Robert M Butler Jr. has active Warrant for contempt of willful non payment of CS.

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Robert M Butler Jr. has not paid a cent towards his court ordered C.S. since Nov. 2010 and is currently behind in the amout of over $10,500.00. On Aug. 3rd, 2011, he was found by a Mason County Judge here in IL, to be in willful and indirect civil contempt for his failure to pay C.S. Robert (Bob) didn’t not show up in court and his actually whereabouts is unknown at this time. He has been quitting jobs as soon as the IL Child support Enforcement catches up to him and sends the employer a “order to withhold”. Income tax entercepts were put against his income tax refunds and he was served notice and has failed to file his income tax return, to keep from paying any of his court ordered C.S. He is 6ft 2 and keeps his black hair trimmed down very short, has a black mustache and gotee. He likes to frequent bars, is a smoker and is a known drug user and possibly drug dealer. He has been known to do odd jobs like carpenter work , small engine repairs, farming , tree trimming & saw mill work. He has 2 children, twins and one of them has a disability and is confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t feel that he should have to pay any support at all to his children!
He was last living in the areas of Bath/Chandlerville IL. COuld possibly be living in St. Louis MO. He has been seen in the downtown are at “THe Landing” and I have been told , that he appeared to be a well known.

He currently has a arrest warrant out on him and anyone that happens to see him should call Mason County Sheriffs office out of Havana IL. 309-543-2231.

Jeff Beer is a d-bag dad

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This man has never taken care of his child. Will sleep while he is suppose to be spending time with him or keeping an eye on him while I am at work. The few times this happened before I got a babysitter I would come home to my 1 year old standing on the kitchen table or taking apart the stove top while this d-bag was asleep. He refuses to take any responisbility for his son, feeding him changing him, potty training him, bathing him or simply just sitting and watching a movie with him. He thinks he is the king of the world and can just do what ever it is that he wants to do. He recently was forced to move out after a physical altercation that he had with me in front/ending up involving my son. That was beyond it for me. He came to get his things, which so happened to be on my birthday–best birthday present ever–well I thought. Until I got home and he had taken all of my sons things out of his room. He thinks that it is his. Wrong, what in God’s name are you going to do with a toddler bed. He certainly wont be getting custody in any way shape or form at all. He has too many priors with drugs and duis. I will do everything in my standing power to make sure he will not be needingthat bed. What a d-bag!

Mark Allen Jones

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Mark Jones is the lowest of the lows. My daughter Mark Jones only child was a planned baby. She was not a mistake. He loves her but refuses to consistently give financial support. He lives at home with his mother, has never had his own place. The straw that broke the camels back for me was this: I asked him one day (at the time he was living with me in my downtown apartment and had not yet found a job) “If I lost my job and couldn’t pay rent what would we do? His response was ” I guess we’ll move in with my mother”. After that statement I was done. His child support is $80 per week and he won’t pay. He says he doesn’t have it. I could hustle up $80 a week. He’s just a poor excuse for a man. Doing nothing, changes nothing! Doing something, changes everything!

James Francis Kelly IV

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Jamie Kelly and I were together on and off since i was in 8th grade, after i had my daughter he proceeded to cheat on me numerous times (with dirty girls non the less) possibly while i was pregnant as well. The relationship continued until he became more frequently violent and was then convicted of domestic battery. He has not seen his 1 1/2 yo daughter (Alanna Elizabeth) in a year. Not to mention his signature on the birth certificate my daughter is a spitting image of him and has his last name. He has refused to show up to numerous court dates and does not hold a job. I work enough that i dont care about the money anymore. FUCK YOU TWEEK I HOPE YOU ROT. Did i mention his numerous drug addictions/convictions? Or the fact that he ratted on his friends to get out of jail….?

My Father, Aaron Thomas, The Sperm Donor.

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My father, Aaron Thomas, has left me and my mother struggling through life. He hasn’t really had anything to do with me in four months. In June, he walked out of my life. He was texting an unknown female that month, and he is now living someplace that I have no idea of. I am a teenage girl [13] living with my mother, and my mother is unemployed. My mother constantly struggles to pay the bills. What is even WORSE is that my father left my unemployed mother and I without a car. We have had to walk in that horrible heat wave that hit Illinois in July of this year to get groceries with the very little unemployment money that my mom gets every two weeks.

A neighbor of ours drove us to social services, and we get only about $150 a month in food stamps. This is between me and my mother. My father said that he wouldn’t abandon us, and that he would buy us food and help us, despite the fact that he and my mother were getting separated. He hasn’t bought us food since May. My mother and I have survived on barely any food at times. My father has one other child whom he left with another wife when the child was 1 1/2 years old. That other child is my half brother that I do not know. I was told by a family friend that my half brother is turning 20 this year.


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This low life deadbeat piece of crap is rumored to have 13 children (there are 5 known by different women in different states). He is an abusive alcoholic little punk who likes to beat women and children and run around from state to state making babies for none of which he takes care of. His children range in age from 16 to 1 and there are possibly more on the way. He trolls facebook and other social sites preying on weak not so attractive women looking for a sugar momma who he can mooch off of, impregnate and move on. He currently resides in Gary Indiana, but he frequents Chicago, Calumet City, Hammond, IN and the surrounding areas. He would rather buy beer, video games and upgrade his cell phone than support his kids. He is very selfish and his family backs his behavior by always bailing him out when he’s about to hit rock bottom. He blames all of his exes for the reason why his relationships didn’t last when in reality he has verbally, mentally and physically abused every women he has been with, he has even put hands on his own mother. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, he is the lowest of the low. If you see him run the other way!

Loves MY dog… But not my kids…

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My name is Jose Eloy Mendiola dob 8/1/1985. I live in Wonder Lake Illinois with my 36 year old girlfriend. We spend our days smoking pot and drinking Icehouse. Between the 2 of us we have 5 kids that we dont support! We are an amazing team! I beat up my sons mother when she was 9 months pregnant and busted the windows out of the car with my 2 babies in it. I am not a man and thank God my current girlfriend can no longer have children, cause with our track record of parenting, WHO would take care of it!!! I owe my ex 9,000 for my 3 and 2 year old sons. I have payed a total of 1,000 dollars. I have not seen my 2 year old since I busted the window out and recently saw my 3 year old and was finally able to give him his xmas presents!!!!In order for my 3 year old to go to preschool my ex had to get another job just to pay his tuition!! My girlfriend spread rumors and lies about her when all shes done is make sure my kids have the best and what they need. What was the best was when I tried to get food stamps and put my sons on there!! EPIC, so if you want a real man who will beat you, impregnant you, and never see your kids again.. Come see me…

Brian L. Roth “L is for LIAR” Seneca, Illinois

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Let me start by saying that I can’t believe I’m even on this site! Why would anybody put a narcissistic, lying, abusive, alcoholic like myself on here?
Guess it’s because I screwed over my ex-wife, the mother of my only child, for the sake of leading a lifestyle that has completely destroyed everything she helped me accomplish in my adult life.
I haven’t paid my child support on time, much less at all, in the last year. I have not provided health coverage for my child for almost 3 years now, which I agreed to provide in my divorce. My kid won’t ever get sick, or need dental or vision care! I’ve been told numerous times that my child needs to see a doctor for nosebleeds, just like I get! But I don’t care that my kid bleeds all over on a regular basis!
Let me say that I have made no attempt to get in contact with my child since my divorce! I wouldn’t even recognize my own child if they walked past me! I couldn’t possibly get a card in the mail, or send a gift, or make a phone call, you see, that would interrupt my right to “ENJOY MYSELF!”
You see, I met and married the first BAR WHORE I came across at the local watering hole. I take care of her and her whole HILLBILLY brood now. Once her son moved in with me, my “jacked up tootless cougar” of a wife made sure that my payments to my flesh and blood diminished, then eventually stopped.
She likes to drink just as much as I do! Plus she turned me on to the casino, where I have been seen by people that I owe money to…. Funny, I can’t pay the child support I’m required to pay, pay my mortgage, pay my bills, pay my former employees, and people who provided services and supplies to me,,,,,
BUT I still manage to pay for a $30,000.00 dollar Harley I bought 1 month after my divorce, I pay $553.00 dollars a month on a Toyota truck for the BAGHAG to drive. Unless you’ve had a 12 pack, you’ll be needin’ to put a bag on her head, she’s that rough to look at! And she even convinced me to pay on a timeshare in Vegas! Really, aren’t timeshares something that senior citizens purchase, oh, I forgot, she would be considered a SENIOR!
I even had the nerve to book a cruise for the two of us, all the while I wasn’t paying the child support on time. But I had to cancel the cruise because my ex-wife decided to take my sorry DEADBEAT ass to court. How dare she tells the courts what I’m up to.
The best part is that my ex knows how much money my current wife spent at the casino, I have no idea! I’m too fuckin’ LAZY to take responsibilty for how to manage my life, much less my checking account!
But don’t worry, the best gift my ex-wife ever got in all this was the knowledge that I’m now married to the skank that single handedly helped to destroy me! I’ve lost everything of any importance in my life! But mostly, the one person who would have loved me anyway, my own child…..
I live out here in the sticks now, I don’t have to explain myself and my reasons for being a DEADBEAT to any of my former friends and business associates. All the people I owe money to will NEVER see a dime outta me! I’ve gotten real good at sittin’ on a barstool, beats working with handtools!
There’s a phrase that is said where I live now, “all there is to do is drink and fuck!” WELL, I’m REAL GOOD AT DRINKING!

Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh from Illinois

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Deadbeat-Dad-Joe-Walsh.jpg (12 KB)

The only thing worse than a liar is a deadbeat liar, and Joe Walsh qualifies. It seems that while he’s had money to loan his campaign $35,000 and gallivant around with his girlfriend, his ex-wife and children haven’t received anything from him. Yeah, this from the same guy who had the nerve to open up his video with this:

“President Obama, quit lying. Have you no shame, sir? In three short years, you’ve bankrupted this country.”

Chicago Sun-Times:

Before getting elected, he had told Laura Walsh that because he was out of work or between jobs, he could not make child support payments. So she was surprised to read in his congressional campaign disclosures that he was earning enough money to loan his campaign $35,000.

“Joe personally loaned his campaign $35,000, which, given that he failed to make any child support payments to Laura because he ‘had no money’ is surprising,” Laura Walsh’s attorneys wrote in a motion filed in December seeking $117,437 in back child support and interest. “Joe has paid himself back at least $14,200 for the loans he gave himself.”

Walsh’s attorneys responded in court filings: “Respondent admits that funds were loaned to his campaign fund. . . . Respondent admits that the campaign fund has repaid certain loans.”

He personally wrote in court filings that he thought he and his ex-wife were coming to an agreement on the money he owes. He noted that the children have lived with him for part of the last nine years.

Walsh lives with his new wife and children in McHenry. He has not paid any of the $117,437 yet, Laura Walsh’s attorney, Jack Coladarci, said Wednesday.

There’s lots more in the article but I could have written it myself because I was a kid with a dad just like Walsh. Never do they pay for what kids really need, and then they swoop in like Superman to be the dad-hero and take you somewhere that seems really cool with their girlfriend who they’re really trying to impress so you just once again sort of sit on the sidelines.

I can feel Walsh’s ex-wife’s frustration in those court filings. Joe Walsh clearly lies whenever it suits him to avoid obligations, he gets away with all sorts of exceptions others wouldn’t. Others would get their license suspended or their wages garnished. But Walsh seems to manage to stay one step ahead of it whenever he can.

This is the Tea Party writ large right now. Lie, cheat, steal, and then walk away from moral and financial obligations as though they were nothing to worry about. And he has the nerve to call President Obama a liar.

DeWitt M. Hughes (from Chicago.. lived in GEORGIA too)

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Talk about a DEAD BEAT!! OMG! first off.. this old dirty bastard is about to be 37 years old (October 4th).. my baby girl is BABY NUMBER 9 for this dude! LADIES.. IF YOU SEE HIM.. RUN!!! QUICKLY!! He’s a baby making machine!! Purposely got me pregnant.. then tells me he has 8 kids!! My baby will be 8 months old on the 21st of this month and he’s seen her a total of ONE TIME!! So far she got a CAR SEAT, $50 money order and a $50 Walmart Gift Card. This dude is a MAJOR LOSER!!!! He’s a LIBRA so he can TALK a good game but he really has NOTHING going for himself and I’m sure my baby wont be the last child he fathers!!