William (Billy) James Jenkins

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This man is a pathological liar, a user, and a deadbeat dad. He has neglected our son since he was born, and now uses work and imaginary health problems to get out of visiting our son. he has a million reasons to shirk his responsibility, but not one to show up for his son and be a man. He lives off his father and refuses to hold a job, so i don’t anticipate him paying child support. I feel bad for any woman dumb enough to fall for all his lies like i did, so PLEASE! if you see this man and think people can change, trust me, HE CAN’T!

Joderick Cooper — Marietta, GA

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This serial father, originally from Columbia, SC, puts on airs of being the perfect husband, father, and provider; he goes through life pulling the wool over people’s eyes so that others believe he is an upstanding citizen. But the ugly truth is this: In addition to his latest family – and, let’s face it: who knows how long that will last, given his track record – he has other children (teenagers) who he does not see and does not support, i.e. serial father. He hasn’t seen his older children in about two years, and he does not send them presents for birthdays or holidays; those children do not have even the basic necessities of life on a regular basis due to his persistent delinquency with child support payments. His child support payments are significantly in arrears. To stay one step ahead of the law, he changes jobs frequently so that his wages cannot be garnished for too long. He belongs in jail!!!

Joderick Cooper graduated from Southern Wesleyan University’s School of Business Management in 2004; he graduated from Richland Northeast High School in 1990.

Feel free to contact this deadbeat through his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sirjod.

Dominique Brown

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Dominique Lonell Brown. 5 Coalbrookdale Ct. Pooler, Ga. He is now mad, because he has to surrender his 2007 Toyota Tundra crew cab truck in. I am a INDEPENDENT WOMAN! My daughter is 15 years old and I have been taking care of her all of her life! He ask me to take him off of child support. How damn funny is that! He is 5,353.90 behind in child support. My son daddy is a man. I don’t have to ask him to do anything. Dominique called his daughter out of control. WTF. I told him to man up and stop being so damn SORRY. If you see him LOL cause he is a joke!

Jason Ward – Forest Park Georgia

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Loser Dad Jason strikes again. Decides to start calling his beautiful little girl again only to promise her he is going to come see her and then Saturday and Sunday get here and he is a no show and of course he doesn’t even call her. She wakes up and the first thing she asks is if her daddy is coming today. Then days or even a week later he will call and tell her “he had to work” or “he was sick”. He has stopped paying child support; he got fired because he didn’t go to work either which of course meant she lost her medical insurance that now her mom has to try and get for her. But, when he has relatives come in from out of town the first thing he does is call and see if he can take her to see them so he can put on this big act of what a wonderful doting daddy he is. No more displaying this little girl. He is the worst dad ever and doesn’t deserve to even have such a beautiful little girl. He deserves everything that happens to him. He has never told the truth in his life, not to her, not to anyone. Oh and the last time he did see her he took her to dinner After dinner he made her “drive” his mother’s car even though she didn’t want to and was crying. No seat belts were worn. According to her the car was going in circles in the parking lot and he was laughing at her for crying. When she started screaming he finally stopped the car and let her get in the backseat and put on her seat belt. She was scared to death and this jerk is laughing at her. What a chump. She doesn’t even want to go with him anymore. She is only 6 for crying out loud.

My Deadbeat Dad

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This is William Cromwell, he is my father and couldn’t care less about me or my sister. He owes almost $10,000 in child support. He didn’t even send us a card for Christmas. But, I am lucky. I have a dad. My mom remarried and he treats me as if I was his. He is my dad. This guy pictured here is just a loser!

Loser Dad

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Here is a man who never works a full week so child support is a joke to him. If and when he works, his mother who he lives with controls his money and doesn’t allow him to spend anything on his child. He calls her and promises to come see her and then never shows up. He lies so much he believes his own lies. He is the biggest loser on earth and doesn’t care a thing about his little girl who is the sweetest most beautiful child you have ever seen and she totally adores him yet he treats her like crap. She is 6 years old and he doesn’t even try to see her even though her mom has given him an open door to see her every single weekend even though he doesn’t do anything to help support her. Everyone has tried to get him to be an active part of her life but he is such a loser all he does is lie, lie, lie and ignore her.

John Laverne Penn

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This story is a long and complex one so I’ll just bullet some of the highlights. I hope this will save someone else the headache and heartbreak he has visited on so many women AND children.

1) He goes by different names: Jay, Jayden, Jonathan Williams, etc, but his real name is John Laverne Penn

2) He has 10+ baby mothers because he is a sociopath, serial breeder who carries on multiple relationships and adamantly seeks to get women pregnant for him, then abandons the girlfriend/fiance and child

3) He is still currently married (he and his wife recently separated) and seeks out women to take care of him. He is probably living with another woman at this very moment Read the rest of this post »


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WOW!!!!! Where do I begin I met dude when I was 19 years old he was the most smooth talking older guy I have ever met its like EVERYTHING he said I wanted to follow. So I began to have problems in my moms home & was deciding to move back to my home town when he offered for me to stay with him I was feeling him we had been talking for a little bit I seen a future for us little did I know it was the beginning to a BIG no HUGE mistake. So I end up pregnant with our first child a few months later & I thought he was the BEST man I could have ever gotten pregnant by only because I was oblivious to what he was doing behind my back as I managed our home & carried our child. Later he would admit to me as he dropped me off at my moms house 45 minutes away he would take that time to have sexual relations with other women then trying to do the same with me endangering not only Read the rest of this post »

dont like to give my son mon money

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i live in bainbridge ga i live with my sister and i buy what i want with my money i dont give my son’s  mom money because she works,  she dont need it, and i need it to buy drugs and cb and something to drink why should i give her money when she is working she can take care of him

Deadbeat all the way deadbeat!

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Wow! What more is there to say about Durell Brittingham aka CHINO KEYS! Ridiculously, homeboy is a liar, cheater, and most of all a damn deadbeat. Currently, CHINO KEYS is residing in Albany, Georgia where he reps Savannah, Georgia. lol He has a 5 year old not to mention I am carrying his second child. Chino and I had an on and off relationship for 3 years and the whole time the bitch was trying to cheat and dog the fuck out of me after I we had moved together, I was cooking the bitch meals and making sure he was sexed. He lies, he has no money, he is broke as fuck and he uses different females to get up on his feet! So if you predominantly think that this nigga is really feeling you and you are the only one don’t be a fucking fool! The bitch got me pregnant with our son and to top it all off the motherfucker beat and kicked me in the stomach with my child and called the police on me to say that I stabbed him and got me arrested! If that aint a deadbeat I don’t know what! Chino is currently residing in my apartment with my name on it by the way the apartment should be empty as fuck seeming that all my shit was moved out of it when I left Albany to come back to Atlanta. KEYYYYS is the name he goes by, an aspiring rapper with a uprising future so he calls himself. His sex is wack as fuck and if you asked me I worked hard for this damn baby. He has told me he was burning on some shit in the past that he tried to blame his ex girlfriend with giving him; but that shit is probably a damn lie! He’ll fuck anybody that’s willing to give him a chicken box at popeye’s oh yea he a diabetic so when he get to shaking and shivering make sure you have that peppermint real close. Bitches in Albany who think that this nigga is sincere, watch the fuck out! If he can disrespect his babymother like this, what the fuck you think he’ll do to you. Oh yea I will be so happy to get part of that TELEPERFORMANCE check when my baby is borned in 5 months, so nigga be ready to run me my motherfucking money homeboy!!!!