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This extremely top notch good for nothing dead beat father has always been ONE HUGE DISGRACE!!!! Since the day I found out I was pregnant with our son he has never taken on any kind of responsibilities as a father whatsoever. HE LIES, HE CHEATS, HE IS ABUSIVE, AND HAS BEEN TO JAIL MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. But of course, I’m just crazy and “none” of this is true. His wrap sheet couldn’t defend him so please. He grew up in Arlington, MA but has been back and forth from Arlington, MA to Orlando, FL. HIs side of the family has never acknowledged our son as well. He is almost $10,000 backed up in child support. Our son is about to turn 6 yrs old and I am tired of financially doing it myself. I am letting the world know as well as other females this is one male that is dangerous and very selfish. He doesn’t deserve to see daylight. Only thing he deserves to see is jail bars. Enough is enough!!!

eMusic CEO Adam Klein is a convicted felon and Columbia J-School prof who hates his daughter.

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This guy plead out to white collar crimes in South African against Boumat, Ltd.

Now he’s on these shores and stinking up the place wicked bad, his own daughter called him the “Scum of the Earth.”


She went off on him and his high-priced well-connected attorneys because of all the years of abuse and contempt they have shown her and her mother, getting away with blatant lies to the Court and getting a horrible child support Judgment by Judge Dorothy Gibson, another hater. This guy lied about his residence to evade service, he lives at 25 Central Park west and is always crying poor pockets when it comes to his daughter…. a real dirt-bagger.


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Middlesex County | Jose Perez | Somerville MA

What a winner this one is! He lives off others while his kids struggle, never paid a dime of Child Support and now he thinks he’s a rapper. Partying like a teenager sleeping around, drinking, doing drugs and giving no mind to his children’s well being.

He has 6 kids and none of them have ever gotten even a burger from the dollar menu from him but he can buy himself 40’s allllllll day long.

If you meet this so called person, run!!!! As if you attempt to approach he may want to use you for all you got as well.

Arnold Mauricio – worst man in Fall River, MA

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I won’t even call him a dad because he doesn’t show his 2 oldest sons any love. Here are some of the things he does:

  • Cares more about his hair plugs then his sons
  • Buys clothes for himself at expensive stores and then puts walmart merchandise into to give to his sons trying to look like they are from the more expensive places
  • Does acknowledge their birthdays
  • Does attend events like graduations
  • Insults/hurts them by show what he spends on his youngest son by his second wife
  • Complains about child support, pays late and needs to be taken to court to obtain payment.
  • Refuses to help them in anyway when they ask for it.

He is a realtor that cares more about his appearance than the welfare of his sons.

Total Scumbag! Cares more about women than his son!

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This piece of work is not only a wife beater both mentally & physically, he’s also a deadbeat dad. He hasn’t paie child support for my son since we split when my son was a year & a half old. My son is now going to be 14. When my son was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic, he stopped seeing my son all together. That was 2006.

He cares more about his women & steroids than his own children. He has 2 older children in which he skipped out of paying child suppot on.

If anyone has seen him or knows anyone who knows him, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue. 1-800-622-5437

Thank you!

Deadbeat Dad John Lucier

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My so called fathers name is John T. Lucier and was last seen in Salisbury, MA. I think he should pay the child support he owes or go to jail. Read the rest of this post »