Kenneth Scott Allen

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Proud owner of The Maine Housewright Company located in York Maine this wonderful upstanding man has not 1 but 2 beautiful children that he has never paid a dime for. These kids that he wanted more then anything else in the whole world yet now he cant be bothered. Not only does Mr. Kenneth Allen not pay for his kids but he cooks his books as he owns his own business so that the state cant get a dime from him. This man is the pure definition of all things looser. 47 years old 2 kids and lives with his mommy.

Brian Burdin…..Dead Beat Full of Excuses!

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I’m Brian Burdin and I have two children who I have nothing to do with and don’t pay support for. Some guy I don’t know is raising one of them(ive never even taken the time to meet the kid…its not my fault though) and the kid’s mother is raising the other and all she does is bitch. It’s not my fault though because nothing ever is. I lie and say that I don’t work but we all know that’s not true, I’m racist and slightly crazy and like beating animals to death with objects. I’ve openly admitted to girlfriends that id rather buy pot then pay my child support. Should we even get onto the subject of my girlfriends…..can you say WHITE TRASH? I’m a REAL man! I’m a real ass and like to point out what everyone else is doing wrong yet I’m living off my uncle in his house rent free and still cant pay the $47 a week that I I’m court ordered to pay….but I can take my tax return and buy a piece of shit car instead of using the money to either visit my child or pay some of the $6,000+ that I owe in bcs! The truth is, I just don’t care id rather threaten the mother of my child, call her names, complain about how bad my life then to pay….cause when it comes down to it I don’t care if the kid has a roof over his head, clothes on his back or food on the table because its not my problem. I’ve got dope to smoke.

Biggest loser!

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Hi my name is Lamont Collins and this is the child I claimed I always wanted. I love having the title dad and I tell all my friends what a great dad I am. My only problem is that I owe my childs mother over $3854.00 in back child support. I have never paid what the court order states and when I did pay any child support, I never paid it on time. I would much rather live a life of getting into trouble with law enforcement,spend my money on drinking and whatever my needs are,and have a girlfriend who can’t hold a job so I have to support her. No, I don’t mind that she’s a heavy drinker,smoke crack,and is constantly stealing money from me. My bilss don’t get paid but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll have a new cellphone next week. I have no respect for authority figures and noone tells me what to do. I don’t comply with the visitation order either and expect my ex to provide trasporation for my daughter to come see me in my unsafe environmet. Yeah, I live with my brother who has a protection order against him and can only have paid supervised visits with his daughter and my girlfriend’s parents have custody of her son. When my ex told me she was going to take me back to court to collect the child support I owe her I was like “How you gonna do me like that?” Yeah, I’m a winner alright!