I love my kids but

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Jason Tant of Alpaharetta Georgia left his wife and children late October and in less than a month had moved into a luxury apartment with his gilfriend. He signed a year’s lease on this love nest in HIS name at $1,000 a month rent. He lost THREE well paying jobs since the divorce. Yet he agreed in an uncontested divorce agreement to continue pay the mortgage on the home he insisted they buy until his wronged wife finishes her education and can afford to to take over. He has NEVER made full payments. He has told the mother of his three kids that she needs to take on another job to make ends meet. His girlfriend told his oldest daughter during last parental visit that she and Daddy were moving in February when the lease was up and were going to buy a house that they like. This fool can’t pay to keep his kids housed clothed and fed yet he is buying a house!

DeadBeat Dad What A Loser!

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If anyone has any information on this lowlife deadbeat poor excuse for a human beings whereabout …please contact Georgia’s police department. This thing has produced a child and within the childs 15 years has yet to make a child support payment. He go by Pap man on face book sister name Oumie daughter name Masha Allah. He is always praising Allah and claims to be a family man yet he doesn’t pay child support. Perhaps IMMIGRATION NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS MAN…WHO IS HERE ON AN EXPIRED VISA.

Disappeared Without A Trace

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When he owes money he runs out on his children like they never mattered. When he had his rights for visitation taken away because he gave these children alcohol. He decided he didn’t have children anymore!
He fought for full custody in court and wasn’t awarded that so he skipped out on everythingthat has to do with them. He hasn’t contacted his children in 2 years forgetting about birthdays and every other milestone in their life.

Terence Jermaine Lester

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Hello My name is Terence Jermaine Lester and I’m a DEADBEAT DAD! Sad, but yes it’s very true! I have one daughter named Bianca Symone that I claim to love, but in reality she’s only convenient when I feel like showing her off! She’s 16 months and I have yet to once buy her a box of diapers or help her mother provide for her! I stay fresh and I think I’m the sh!t, but when it comes down to it I’m an insecure guy who can’t provide for myself or my daughter! I have females buy me everything I need! I tell them I love them and that I want them to have my baby and they believe it! My daughter is so precious and beautiful that I don’t know how and why I don’t want more for myself! Until I get my mind right and myself together; I’ll forever be a deadbeat sperm donor!

That’s all for now Terence Jermaine Lester


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$34 per week turns into $20k in arrears!!!

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I hope all of the deadbeat daddys rot in hell!!!! Do they know how it feels to go without just to keep a roof over their child’s head???? Can they work 2 jobs at times or work 60 hours a week and attend two different universities in the SAME WEEK (not just a semester)??? Women need to stop raising their sons to be sorry asses!!! I’m sorry but I need to vent (go run and tell it I dont care). Step up!!! Samuel Eugene Boyd once told me “You have a job so why should I have to pay you”. My child war the only child for 9 years before his now wife and another female went into competition to see “if I have his baby he’ll be mine” If a man already has one child that he doesn’t support WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE’LL SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!!! Dumb!!!

That stay in jail until purged a lie too! Instead these men’s mamas pick their asses up for work release and bring them home everyday before taking their asses back! Then despite of the judges orders they get released before 1 percent is paid! My friend pays his $800 per month every month so $34 a week aint nothing! Then when that accumulates to over $20k he needs to be called out! His family can call me bitch but I don’t have anyone cutting up my food, fixing my plate or letting me live for free! I’ve got to cough up over $700 before May 20th not including prom! How many AP exams I’ve gotta pay? We need to prepare college!

I want for everyone that sees his ass or his supportive mom let them know they’ve did one helluva job with raising MY child! Then have the nerve to brag about her accomplishments! Go to hell bitch!

Deadbeat Father James “Jimmy” Drew Harrison

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I have solid information that my daughter, biological father, James Drew Harrison aka “Jimmy” or “LIL J”, has moved to Brunswick, Georgia from Pennsylvania/West Virginia. He is originally from Laurel, Maryland — Whiskey Bottom. Our daughter is 15. Jimmy has not provided a forwarding address in the past five years. We are aware that he had another child born in August 2010 at the Brunswick Hospital, in Georgia. His 15 year old daughter had to find out via Facebook while going through her second skin cancer surgery! My daughter hasn’t received any child support payments and he currently owes approximately $10,000.00 in arrears. In addition to the above, he currently has a bench warrants issued in both the states of PA & MD for not attending his support hearings and they revoked his license. Non-custodial parents should NOT have the right to complain about the courts decision when they are guilty of giving their power away for someone else to decide for them by not showing up to court! Children are a life long commitment and can’t be abandoned when you get tired of the responsibility.

JONATHAN LAVERNE PENN ~ Don’t Waste Your Time Ladies!!!

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Long story short this man is a LYING, CHEATING, DECEITFUL person. Don’t believe anything that he tells you. He may go by J, Jay, John, Johnathan or Jayden, he’s from Detroit and has a gang of siblings.

-Have Cancer
-Have a dead or sick child
-Have any intention to do anything he says
-Have a job

He uses women and from what I have learned has about 12 or more children!!! He practices unsafe sex with various women and to top it all off he’s MARRIED!!!

I have a son with this loser and he has never even seen him (my son is over a year old) or done anything for him.

He’s very attractive with swag for days, but don’t be fooled. Don’t let him run game on you too.

GCS finds deadbeat dad online.

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http://t.co/uBpXjQj Georgia child services found deadbeat dad by googling his name and found an article with picture posted verifies he is in the state of Georgia after several family members help him to evade paying child support for his only child.
The article by kombatkamera.com stated Fayette County, GA. January 10, 2011. The results of a snow fall the previous night. Fayette County resident Sam Latzzis shovels snow from his driveway on Georgia Highway 314. Latzzis, a native of Chicago, IL, is no stranger to shoveling snow.
I said he is also no stranger to being arrested, many in the transgender and cross dressing Atlanta community may be aware of him because he often post on Craigslists looking for Trannies and cross dressers and has several post on plenty of fish where he states that he has no kids, when you can look all his information up online and he owes over $7,000 in back child support for one child when it took him 13 years to get to that point where he has never paid a dime toward the care of his only son.

I’m a 51 yr old deadbeat dad and “Georgia Boy” who should be awarded Crappy Dad of the Year!

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I am 51 yrs old with 5 children by 3 different women. I only help with the 2 oldest ages 21 and 17. I have been a businessman of over 15 yrs. I am also verbally/physically abusive and have been arrested for it. I also have gotten/have spread herpes simplexes 1 and 2 with no remourse. I have also given my last child’s mother along with the other women I was sleeping with; tric, hpv, and other infections. I have a facebook page full of women I have had sexual exploits with. You can find me at http://www.facebook.com/#!/clarence.bolton.

I am also a grandfather whose grandchild (6 mos) is only 1 month older than my youngest child. My youngest child’s mother and I had an agreement for me to pay $100/month 4 TWO children and for me to help every once in awhile. She was even going to let me claim the kids on my taxes! I lied recently on my youngest child’s mother trying to remove 1 child/responibility permanently from the picture by agreeing to watch my child while she went to work, only to call the authorities and have my baby girl taken into foster care. Unfortunately they returned the baby to her mother. DAMN! Now I’m still gonna have to accept financial responsibility 4 her anyway! I didn’t wanna be bothered this night anyway because I wanted to “entertain” the chic I had at my house at the time. My social life ALWAYS comes before my last 3 children and sometimes, all of them. I’ve been known to leave my oldest girls at home alone all night to go spend the night with one woman or the other. I NEVER accept responsibility for ANYthing! These women knew I didn’t want anymore children. They shouldn’ve gotten pregnant! Oh, I also spend time with and give money to other people and their children, I just don’t feel like I should have to do nothin for my own flesh and blood since I didn’t ask for them to be here.