Charlie Scheen Jr.

Posted on : 18-08-2011 | By : mthomann | In : Deadbeat Dads, Idaho


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This Deadbeat dad is I am sorry to say my twin brother! Somewhere there was a serious issue with his DNA-as not only is he the most selfish person I have ever meet-but is evil, childish, petty, and a pathalogical liar!
He has 2 kids in which he has not paid a nickle to in over 3 years. He thinks when he sees them and buys them toys only 2 days a week for 2 hrs ( supervised) that he is ” a Magnificant dad”!?? He has aso drained the kids college funds to pay for his beer and donut habit…as he has not worked a lick in 5 years ! His clueless dad continues to support his lifestyle, and he thinks he is a lwayer and is involved in multiple law suits….all of which will get him NO closer to getting a:
1. Job
2. House
3. $ for kids
4. Helpfor his drug and alcohol problems.
The only 2 friends he has is his dogs. His own divorce attorney is testifying against him as a character witness for his poor ex-wife that has to spend thousands of dollars every year on lawyers because of this wack-job! In July he is facing 42 counts NOT to mention forging IRS checks and multiple counts of perjury…..hopefully he will soon be wearing a orange jump suit and learn a lesson once and for all!