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Georgia Child Support has allowed this man to slip through their fingers for over 7 years. He owes over $57,000.00 in child support. He moves from state to state, fakes illnesses, and quits jobs when he is caught up with. He opens numerous “businesses” and is also being sought for fraud and bad checks. He currently lives in Pace, Florida, but may be moving back to Louisiana. He either has married or lived with several women and has ended up having them support him. He avoids being served for court by disappearing. I want him brought to justice.

Steve Boukalis

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This man has a “family business” and electivly does not work so to avoid any financial or medical support to his daughter. He is seen at NFL and NHL games along with driving a 5 series BMW and Hummer, and living on the water in the most expensive part of town.
His past due amount is over $11,000 and we have only been divorced for about a year.
The state of Florida has a support order but because he “atempts to pay” sporatically there is no consequense to him, only an additional financial pressure on me.
He has never paid for any portion of medical expense for his daughter even when she had heart surgery and does not pay for her daycare or after care or offer to take her so she does not have to go to daycare.

What an A-HOLE!!!

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after waiting for over 2 yrs for the state to find the jackass I was awarded child support for my kids..I was happy with the outcome…I didn’t get it the 1st month of course and then I was getting it but only 1/4 of what I am owed monthly…then a week ago I got another chekc for a whole whopping 5.50…Now what in the hell can I buy my kids for 5.50?forget school supplies and clothes….I was only getting the 1/4 of what I should cuz he was getting unempployment..He’s with this big fat yung girl now and she thinks she can have a good life with him?The mn never even supported me and my kids when we were together cuz he refuses to get a job and keep it!!!Oh and he has the nerve to scream at me for my best friend watching my kids while my father ws dying…he yelled at me 3 hours after I lost my dad…then 2 weeks later he I called him and he yelled at me again and now he texts me saying he wants to see his babies! His babies????I dont; think so..this is the 1st time in 4 yrs he actually has asked to see them..It’s always been me contacting him so they can see him..they barely knw him and I’m ok with that!


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Matthew Gerard Gauthier from Nashua, NH is the worst kind of deadbeat dad I have ever had the pleasure of encountering. He fled the state last year after he blew the family’s savings on his drug habits and hasn’t returned. He moved to Jacksonville, Florida and paid child support for a whopping 5 months. He now works and refuses to identify his place of employment to have the state garnish his wages. He calls his son every few months and makes promises he won’t keep. The most upsetting thing about this is that Matt feels like his son will always love him no matter what. My son is growing to despise him because of his lack of contact – not due to anything I say to him. If anyone sees this man please report it to the local agencies.

The crappiest person who ever tried to call himself a Father…

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Marshall Wade Nelson…of Hollister Florida All he has ever done is break the heart of a little 4 yr old girl. and walked in and out of her life. Like it is okay…He has missed every birthday except her 3rd. And as of September he will have seen her once in a year…And first walked out of her life when she was 3 weeks old. His daughter had his last name 2 months before he signed over her last name to mine. He has been out of her life more than in it. And his way of winning over females is giving his version of events… And lies more than tells the truth. He no longer pays child support and I have no idea where he lives…

Not even one member of his family has even contacted me to see or hear about this little girl.

My name is Bill DiCarlo and I am an asshole

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Hello, my name is Bill DiCarlo and I am a self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish piece of shit. I don’t think you would be surprised to know that I owe $20,727 in back child support and I could care less. I have spent most of the last 15 years trying to dodge my obligations. Why should I pay for my son? His mother and step-father have plenty of money. I lie and cheat as much as possible and do anything I can to avoid paying child support. I even left my son almost 4 years ago. I moved from Ohio to Florida and told him I was “rebuilding” my life. I hope he believed me. I have only seen him twice in the past four years but I call once in a while and tell him how great I am. He is getting older now and I think he is catching on to the fact that I am not the hero I have always told him that I am and that I am really a slimy, stinking piece of garbage. My goal in life is to make as much money as possible, while working as little as possible. I am really a lazy, good for nothing pile of crap. I am always looking for the next get rich scheme and I am always surprised when they don’t work. If you ever deal with me financially, I will do my best to screw you. I have been doing it for years and it is working pretty well. I went thru a bankruptcy in 2000 but that did not slow me down one bit. I continue to fuck anyone I deal with. Don’t believe me? Check out all the judgments against me on the Lake and Cuyahoga County Ohio court records. By the way, I am also a tax cheat. I haven’t paid taxes in years. This is mostly due to the fact that I have rarely worked, but when I did, I was paid under the table. The year that I did have a real job and was going to file my taxes, I found out that Ohio Child Support was going to take my tax return. So, I just didn’t file. Chalk up another dirty deed for me. Here is some garbage that I put on website a few years ago when describing myself, “True warriors are of the same mind and spirit, such as in loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity, personal sacrifice, and honor. “ I am such a bullshitter that I want people to believe that all of these attributes apply to me. Guess what? None of them do. In closing, if you run into my son, please don’t tell him that I am a lying, cheating, good for nothing piece of shit. Also, don’t trust me… I will fuck you if I have the chance.

Chandler Brian Haywood – Crappy Florida Deadbeat Dad

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Child Support Amount in Arrears: $59,932.27 as of July 2011

So, what makes Chandler Haywood a deadbeat parent?

- As a result of a divorce in 2004, Chandler Haywood was court-ordered to pay $200 each month per child, as well as half of all their medical bills. Sad to say, but apparently a healthy, 40 year old man is unable to aid in the support of his children. Oh, and as for their medical bills . . . . he has paid ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM since the divorce. Yes, NOT ONE SINGLE DIME for the healthcare of his children in SEVEN YEARS!

- During the divorce proceedings, Chandler Haywood payed child support through the State of Florida Child Support Dispersement Unit. After the divorce was finalized, mysteriously Mr. Haywood stopped paying to support his children. The Department of Revenue of the State of Florida garnished his wages, and Chandler Haywood
quit his job to avoid supporting his children. So, Mr. Haywood can help support his children, but he chooses NOT to.

- The State of Florida revoked Chandler Haywood’s driver’s license for failure to pay child support. However, he is above the law: not only does he not need to pay court-ordered child support, he can also violate the law by continuing to drive without a valid State of Florida driver’s license. But hey, what are a few arrests when you get to have cool mug shot pictures taken! Check out the slide show on which doesn’t even include arrests from states other than Florida.

- “Other states” you say? Oh yes, Chandler Haywood apparently thinks it is a great idea to flee the State of Florida to avoid his responsibilities. Another great idea he had was to become a “freelancer” and not report his income. Or, he can always just work for various family members “off the books” to avoid supporting his children. How wonderful it must be for him to have criminal family members willing to help him out!

- Chandler Haywood does NOT provide support for his minor children. No monetary support, no medical bills paid, no Christmas presents, no birthday presents, no pairs of shoes, no school supplies, NOTHING!And that is what makes Chandler Haywood a DEADBEAT PARENT!

Don’t forget to visit

Deadbeat David

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163248_121931891208695_100001756548825_144971_3787930_n.jpg (9 KB)

This is deadbeat David. Not only is he dumb as rocks, but he doesn’t pay attention to his son. He sees him as a dollar sign, as another bill. He sleeps with every girl he meets & cheats on them too. He is worthless scum & to top it off, his parents defend him & enable him to be a crappier person, they try to buy everything for our son instead of making him own up to his responsibilities.

DEAD BEAT DAD in the making ! ! !

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Santiago. . .where do i start ? to consumed in his own immature lifestyle to come to the realization that he has a baby on the way. he needs to man up and take responsibility but instead he claims he wants nothing to do with the child to be. we both made the decision, on several occasions, to have sex. now that this is the result in that, i am owning up to my part and he needs to do the same. im not asking for him to “like” me or be in a relationship with me. . .all im wanting is him to be there for the child emotionally for the years to come but yet that seems to still be to much to ask from him.

He rather invest in Michael Jordan and Michael’s kids and his own child.

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Rechardo Powell age 34 born November 3, 1976. Know to the world as snakebaby. He has one son and is unwilling to provide financial support for him. I am one of millions of women who is fed up with the system giving these men a pass. A pass to walk out and never look back on their responsibilities. It is time that we put these men out on blast so the world will know that these men are deadbeats. I think criminal charges should be brought against any company that hires a deadbeat and does not report his earning to IRS. This man works for Julie Fashion in Tallahassee, Florida. The owner Julie Gaston is paying him under the table. She is promoting this man to be a deadbeat. If anyone see this deadbeat, he will be rocking the lastest outfit, high tech phone, latest jordans, CALL HIM A DEADBEAT. This man is very convincing. He resides in Tallahassee, Florida. Lets not allow these men to get away. We as women are doing our parts and we demand the fathers to do the same. This site is not for deadbeat mom. But for the real mom wanting help for the deadbeat father.