I’m a true deadbeat

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Dont sleep with him!!!! His name is Tony Dillard and goes by slimm107. Watchout!!!! He messes with every chick in Decatur Ga. He has a 4 month old son who he doesn’t take care of and never came to see. He owes me child support. He lies and tells females he stays with his cousin and aunt. He really stays with his ugly ass long headed babymamma who keep his from his kid. He already has 4 kids, he takes care of 3 of em but not mine. No tellin how many more he has.They both childish. Dont get involved and he will tell you the child isn’t his especially if the baby has health issues. Him and girlfiend has wished death on my son. MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEADBEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT SLEEP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE STAYS IN DECATUR/CONYERS GA SO WATCHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIS THEME SONG IS 3 6 MAFIA BABYMAMA HIS PREFECT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LISTEN TO IT. PERFECT SONG FOR ALL THE DEADBEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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James Daniel Wilson (aka Boone) is a river rat. He spends all his free time cracked out on METH, COCAINE, and or ANY NARCOTIC he can get his hands on, while floating the river! He owes our children close to $30,000 in child support. During the course of our marriage he fathered 4 more children with other women. He doesn’t pay for those children either. His parents bail him out of jail EVERY TIME he gets arrested. They know where he is now and will not turn him in. So my children suffer because HEAVEN forbid they do the right thing! This man stole everything I had and pawned it for drug money, while I was in the Scottish Rite Hospital with my 1st born. He is a 1st class LOSER.

Dead Beat

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Here you have a “Dad” that lives to put his ex-wife through hell. He has no respect for women and has two daughters with his ex-wife that he is teaching to disrespect their mother. He ecourages their 13 and 15 yr old girls to go against anything their mom says or trys to teach them. On top of this, he refuses to pay any kind of medical bills he is responsible for. Most recently, he has told his ex-wife to “simply sign over her custodial rights”. Really…what kind of “Dad” does this?? A true deadbeat one….

deadbeat loser and cubby

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This happy dead beat owes my kids over 80,000. He thinks he is hiding out with his new wife. He also possibly has another child that he should be supporting but he is hiding from her too. He is from Morrow so is his fat little wife she has at least one kid. I wonder if she gets child support from his father. Hey Andy Phillips… act like a man and sign the papers to terminate your rights to the children you do nothing for anyway. We don’t need you we have a real man in our life now.

Deadbeat and his Deadbeat girlfriend

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This Deadbeats name is Levi D. Loudermilk and his Deadbeat girlfriend is Ms. Jennifer Bowen. He left his family afew years ago and met this woman old enough to be his mother about 1 year later. He hasn’t done anything to take care of his kids. He gets atleast $1400 in disability from the VA because he claims he has PTSD from going to Iraq for 6 months where he cried like a baby every single day. He was a whiney baby before he ever went to Iraq, so the governments just wasting more money. He hasn’t paid his kids a dime since he started receiving his disability. And it was said from a very close source of his, he received $10,000 in back pay from the military when he finally got his disability.His kids didn’t see a dime of it. He even sent the child support agency a notarized letter giving up his parental rights to his kids because he thought he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. Then he was dumb enough to email me a copy. Him and his girlfriend are having fun blowing the money every month because neither of them want to work. They just want to blow the money that he should be using to help take care of his kids with instead of supporting her and her kids. I didn’t make these children alone! GET A JOB YOU DEADBEATS AND QUIT EATING YOUR XANAX ALL DAY!!!!!!I hope all of his friends see this and run to tell him he’s on the map.

On the run for over 9 years…

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Do you know Dustin Raye Wiles? Maybe you know Micheal I. Weiser or M I Weiser? Perhaps Dustin Sheehan owes you money? These are all the same person. He was born in Florida and grew up in Ocala. His birthday is in April 1972. He has two children that he abandoned before they were ever born. My son is 7 and his other daughter is 9. He’s currently behind on his child support. He’s a criminal and if you search Marion County records in Florida you’ll see a lot of what he’s done. His last known address was in Marietta, Georgia. He may currently be living near Lake Lanier. He does freelance work in real estate and has also been known to work on computers (IT work). His girlfriend is Sherri Lynn Sheehan, and a few of his friends are Stephen Williams and Troy Grant. His sisters are Camala Wiles and Megan Wiles. His father is Ray Wiles and his step mom is Deborah Wiles. None of them claim to have any contact with him.

He’s a criminal and karma is gonna be a bitch when it finally catches up with him. :)

Aaron Leon King Jr is teen deadbeat of the year SMH

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This 19 year old dead beat is Aaron Leon King Jr and this guy is such a terrible father. His son is 11 months and he hasnt paid not ONE dime towards him at all. He likes to smoke weed, club all the time and lies to every girl he meets on these social networking sites. His twitter name is @a_trueking365. HA, true king my ass. This man will tell you that he’s in college, but ask his classmates at Gordon College in Barnesville, he flunked out and his sorry ass got jumped over a laptop smh. Instead of focusing on getting his ish together and taking care of his son, he chooses to blame the childs mother of course. The mom is in college WITH her son on campus trying to make a better life and if it were not for her family’s support, she would be out on the streets with her son but does Aaron care? Probably not!

When asked about him helping and contributing to the childs life, he says that he cant afford to give money or help pay for daycare but he works two jobs. Oh okay! So how do you afford weed to smoke everyday, but cant scrape up money to buy a carseat? Please steer clear of this man, he is just sorry all around. He wont even mention that he has a child unless you pulled it out of him. He doesnt have any pictures of him or talks about him on all these social networking sites he is on but claims to be such a proud father. He says that the childs mother is the reason he doesnt see his son, but a real parent would find a way to get their kid and would do whatever it takes to be with them. No one wants to hear your sorry ass excuses Aaron. Do better!

Deadbeat Teen Dad

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This is Aaron Leon King, Jr. He is 19 and lives in Decatur, Ga and does not take care of his child at all. His son is 11 months and he has not done anything for him but buy a couple packs of diapers and calls it parenting. He puts on a front on social networking sites calling the mother of his child bitter, and telling ladies he works so hard for his son but his text messages prove otherwise. Right now, thankfully the mother has a support system from her family and is in college, working, and taking care of the child everyday by herself because Aaron wont step up. When he’s not neglecting his child, this deadbeat is smoking lots of weed and clubbing every week…money that could be used toward helping his child!

Pathetic Dead Beat Dad

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This is a picture of my ex-husband Randy Nystuen and his wife Alesha on a vacation when he pays no child support. This man has put me and my 3 children through absolute hell! Since our divorce 10 years ago I have fought to be able to raise them. He made 6 figures while we were married and makes a good living now but pays nothing. I am caught up in a bullshit system of having to use state agencies when he has money to hire lawyers. He works at a Bank of America somewhere in the Atlanta area. I cannot even fully calculate his back child support but it is in excess of 40,000 dollars. He belongs in jail, not walking around living his life…taking vacations…and partying it up whil his boys suffer. I want him to suffer the way he has made us suffer. I pray that someone see’s this and recognizes him and calls him out. He lies to everyone he knows and tries to pretend like he’s a good guy, but that is far from the truth. It may take me years but I swear I will make him pay..I will never stop. You should be ashamed of yourself Randy…I know your children are…I know your family is too. Remember his face and if you see him tell him you saw his picture, and you know what he really is, a DEAD BEAT DAD, with no excuses for it!

Crappiest Dad of the Year Award goes to Steve Patrick

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Such a crappy way to abandon his then 11 year old daughter, so Steve Patrick is the Crappiest Dad of the Year for 2010 & 2011.

He lived with us in Texas the last 3 1/2 years RENT FREE, but it meant that he was there everyday when his daughter came home from school. What we didn’t know was he had created another identity and for the last 6 months of 2010 was having an ONLINE relationship with somebody in the Phillipines. He left Texas Dec 29,2010 and said he was taking vacation and going to GA to see his grown son from a previous marriage.
He never returned. (He literally left for a new life with a new woman with her own 11 year old). He wouldn’t return my daughter’s calls, but she found him on facebook and he was in the Phillipines about to get remarried for the 4th time! He quit his job of 5 years with Best Buy which left our daughter with no insurance–even though she is ADHD and her Concerta cost over $200 a month. He is thousands of dollars in arrears (we initially divorced in 2001)–probably 30,000K + medical $$ and now I have to carry “family” insurance, even though my insurance would be free.
My daughter was quarantined in the Little Rock hospital for 3 days last month and I left “Crappiest Dad of the Year” a VM with her room number and telephone number. He NEVER even called back to check on her.
Oh BTW, he is in Georgia now probably living with his sister and it is though his now 12 year daughter doesn’t exist. His facebook page says he is busy filling out paperwork so his new wife can come to the US!Would have been better to ignore his daughter all her life than to abandon her at 11! What a loser!!!
I have a court order from Gwinnett county for child support, but have no idea where he works. he is so in Contempt of court, but anybody with no feelings for his daughter obviously isn’t worried about a court order requiring him to pay child support, 1/2 the medical expenses, provide the insurance, notify me of a new address, provide his new employer a copy of his court order.
Oh, this crappiest Dad of the year is almost 58 years old, and when I married him in 1996, I actually paid his child support (or made sure it was paid–since we both worked for a Fortune 100 company at the time) and we even tried to get custody of his son. He never missed a child support payment to his 2nd ex-wife and my child support was initally reduced because he was already supporting a child from a different relationship.