Ryan Keith Hickey

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Ryan only has to pay $368 a month plus 27% of childcare, medical bills and activities. He thinks he does not have to pay for the 27% though. As of May 2012 he has not paid one penny. He’s over $2000 behind right now, yet he is still able to take the kids on vacation to Florida for 10 days and goes to Kentucky Speedway. The picture posted is from last years Bristol race… he was a year behind in support when it was taken. Just dont think its fair he is out there livin it up, making his kids think hes the greatest person in the world, but doesnt try or even want to help support them.

This Man Should Win The Dead Beat Dad Award

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Michael Jordan who is only 24 and has 7 kids that he wont take care….he has been in and out of jail and thats the only way that i can recieve child support from him. he only has to pay 120 dollars a month on both kids together and he cant even do that. my two kids dont even know who he is or that he is even there dad. because michael dont want to have nothing to do with them..i think its sad when you can lay down and have children but dont want to attend to them. ashton is almost five and emma almost four and he has never been in there lives besides once, and michael had shoved ashton off of a table because he dont like them

craptacular deadbeat dad

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Long story short thought he was a great guy, until I got pregnant. He never even attemps to see the child. He skips court, doesn’t pay child support , and constantly tries to play the victim. He makes it all out to be my fault even though I went out of my way to nurture the father child relationship. All I want is to be able to give my baby everything he needs, wants, and everything he deserves. Unfortunately, because of Mitchell I am barely able to give him what he needs. My son deserves so much more than a deadbeat father and a struggling single mother. Is there no justice for deadbeats?


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This is the sorriest male to ever walk the face of the earth!!!! The biggest mistake of my life was marrying him when I was 15 and staying marryied to him for 20 years. During this time I had two beautiful boys that I have had to raise and support all by myself. He spent the majority of our marriage in prison or up under some ho. He has never done anything for MY BOYS except donate the sperm. While we were together he served out a 10 yr sentence and then recently just got another 15 years. I tried for over 4 years to get him served by the Child Support Office in Lexington. I have tried to let him have visitation even though he believes he does not have to help support these boys. Now he is with this crazy whacked out “woman” and I am not going to let my boys be influenced by that bunch. She tries to claim my boys as hers and says she loves them like her own which is not saying anything. She puts whatever man shes with at the time before her kids OBVIOUSLY. He lays off on her and HER BOYS and does not work just steals from people and does drugs. He served me papers for time-sharing a few months ago. When we went to court the judge could not believe he would serve me papers when he is almost $6000 in arrears on child support. He stated “So I still dont get to see my kids” and the judge said NO. He is ordered to pay over $300 a month plus $30 on arrears. Last month they waited til the day of court and then his “woman” paid $200 dollars and the court gave him another month. Now another month as went by and no payments were made. Apparently he believes the child support system is a joke and so do I. My son is over 17 years old and he has paid $200 in child support. Obviously the CHILD SUPPORT SYSTEM IS A JOKE!!!!

Deadbeat Christopher Carlsen

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Christopher Carlsen has 5 kids by 4 different women. He signed his rights over on his youngest and is $13,000 behind on child support on the first three. He is running from the child support detective on his 4th child because he does not want to help financially support her. He is too busy having intercourse with as many different women as he can. He has a new job every 2 months. He looks for women to live off on. Watch out for Chris Carlsen, ladies!!!

Dead beat… Dont take care of his child,

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Hes 22 years old and still wants to act like hes a teenager, out whoring around instead of taking care of his child, and now hes been dating this one chick for a month let me remind you A MONTH and now hs saying hes proposing ha that makes 3 girls he has proposed to in the past year. I have a verry handsome little boy by this jerk. he has visitations every other weekends and he doesnt stay home with him instead he set the visitations up just so his parents could see him, hes immature, an alcoholic and just a dumb butt who doesnt even have the right to call himself a father, daddy or anything hes a sperm donor.