604′S dead beat of the year…..NATHAN MORRIS

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Time to put this piece of shit on blast…

Heres the breakdown, and these are all facts not just exaggerated incidences from an angry baby momma!

He was my long term boyfriend through my teenage yrs from 14-17 and then we had a fling at 20 which resulted in my son..

I was pregnant by him once before at 16, but miscarried because of the stress and beatings I endured from him. Read the rest of this post »

Barry Mallyon Toronto Canada

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I have no pic right now but i will find one soon. He abandoned me and my twin boys that are now almost 8 at the age of 2. No contact with them for 6 years and when the courts got after him when my divorce was final,he paid till he said he lost his job and now pays nothing. No contact or answers to the court filings. He will find any way to keep from paying and my new husband will stop at nothing to find him. Read the rest of this post »

Ryan Cusack, Deadbeat Father.

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Ryan Cusack, he is 20 year old father of my 1 year old son. Met him & got pregnant when I was 15. We broke up while I was pregnant and a couple weeks before going into labour we got back together for me to find out our whole relationship he cheated on me, with not just anyone … His sister Melissa Mcintyre. He has nothing to do with my son, he is by far one of the biggest deadbeats of Fredericton, NB.