Freddie TheNinjaassassinpoetit Gilbert

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DEADBEAT!!!SMH…..Wanna be poet???5 kids????Maybe more…Good for nothing low down dirty father???No more like Sperm doner.Grow up be a man and take care of your kids!!!!Tries to get in touch with his kids for what??It’s not like you’re actually gonna help their mothers take care of them.I am one of your many kids.And I must admit you did for me when I was younger but where have you been the past 10 years of my life???You ARE NOT my father I have a step dad that has been much more of a dad than you have ecer been to me…I really hope you see this you bum…PS:Get a effing haircut!!!!!!

Alton Brian Johnson Deadbeat For 3 1/2 years

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Let me start by saying that this is not my own personal experience but since I am close to the situation and it involves my niece I can speak on it… My sister not by blood but damn near is hurt by the fact that Alton refuses to do the right thing by his daughter whose name I will leave out of here……. I’m posting this because my niece has started asking about her father and it took my sister off guard because my niece has a godfather who is there for her but at 3 1/2 apparently she is smart enough to know the difference…. and my sister didnt know how to answer her question so my niece asked her again saying where is my father my sister replied that Alton was dead that he was in another place now…… my sister excused herself so that her daughter couldnt see her crying and it breaks my heart to see her lie to my niece and even more that her father lives in the same city as she does and refuses to grow up when he is damn near 30yrs old if he isnt 30 already and be apart of his daughter’s life.. being there is free it doesnt cost a dime to be build a relationship with your child, its really sad my niece will be 4yrs old in July and she has never seen or met her father and its not my sister its him, my sis has reached out to him constantly and he refuses to be a man and take care of my niece. Read the rest of this post »

Update on Juamorris Ladell Stewart Deadbeat dad still and messing with young ass females

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So I’m writing an update on my orginal post, since I posted it I found out more stuff that has shocked me but then again I can’t be surprised because Juamorris is an low down dog… Oh the picture I attached is of him and the female Crystal Crawford he lied to me and as of right now two other girls about…. I recently found out why I never saw her on Southern University’s campus she was a juvie.. Juamorris is about to be 25 years old and she just turned 20yrs old and I have been informed that they have been together for five years thats sicken but let me get to what’s actually important…… Read the rest of this post »

He left me and our baby for my brother

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ladies beware of this dead beat RENARD A JOSEPH of waggaman, la !!!! he has so many picky headed kids running round this city. smh. i just had his latest baby. and come to find out my friend is pregnant with his seed right now…..the reason i am on here is cause renard bought one pack of diapers and he thinks thats gonna last for years ?? yaul he thinks he got the last laugh cause he goes home to his ugly ass wife every night but truthfully I GOT THE LAST Read the rest of this post »

Juamorris Ladell Stewart

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My story is something out of an drama novel that women sit around and discuss in their monthly book club meetings. The situation still has me in a daze……………(I’m skipping parts its such a very long story)

I met my daughter’s father my freshman year the Fall of ‘06, I never thought years later we would end up together because I blew him off he was a football player and they have very bad reps. However at the end of 08 we started talking more and then it would by the summer of 09 develop into what I believed to be a relationship and he never said any different……………………. let me skip over all the details of the relationship and get straight to the drama at hand………………. Read the rest of this post »