Ian P Nelson

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This piece of shit would rather hang out in Kona smoking pot and skateboarding than be with his kids. He can be seen anywhere from sleeping in the gutter to being a piece of shit spanging for money to feed his “family”. Says he loves his kids but wont come see them or do anything to help the mom. Left her with nothing in the middle of nowhere. Good thing shes got friends. This p.o.s. needs to have his balls clipped! He’s not paying child support because he cant be served. if you see him (being a bum) run up and kick him in the balls! Actually do it 4 times one from you and one from each kid he has!

The Dead beat – With the new child! Really! Take care of the ones you have before you make more

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I left an abusive marriage 6 years ago and my ex has never been able to forgive me. I realize my part in that relationship and I have asked him to forgive me many times. Barnaby owes thousands of dollars in back child support. In 2008 there were domestic violence charges filed against him because of an incident that happened with his new wife. I guess she thought it would still be a good idea to have a baby with this man. Even though he was abusive with me as well and wasn’t fulfilling his responsibilities to his first three kids.
After I got married last year Barnaby went a little “crazy”. He filed contempt of court charges against me, contacted anyone he could saying how worried he was about his kids and that I was a bad mother. The court found his claims ridiculous and denied his request to gain any custody of the children. The judge in his mercy towards me asked Barnaby “In your adult mind, what are you thinking when you make these claims”. I am raising our 3 children now with no support from him and the kids are suffering because of his lack of support. He actively avoids any kind of collection of child support. He works under the table, and wont open a checking account. Basically hides behind his wife. Which is disgusting that another mother could justify this action somehow.