#1 deadbeat dad

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meet christopher bernard nelson born september 18, 1981 in jamaica this deadbeat currently lives in orlando fl and works for nanak’s landscaping as a irrigation technician in longwood fl ill leave his ssn out of this one lol. ladies beware of this termite he has 3(possibly 4)children ages 4,7 and a newborn all by different women 2 in florida 1 in new york (and 1 age 6yrs old in jamaica possibly)the one in jamaica he claims its not his but he such a liar you neer know and he takes care of none of them he only goes to see one of his kids that lives in florida and he only goes to see him when he feels like which is hardly he rather drink all night long party and sleep around with different women by the way he has trichomoniasis so beware of it he doesnt support any of kids he is a real loser chris had a son that was in the hospital in palm beach for a several months due to being born premature and has only seen him 4x or 5x times but yet he manages to drive down to palm beach to see his girlfriends which he has two in palm beach and a few in orlando and one of the girlfriends in palm beach has a 7 year old son which the sperm doner plays a father role and going to his little league games after only Read the rest of this post »

Absconded from NY to Florida

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Dennis Klotz currently residing in Umatilla, Florida is over $17,000.00 in arrears for child support. AND has decided to place the blame of his non-existant relationship with his 14 year old daughter on HER shoulders. He has been working under the table for years with anyone that will employ him, driving with a suspended driver’s license and NOT filing his taxes because his refund would be taken. His priorities are alcohol and tobacco over his only daughter.


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This is such a pathetic human being, this guy is nothing but lies, he said he had TWO kids when we met and some how it came out he had 3others with the same woman he just didnt claim who the he*l does that, he so pathetic I cant really say he did much like he claimed he did I do know he did somethings but Its hard to believe he really did those things because he sorry as shit my son will be 2 in july he only gave me maybe around 130-200 bucks since my son has been on this earth i dont even remember 200 maybe too much he always says he gonna do this and do that,currently waiting on Childsupport everyone knows how long that takes He has good paying jobs I spoke to his Grandma he is doing well but yet still a deadbeat she doesn’t like that who does I’d be a shame to say I raised someone so pathetic. He stays trying to get over on people I dont regret my son but him If I could erase him I’d do it without a second thought the nerve of anyman to not claim all of their kids or even mention them shows how sorry this deadbeat is. stay away from this man,whoever ends up with him better not have kids with him he probably just claim 3of em now who knows. H says he love,care and miss him, BUT how could you when never give the welfare of them smh and did I mention he asked me if he could file my son for last yrs taxes, I cussed him out.


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DEADBEAT DAD -The noun has one meaning:

Meaning #1: a father who defaults on his obligation to provide financial support for his offspring

This totally describes this “father”. He is thousands behind in child support for two beautiful little girls. (ages 9 and 6) $415.00/month for two children doesn’t even cover daycare/afterschool care, but he can’t even manage to do that. He hasn’t seen them in over 3 years. No gifts or cards on special holidays. (except 2011 birthday card for 9 year old daughter) This deadbeat believes that because their mother and step dad take care of them, and they are well cared for – that he can sherk his responsibilities to pay child support. He is all talk and no action when it comes to being a devoted father to these two girls. Everything is more important than paying child support and there are a million reasons why each month he can not pay. Any time child support enforcement has found him he either quits his job or loses it for “reasons beyond” his control. He makes no effort to be there emotionally or financially for these two little girls. One day they will grow up and see him for who and what he is…a deadbeat sperm donor.

deadbeat dont ever see his son or call

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This guy is named chris bogar he was last seen in west plam beach florida… He aint paying child support like he should be… he dont ever call his son to see how he is doin, he dont ever sent any money for him…. he last saw his son 5 months ago from march 2011…. he is now over i think 2000 dollars now… he is nothing but a deatbeat… ladys im warming you stay away or u will be with a baby and not have a father in his life or her life….. he dont know how to be a dad/father…. I was with him for a year and a half…. Just watch out he loves to take your money and spend it to… he cant keep a job next has… He run to florida when he found out he had to pay child support he is nothing but a no good dad…..

Michael Lykins Dead Beat Daddy Award

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If you see this boy walking down the road run.We have a 3 year old son together and he has only seen him once. He is with another girl who has a kid that’s not his and he takes care of that kid like it’s his own. I mean you can take care of someone Else’s kids but not your own. If you see him don’t fall for his charms because he is nothing but a lying cheating dead beat daddy. He lives in Winter Haven, FL.

5 years with out child support from this dead beat

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Dead beat father loser owes
money to me four 5 years what a catch ladies!!! giving out 600$ Reward to any body with info of this loser call child support unit center for more info 18006225437 Name:Samuel Ayala Sr B.D.
7/10/75 born in Philadelphia
You can run but you cant hide the more you run the bigger the award is. Dead beat father award goes to!!!!! Runner up Samuel Ayala Sr father of 3 children’s if you want to reach me call me 3054548271 ask four Laura mother of the-is children. Wow its easy for a man to talk crap about you and don’t know any better of being a man. like slim shady say will the real man pleas stand up!!!!

From A long line of deadbeat dads. I give you Carl Jerome Keys, Jr- Floirda

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Mr.Carl Jerome Keys, Jr of Plant City, Fl living in either Lakeland or TN. Is the father of one wonderful 4yr old girl named after him. Mr. Keys has walked out of our lives every 6mths or so. He has attacked me, stolen my money, my car as well as items of vaule. He has not worked in over 10 yrs and owes his baby over 10,000usd in support. But, the worse thing is he will not speak to his child unless he is with me.

Mr. Keys will not work, he would tell me that I make more than enough and he didnt need to work. Ladies, watch out he from the south he says yes, ma’am and such…..But, he is learking somewhere on a couch or spareroom near you……
Grow up Carl. get a job and stop leaving off of women

Cassean Eccles Army Deabeat

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Let me tell you a little about Mr. Eccles…I dated him for 3 years married him and stayed married for 1…we have 2 beautiful kids together that (as you guessed) I’m raising alone! He is in the Army but I couldnt tell from the small amount of money he sends me. He cheated on me for our whole relationship and I NEVER cheated on him then he says our kids aren’t his when they both look exactly like him! He dates girls and acts like this sweet guy who really cares until you dig a little deeper and see that he’s a douchebag! He will fuck anything that walks…and he proved it while we were together. He uses girls and finds way to blame you for his cheating. Now he is playing the good guy and making me to be the bad person. Point blank if you see this waste of sperm turn and run away as fast as you can. Search fir him on Facebook and tell him to man up…he name on there is Shon Eccles! Give him hell for me…

Jerry Driggers

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I should have known better than to marry this looser let alone get pregnant by him………..twice. Ha already 4 kids from 2 other marriages that he has never paid one penny of child support for. He currently has 2 warrants for his arrest for lack of support, I paid $9000 to get his sorry ass out of jail on the other 4 children, this time he can sit in jail till he rots. He is a gold digging SOB who abandoned my two kids at my parents home, he forged checks that were supposed to go to helping them. When they caught him with the checks he was with another victim who is now pregnant with yet another child who will go through life not knowing who its father is. So if your ever in Lake City, FL be fore warned that this piece of shit is walking free there and will do and say whatever it takes to get you to pay his way. If you turn up preggers you’ll never see or hear from him again.