t see me. when i asked him why he left he replied with ‘you can’t change the past’ or ‘your mother made me’ HA. He’s much too interested in raising his two sons… he gives us post-dated cheques for a year so he doesn’t have to see us or talk to us. on my fourteenth birthday on my mothers post which read “Happy Birthday #$%$&$3, love you lots!!!” he commented ‘ditto’ thanks ‘DAD’ when he does email- if he emails. he writes ‘Jay or DAD’ you may have fathered me but your not my dad. i consider this dick a sperm donor.


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I am a single mother and a small business owner. I was forced to make something out of nothing due to the position my son’s “deadbeat dad” left us in while I was still pregnant. Not only did he bail on me financially, he also left a woman with a heart condition alone to have her first baby. I was a high-risk pregnancy, he put me through an unforseen amount of stress, I had silent & minor heart attacks, TWO heart surgeries before the age of 25 and yet remained strong and healthy enough to give birth to a perfect angel who is in his second year of life and is an absolute genius, learning grade two level education and just the sweetest little individual. Not only this my son’s “sperm donor” demand an insane amount of me, he also actually stole money from me shortly before I gave birth. Given his nature, I have been frightened to have his influence become thrust upon my son since my son has literally been given the life of every child’s dreams. I would not trade my son’s innocence, purity and perfection in terms of emotional stability and well-being for ANY AMOUNT; NO “pay cheque” is worth my son’s future, CJPF is priceless! However, to be able to afford the required level of education for my very intelligent child I NEED HELP. I simply do not wish for CJPF’s natural gifts and intellect to go to waste due to his “father’s” selfishness!!! I have done my very best, and a grand job indeed, I will usurp as many grants as I possibly can, work with tuition financing and take on even more clients (even though I literally work 24/7 already) just to ensure this man’s negative being is NEVER anywhere near CJPF though I just wish there was another way!

Sex Offender and Deadbeat Dad Raj Dhadda from Calgary

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This loser from Calgary Alberta says his children are dead to him and he racked up a $9000 child support arrear. When the judge and Maintenance Enforcement forced him to pay, he came to me and the kids and apologized for all the beatings ad sexual abuse and when I forgave him, he asked me to drop the child support order. Of course when I said no, I seen the real Raj. That is how pathetic he is that he actually gave us a fake apology for his crimes just to try and get off paying. All he wants to do is screw other women when he has Erectile Dysfunction and his penis smells like an outhouse. I recently asked him to pay his portion for the daycare which is the least he could do since I dont even qualify for many jobs with the daycare hours and Im driving them, and he said he wasnt paying anything. He is 34 and never left his parents. This is the biggest loser you will ever see and he goes to nightclubs and tries to blend in with the 18yr olds with his receeding hairline and crowsfeet that spread across his face when he laughs. Not to mention the black rings around his eyes like a worn out exhausted old man fooling himself. He looks idiodic dancing. He also has excema on one of his ass cheeks and it turned one side of his ass raw and discoloured. Also bruised the kids black and blue and would drive drunk with them in the car swerving all over the road. And came home drunk and shook the newborns crib until she was rolling side to side. What a catch!

neal raymond hissa

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this man has 2 kids with me i walked out 15 years ago he never ever paid child support he bought us a house and a month before CHRISTMAS my kids were only 3 and 6 a sheriff showed up and said we had to be out because our LANDLORD aka my kids father wanted us out he watched us walk up the street and came in the house and took all our furniture right down to the sheets and blankets from the kids beds!! i gave the child support place his social insurance number andall his info and the said they cant look at his social insurance number because he deserves his pivacy! my daughter called him and told him we were homeless we werent but he hung up and changed his phone number thats the last time we heard from him !

Barry Mallyon-abandonment and a deadbeat!!

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Comments He abandoned me and my twin boys that are now almost 8 at the age of 2. No contact with them for 6 years and when the courts got after him when my divorce was final,he paid till he said he lost his job and now pays nothing. No contact or answers to the court filings. He will find any way to keep from paying and my new husband will stop at nothing to find him. He is pond scum that doesnt even care about his kids. he should be put on jail and treated like he treats his kids-IGNORED.if anyone knows of his whereabouts please let the police know or respond. Stay away from this loser!! he is now in over his head to the tune of 10,000 dollars and climbing fast. Thats a felony!! I hope he rots in jail for what hes done. And he will sooner or later. My kids live in the USA,far away from him and Canada. He trys to hide but it will all come back to haunt him soon. You can run but you cant hide.