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asshole.jpg (38 KB)

This is a gu who never done anything for his daughter.. Dont even have the time to talk to his daughter… Tells people she is not his daughter no way…. Doesnt support his child but for 3 years out of her 15 years of life.. Just amazie me on how someone to create a child and do nothing for them at all…. Well this is my babie dad that owes me lots of money n will find ways of not paying it by means of his wife…. But who cares she is my daughter I have raised her all on my own n she is so smart… N I found a real man that is good to me n my daughter maybe he can give all these dead beats a lesson on how to be a man……

Just Another deadbeat: Dundalk, Md Anthony(tony) Covino Jr

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dead beat.jpg (69 KB)

My son is the his first born and his only child. When G-little man was born Feb 13 2009, Tony was so excited. He made so many promises to love ,take care of and always be around for his son, Tony wanted to teach his son the things his father never did for him, Tony told the whole family both sides that he was going to be different.He said he would never be like his father and abandon his child. In court he admitted to paternity so child support was issued , it was a measly $200.00 a month , (my other son’s father pays $700.00 a month and he does pay.) But everything only lasted a day when Tony decided to choose his current girlfriend , and his partying over his son, He has only paid $10.00 in child support and now owes 7,000 dollars for child support, Tony is currently wanted by Carroll county were his son and I reside for non support. Read the rest of this post »

Mark Vogel, The worst DEADBEAT sperm donor alive! Beware Ladies you are WARNED

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CrappyDads.jpg (57 KB)

Mark Andrew Roland Vogel, is a sad sad human being.
The biggest Deadbeat there is! And ironically he calls others deadbeat, WOW, he really needs to look in the mirror. I don’t know how he can sleep at night knowing he has 2 (some say more) children he has donated the sperm for, that he has NEVER seen nor does he even claim. The one son is 10, and the other is 7 months. He denies both even though there is proven DNA results for one and the baby is guaranteed his and will be proven his also. Read the rest of this post »

Lamar Wilson

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007.jpg (21 KB)

Everyone RUN!!!!!! This is a dead beat dad. He doesn’t know how many children he even has in the area. One is inFort Washington, Four in DC, One in Virginia, One in District Heights, One in Suitland, Two on the way one in Capitol Heights and one in an unknown area. HE DOSEN’T TAKE CARE OF ANY OF HIS CHILDREN. He carry’s a load of std’s and could be well on his way to being a carrier of HIV. PLEASE if you see this guy RUN, RUN, RUN and RUN.


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2.jpg (20 KB)

My deadbeat baby father is Ricky Weathersbee…. He don’t have NO JOB and refuse to work he rather let a woman take care of him… He bounce from woman to woman until they get tired of him taking care of his sorry ass whole time he spending there money, eating there food, and driving there car… He has 4 kids and take care of NONE… He wont buy a pair of socks but he stay fresh and drunk!!! So ladys if you know him run the other way!!!!! I wish I did….

Maryland’s number one deadbeat.

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Quazi.jpg (52 KB)

His name is John Johnson. He works at a strip club and he totally neglects his kids. This guy is 40 years old and spends all his money on theme parks and haunted attractions. He calls himself Quazi and operates a website called coasterquazi. He has sweatshirts and tshirts made up with his own picture on it and he is a member of a freeloading group of people called the Baltimore scare crew who go to haunted attractions and review them. Funny thing is he never takes his kids to these attractions or theme parks and doesnt pay child support. He also spends alot of money on tattooing theme park names and roller coasters pictures on himself. His girlfriend is an ex-con and he lives with her in her parents basement and pays them no rent. He doesnt spend anytime with his kids and it is rumored he has genital warts/herpes.

Clown Azz Sperm Donor!! C’mon Son!!

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14446_1157728539755_1124002562_30405895_5062080_n.jpg (83 KB)

This dude right here is the ultimate worst!!! First of all he’s 40 something still dressing like a yo with knock off, flea market clothes and appareal! Anthony Kennard Wilson/Carter aka:Ras, aka:Tony is a low life for sure! He has about 7 kids, 2 by me and the rest by different women in different states that he does not support or help raise!! He lies…omg! does he LIE!!! My 19 yr old can’t stand him now that she has caught him up in soooo many lies….. Read the rest of this post »

Deadbeat Dad Larry Howard Chambers

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larry (3).jpg (37 KB)

He lives in MD, he does not work, does not have a car-but does borrow peoples cars and act like there his. He seeks out women with good jobs and tries to get them to take care of him, he will tell you he loves you with in 2 weeks. He will basically try to take care of you with your own money. Has 2 kids that he is not taking care of, but hangs in the bars and on the golf course. Stay Away, or make him spend his money and never spend yours! you have been WARNED!

Deadbeat Dad Lloyd “Dwight” Samuels

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You have officially been warned.  The above pictured DEADBEAT DAD reigns from the Bronx, NY, currently screwing and reproducing in the following locations, NY, NY, Baltimore, MD, Northern VA, and Washington, DC areas. Born Lloyd Edward Samuels aka “Dwight” born 2/27/1970 is of Jamaican/American descent. He drives a 2002 raggedy Mercedes Benz S500 (champagne in color) with MD tages, and lives in Read the rest of this post »

Deadbeat Dad Gerald Banks

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My deadbeat baby daddy is sooooooooooo deadbeat I don’t even have a pic of him. My son is eleven and has seen his sperm donor maybe three times in his life. His name is Gerald Banks and he lives in Baltimore Maryland.