Deadbeat in Colorado

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This guy is a deadbeat dad and loves to work the system and women. He’s is now over $6000 in arrears in child support and owes the gov’t back taxes from 2006 and on with a tax warrant following him. He uses our son to win the hearts of women thinking that he is responsible dad, HARDLY!!! Everything out of his mouth is a lie, like he has tested at genius level inteligience, could of been on the olympics for karate, and ect. Don’t believe a word of it. This guy is bad news stay away…

Marshall Huddleston-deadbeat dad poster child

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Marshall Huddleston abandoned his daughter when she was six months old. I tried to reconnect them again, but my daughter did not like him. He owes my daughter $27,000, and it’s not even finished yet. Yes, he was upset to learn that he had to continue paying (or not) until she is done with college. And I will continue until every penny is paid.

Daniel Brightbill. The deadbeat

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This is Daniel Brightbill. He is a deadbeat. He is 19 years old and we have a little girl who will be 5months old on the 25th. I was in love with Daniel, ecleast i thought i was. He wanted to have a baby and we did but was unplanned. He hasn’t seen my little girl once and has left me to taking care of my little girl on my own and im only 17. He hasnt seen her once, not even when she was born. The closest he’s ever seen her is by a picture. He hasn’t even bought her anything. No diapers, wipes, clothes…. nothing. All he does is lie and cheat. All he cares about is what girl is gona be layin in his bed every night, and he’s already slept with every girl i no or ecleast has tried to and then tries callin me a hoe…ok if you say so buddy. He doesn’t care about anythin or anybody but himself. Says he wont pay child suport or anything. He doesnt even care about his own baby. He never ask’s how she is doing or anything, all he wants is a bootie call and his family just wants a DNA test, so ima give them the DNA test and then they can stay outa mine and my little girls life. I dont understand how sombody can do this to us expetually there own kids.


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CHRISTOPH OSTERMANN is another deadbeat father and according to numerous reports on the Internet, an International Criminal.

This dead-beat father from Werl, Germany, has not paid child support since just after the order was issued.

He is wanted by the police for questioning for kidnapping, extortion and is believed hiding in Germany.

He has kidnapped and abused the mother of his child and even posted lies about her on the Internet in an effort to cover his tracks. However, this man has an outstanding arrest warrant in Cyprus, so if you know him, be careful.

He claims he is a legitimate journalist and operates fake websites (, but reports indicated that he has used lies and deception to cheat hundreds of people throughout these websites.

Pictures of my EX MICHAEL ALOYSIUS WISNESKI in Jail…What a GUY!

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This prince left 2 days before Christmas and 3 days before my daughters 2nd birthday emptying the checking account and heading to his parents house in Chatham, NJ in December of 2003. Since then he has been fully supported by his parents who embarrassed to have him in town (Dad is a Deacon at St. Patricks RC Church…oh yeah) give him $$ to stay under the radar so he cannot be found. I have exhausted Bounty Hunters, PI’s, State court orders (Cant have a bench warrant for him if you can’t find him to serve him the papers Wh Wh Whaaaaat) and now I have decided to change the law with a Nationwide reform that stops protecting these albatrosses and Starts protecting the parent left behind to clean up their mess.


The worst little boy to get pregnant by sad face

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This boy does not help out with any of his kids except one that he had by a girl in the pen because he is to scared not to do so. He is very abusive and controling but yet he can not control his life nor take care of his children. He thinks he is Nicky Barnes but he is not. He aspires to be a rapper who does not want to be these days. He let his last babymom abuse his daughter {that sorry excuse for a woman made her eat throw up and beat her she was sentenced to two years in prison} He took ole girls side on the stand againist his own flesh and blood. He currently owes 45,000.00 dollars in back child support his favorite movie is Baby Boy beware this is not you dream come true but a devil in disguise look for him on FB and other sites his name is Jammie Manning. BEWARE Ladies. He has 5 children at the young age of 26 poor kids they have one sorry ass boy to look at he does not like condoms says they take away the feeling so get a check up if you let him bare back yuck.

Sad Excuse for a Man!

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John Jordan

Get a load of this weasel! This is the saddest excuse for a man I’ve ever met. Owes thousands in arrears and doesn’t care about paying or catching up. He works and has the ability to pay, he’s just a shit bag that doesn’t care about his children. The only thing he cares about is having money in his own pocket. He’ll cheat and steal any way he can to keep it that way. He hides his income and lies about it. He cheats on his taxes too! That’s right folks, he’s screwing you too! Read the rest of this post »

Kenneth Kessler

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Ken Kessler having fun snowmobilling colorado. while avaoiding child support for 2 children and working for cash

Nathaniel Culp of Montrose

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Nathaniel Culp age 33 is a Deadbeat Father of 3 girls. He currently owes $20421.00 in arrears. He lost custody rights of his daughters in Jan 2008 after a Domestic Violence against his ex wife. In March 2008 he was order to begin providing child support. He works under the table and was last reported to be living in Denver, fleeing Montrose after a Domestic Violence against his other ex wife in which he choked her and now has a Permanent Civil Protection Order against him. He is a repeated Domestic Violence Offender. He works under the table so child support cannot garnish him. He was last known to be attending Pinnacle Career Institute Online in Oct 2010 to become a Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician. He owes $8000.00 to Montrose County in restitutions of court fees. He does not file income tax so it can’t be taken for support payment either. He is emotionally, psychically and mentally abusive . He is only allowed supervised visits of his children because of his abusive behavior. His children struggle without his financial support.

beware of Myron Lee Mitchell Jr.

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i have been in special education all my life so when i ment this guy i was getting ready to go into high school. so we started talking and hanging out more and we started dating well three months into are realtionship things changed he told me he did pot i did not know what to think but i stayed with him. my Parents really did not like him and they somehow put up with his crap. so i stayed with him all the way through high school and things did not get better he would cut me down call me names and tell me all i was good for was sex and that i did not have a learning disabiltiy and wanted me to work in a strip club and make him money. at my prom he asked me if i would marry him i said no. but i found out that Read the rest of this post »