Dead Beat Dad of 3

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This is Nataniel Paige Lewis. He currently has threechildren. He owes $36,000 in child support. Nate has a body attachment in Queen Anne’s County MD. The Sheriffs Department has his address but will not cross state lines. He is one tells so many lies, he no longer knows what the truth is. Nate lied about having cancer. This was so he would not lose his current meal ticket ( mom #3). He works only under the table so he won’t have to pay. He wants to drink and do whatever drug he can instead of supporting his children. So ladies beware he will give you a sob story and suck you dry. OH poor Nate!!! You need to have your nuts removed! Thanks to you I have a wonderful child. But other then that you are and will forever be good for nothing.


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I have three babies by this fool; AbbyYoYo, Iesha, and Lil Malcolm X. I haven’t seen a dime yet! This dude hit it and qiut three times, trying to take me on Maury! I see this dude everyday at school, talking about how he’s tired from work! Well if you work so damn much, I want my money! Come get these bad ass kids for a weekend. He owes me $600,000 in back child support, the disrepect! He told me he was going to marry me and that I was his little chocolate drop. THE LIES! I see him everyday with a new girl! But its ok we gonna find you, run and tell that, FO’REAL!

Biggest Deadbeat in Delaware

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If u see this nigga right here run, cause every girl he meet he makes a baby. He lives with his grandmother in her basement and he is a cheater. WE have a son together he is 5years old and then he has two more with this other chick there son is 2 about to be 3 and then they have a 4 month old lil girl and check this shit he gives this bitch 200.00 for her 2 and then when it comes down to his first born son that is name after him he give me 60.00 dollar and he don’t even send time with him . He gets payed 15.00 dollars a hour and he give me that fuck up 60.00dollars. he has a dodge changer and that nigga is cheap ass hell so if u are in delaware and u see him RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN