Man with over 27 kids and takes care of none of them.

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This man MIRON REED @ 38-39 yrs old, has many kids and married many women at the same time. I think he have more wives then kids and he takes all his wives to diffrent parts of Virginia and marry them. Ladies look out before its to late. All the kids are in the DC area. He has been arrested for being a bigamist, now he married again and has not divorced the other women. Still maken babies as of 2009. Does not work, but calls himself a tattoo artist and a barber.

Beware of this ugly monster !!!!

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This deadbeat right here has five children, 17 to 3 years old.
No job, jailbird, drug addict, drunk, thief and a liar, will charm his way into your life and give you nothing but only bad memories.
He dont take care of none, one of his children, live with his me and he dont care for any of them, has a new girlfriend, beware DC,MD, VA females this joker will ruin our lives…..
He’s such and ugly monster please be aware

Washington, DC and Virginia

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Bewae of the deadbeat bastard five kids five baby momma’s, one a crackhead, dont take care of none.
I have the baby from on his baby mother’s the crackhead slut named Latoya Rucker.
In and out of jail, but smoker, liar, theif and cheater!!!!
Beware ladies, and dont get fool by the big dick and the swag, he aint shit…

Lazarus James Valentine aka LJ

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Lazarus Valentine seemed so sweet at first. After knowing each other for 5 yrs or so we decided to give the whole BF/GF thing a try. Well after about 3 months, he started telling me how much he wanted a child, how he just wanted somebody to love him no matter what. All this time I had a newborn, and he was a great psuedo dad to him. So after trying for a month, we got pregnant and he was ecstatic. We called his parents and made the announcement, and once again everybody was ecstatic. Well soon after that things went down hill in a hurry. He began stealing my money, he started fighting me, and girls started calling our house. Read the rest of this post »