Supposedly a Christian minister

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This hypocritical, so-called “minister of God” walked out on his 2 month old son, moved to another city and continues to fail to pay child support while simultaneously “preaching” to churches all over the country. He considers himself a professional musician as well. Again… HE PAYS ZERO DOLLARS OF COURT ORDERED CHILD SUPPORT. Pastors, do not be fooled by this hypocrite. He is a sham. He holds a Masters degree and refuses to work – he quit working long before the recession. Brandon McCray is lazy, arrogant, prideful, and fools your churches into supporting his lifestyle.

Scum of the earth

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I’d like to start off by saying if you ever run into this less than human waste of life please let him know if wishes to keep claiming his daughter(the only kid he claims) handle your GD responsibilities. This ladies and gentlemen is an “aspiring rapper”  who isn’t these days? That likes to jump from state to state until his “Statute 21-3605: Nonsupport of a child or spouse” catches up with him again. Not to mention his “Aggravated failure to appear” & “Domestic battery; 2nd conviction in 5 years, intentional bodily harm caused by family member to family member” just to round out how grand a person he is. The sad fact is he already has several kids by different woman but chooses to go ahead and ignore those, yet claim only one. The state of KS should have given this waste of life a vasectomy years ago, now these poor kids have to have this real winner of a sperm donor as their biological father. Maybe I was raised differently but if you decided to create something by accident or intentional then you had better be a REAL man and support it. I know of REAL fathers that don’t make much but one thing they do is work 3 jobs to support their kids. I get that it’s easier to be worthless and just assume it’s going to disappear, my only hope is that this sad individual’s remainder of life is one of hardship and a felony ridden past that haunts him at every turn… and one more thing, he’s approaching 40, I do believe chasing the pipe dream of becoming the next Eminem is one of delusional fantasy.

Dead Beat Poser

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This Is Jeff Robertson, he lives in wichita ks. He has 1 daughter, that he has nothing to do with and hasnt paid child support in years. He is dramatic, and pathetic and blames the mother of the daughter for his disappearance. He posts pics on his facebook, posing as a wonderful “daddy”, but in reality hasnt seen his daughter in a couple years, and was only around for a year of her 7 years in this world. Bc he cant handle seeing her if he cant have her mother too. PATHETIC

Title Holder for Kansas’ Most Overrated Deadbeat Dad

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This little gem has spent years of his life completely unconcerned with his children’s well being. He has been abusive, neglectful, and unfaithful to every woman he has ever been with, including his current wife. While skipping from town to town, faking disability claims, smoking crack, getting kicked out of the Marines for lying on his health waivers, getting fired from jobs for stealing and sleeping with employees in the walk in cooler, etc., his children’s mothers have all stepped up to the plate to take care of what he wouldn’t. After not seeing his oldest for 4+ years, he finally signed off his rights to her. She then looked to reach out to him a couple of years ago, and started to rebuild a relationship by feeding her Adderall and Diet pills. But, he was unwilling to deal with her animosity about his abandonment of her. So what did he do? HE ABANDONED HER AGAIN! His next child, he sees twice a year, constantly bad mouths her mother, and lies to the child about things that have been proven to be true. He has refused to let this child maintain a relationship with her older sister for fear he will be exposed. His other two children (that we know of) stay at home with his wife while he pursues his career dreams. Meanwhile, they don’t even know their father. This is a prime example of someone that needs to stop breeding. While his children are all wonderful people, there is no need to add to the number of children that have to grow up with a crappy dad.

Rodrick Stewart, Former University of Kansas Basketball 2006-2008

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He did not play in the national championship, he helped out by staying on the bench. So know that before dismissing his many indiscretions. He laces girls drinks with illegal drugs and then takes them to the back room of clubs to sleep with them while under influences that they did not consent to. He has many women at once and asked them all for money to maintain an image that he has money although he is a broke joke because he refuses to get a job. He thinks he is too good for a job. He asks poor single mothers making less than $5,000 a year for gas money and to lend him $200 for new shoes even though he has shoes. He never pays the money back. After raping women and getting them pregnant, if they get pregnant he will emotionally abuse them and threaten them with being blackballed, jumped, or injured by all his groupies and main people he calls the Mafia unless they abort. He is also a gang banger, a blood. He often uses his gang connections to intimidate people. He sells and uses drugs. The cops either turn a blind eye or participate because he is a good ol’boy now that he played ball at KU. KU bball is the main source of revenue for the city so the legal system does not prosecute rapist, thieves, extortionists who are associated with KU basketball. Avoid this man. The KU basketball program was aware of his involvement in credit card fraud, rape (one that included a minor), and other crimes, they covered it up.

Meet the lastest DEADBEAT!!!!!!

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Oh here I am, I am the newest of the DEADBEAT dads. I go around and have 3 kids I can’t afford, continue to do drugs, and I continue to behave like a jerk because that is just who I am. I first would have two kids from my first wife, but she too got sick of the abuse and crap that I gave her on a 24/7 basis. I lucked out however, because my first wife had my kids adopted by her new husband!!! thank God because then I didn’t have to pay a dime in child support!!!! Now my kids can’t stand me or want anything to do with me for which I am grateful because now I don’t have to worry about them showing up on my door and asking for anything. I don’t feel that I owe them anything now that they have another man raising them instead of me, because I am no good at being a real father. Besides my new wife would probably feel threatened by them because she is unstable mentally and is clearly unable to see things through all the medication in which she takes. I would not want any more mental distress to her becasue she is already unstable as is. After my first wife left me I put a woman in the hospital becasue I broke her jaw after I punched her in front of all the kids and now I still have a restraining order against me. After all of this I met my second wife in which I got pregnant a month later. We were not in any shape to have a child fnancially or as a couple, but I convinced her to have the baby anyway, this way I could continue my dead beat dad ways. We got married two months later, I had her parents fooled thinking I was a really good guy just stuck under some strange circumstances with my ex wife, I was able to fool everyone that I was victimized by my first wife. They bought this hook line and sinker. That was all a lie and they all bought it. I abused and accused my second wife of numerous things and made her life and her family’s life hell. I stole from her elderly aunt and ruined two cars her father bought us. I only paid my father in law back for the wedding rings, but then sold them as soon as I could in order to get drug money. When my second wife left me I made sure I wrecked the apartment we lived in because this would ruin her credit and she would have to pay for the damages I caused while I was there the last month or so. I also don’t have any contact with my younger daughter because of all the crap I have done and all the circumstances I have put myself in, but to be honest I don’t really care. I only called a couple of times regarding my daughter, but didn’t want to persue it because then I wouldn’t be the deadbeat that I am. I still don’t want to pay child support and I am begging my second ex wife that her new husband adopt my daughter so I can get out of paying. Me and my new wife love the $1,300 in child support we get for her 3 kids but, I don’t want to pay $515 for mine. That is just not fair. The worst part is that my second ex wife wants me to write my daughter a letter so I can have phone calls, but really that is just too much to do. My daughter isn’t worth writing, so I will just think about it, and I doubt I will do it. But I don’t want to be pressured into it. None of my kids mean anything to me and I don’t want to take the time to get to know them or them get to know me because I am a piece of crap!!!!!! I think I do deserve a T-shirt that says “Worlds Greatest Dead Beat Dad”!!!! Then my life will be complete.