Dan Harvey the DEAD BEAT DAD!

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I met this man 16 years ago. I was 21 he was 36. We both lived in Michigan and he was a fun man then. ALL AN ACT! I soon found out. Claims he couldnt concieve any children yet I ended up Pregnant. Me not believing in abortion had my sweet baby boy 9 months later. We married when I was 3 months along and were off and on for 13 years. Then we moved to Washington State to start a new life. He found work. Then he started using CRACK. Finally I left his sorry @ss. We lived in Washington State for 5 years and when I moved out he let me have custody of our boy, and he is still living with me. DAN packed his amp and guitar and headed on down the road back to Michigan. In our divorce decree he is, and was ordered to pay $625 a month (his suggestion) Have not seen a dime, and medical. Our son is still with out medical or dental and I have been paying for his visits as needed. Not to metion clothing. Do not trust this loser young ladies. He is a nasty frito lay chip eating couch potato scum bag that refuses to pay a dime or even talk to his son

Mr. CW

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This loser is from Detroit, MI. A close relative had the misfortune is getting involved with him and having his child. He was married, with multiple children she later found out, and has spread his seed all over the city of Detroit. He even has a grown kid who doesn’t even know who he is, so he has been at this a while. He portrays himself as a business man, and old school, but in reality is an abusive, cheating, lying manipulator, that has at least 11 children from (that we know of), from six different women. This is an old picture one he pride’s himself on showing.

Forever Dead Beat + Loser!!!!

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This guy was my high school sweat-harts. Although he never really went to school but that’s another story. We met when i was 15. Dated back & forth for years until I became pregnant with our daughter. She is now 17. Since she been in the world i can count on one hand how many birthday parties he has helped with (1). School clothes,… forget about it. He works when ever he can get his lazy self outta his moms house. Once he he got married he helped a bit more,….but not before he helped himself. I remember asking him for clothes for our daughter & his response was for me to not ask his Mom until AFTER HE GOT HIS CLOTHES!!!!!!!!! Yeah & its been that way ever since. His wife left & hes back with Momma & still no job..I don’t even know what child support is!!! & for the life of me i don’t know why any self respecting women would get with a grown ass men living in his Momma house & knocking on 40’s door. Dam shame. its 2011, our daughter is graduating from high school & guess what she got to buy school clothes & shoes $60. Yupp $60!!! What can be bought with that.But thats what this man gave his ONLY CHILD FOR SCHOOL!! Because I refuse to ask him for anything, our daughter asked him for some new shoes…”didn’t yo Momma just buy you some?” All i could think was Dam Loser!! Paying for here senior things he already told her he aint gonna do it!! She told him my mom made a list for things to be split evenly between both parents..he laughed. & when she told her um (daddy) that I the mother of his child was taking him to court to get $$$ for her. This DEAT BEAT LOSER FAT PUNK said “Psst she aint gonna get nothing!!” Dumbo Loser its $$$ for YOUR child not for the Mom (ME)!! If you in Detroit & see this pathetic large piece of man, call him out!! Maurice Mcdonald is a LAZY DEAD BEAT LOOSER!!!

He says he loves his kids-Anthony Francis Ryan

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This is Anthony Ryan. He has lived in New York, North Carolina, and now lives in Michigan. He only moved to MI because he had a garnishment on his checks in NY. He currently owes almost 6 thousand dollars and makes no attempt to pay it until the courts make him. Women beware of this man, he had three kids with three different women and he is only 26 years old. He will tell you he loves kids and can’t see his kids and get your sympathy. Do not I repeat DO NOT let this man get you pregnant.

He was in the military for 7 years and liked to lie and sleep around while we were married. He has been known to tell people his name is Ryan with any last name that is currently popular for him. He also will say his name is Tony.

Employers beware he lies cheats steals and is always drunk or high. He is a scammer and can spin some really good lies.

“Dj Cult” aka Evan Taylor Davis 12/09/80 Narcissistic Man Child who won’t support any of his kids.

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Like most of the ‘men’ (I use that term lightly) posted on here Evan Taylor Davis (originally from Piedmont, CA then Atlanta GA, then Lincoln, NE now somewhere in Michigan) is a narcissistic immature idiot. He is a master manipulator/sociopath. The day after ‘I’ asked him out ge told me that he has a kid (thanks for the warning!) but it was in AZ with the mother and he didn’t see it. B/c apparently she lied and said she was on birth control, he sold all his thing to buy her an abortion but ’she changed her mid’ then they picked out adoptive parents but ’she changed her mind’ again. Right… I believed him b/c I was a naive barely 19 year old and proceeded to date him. The a couple months into our relationship (if you could call it that) I get a myspace message from some chick saying she was PREGNANT WITH IS BABY. Apparently he knocked her up just a week before we started dating. The best part is, SHE WAS 17…He was 26 at the time. Wow. I forgave him, mainly due to some bad advice on my mother’s part, and we went on with life. Fast forward a year, and a couple times of breaking up and getting back together, and I’m pregnant, he’s super duper happy. He’s good for the first couple month’s of my daughters life then starts drinking. He had stopped for awhile since he was an insane alcoholic after i begged him to but went back to it. We had just signed our first lease together and had only been living in our new place for a few weeks when one morning i wake up and get pissed at him b/c of some stupid shit, so I yell at him. Next then I know he has me up against the wall choking me and throwing me around the apt. I left the apt that day, we broke the lease, I almost had to live in a homeless shelter, yet he still had his claws in me so we were still somewhat ‘together’ the following 2-ish months. After the guy he was bumming off of had to move back in with his parents I let him move in with me even though we weren’t together. I finally was able to find a job and he got fired from his for not even showing up to work so he stayed at MY apt FOR FREE to watch our daughter while I worked. BUT he didn’t watch her. He fed her american cheese and raisins and let her spend her day covered in filth while he trashed my apartment and played world of warcraft. He actually thought he had the right to get pissed when i went on dates, even though we hadn’t been together for MONTHS. I finally meet an AMAZING guy (who I’m still with and is so much better of a father to my daughter than evan mcasshat ever was) and kicked evan’s ass out so I could have a normal relationship. After all these months he still hadn’t bothered to get a job so instead of using the money his rich ass parents sent him to find a home in town he skips town on a greyhound (that i was nice enough to drive him to the station for) to ‘ohio’ to bum off some guy he barely knew. Then he meets Ms. Defense Attorney and skips to Michigan to live off her while he, and I’m quoting his twitter ‘runs a video game related site with thousands of users’ for apparently no pay? Since I have no received A CENT OF SUPPORT MONEY. Mainly b/c he’s living off his gf (I think she has a fetish, he’s a felon, she’s a defense attorney..hmm) Oh and did I mention she doesn’t even know about his two other kids? AND his parents don’t know about his kid from the 17 year old either.

Sorry this was so long but I NEEDED to get my point across. I’m sure Lawyer Lady will probably get tired of his shit and leave his ass so he’ll be on the prowl for his next victim. PLEASE don’t let him trick you into thinking he’s some kind of victim. He’s not, and has never been, a victim. He CREATES victims.

Deadbeat Edward Nichols

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This is the father of my two children, Edward Nichols. He hasn’t seen his kids in two years. When his son was born, in order to avoid child support, he stated he didn’t think his son was his. When the state contacted him to get swabbed for DNA, it took him 1 year and the threat of an arrest to go in. Once the DNA came back as his child, it took him another year and more threats by the state to show up for the hearing for the Child Support Order. Now he is over $5,000 in arrears, not working, not paying and living 15 miles from them but again, not seeing them at all. He even tells people that he doesn’t have kids.

Shamsiddin aka Sham Al-Uqdah A Real DEADBEAT!

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Sham has a son that he only seen a few times and his son is 5years old. He has never been there for any birthdays or holiday he never once paid child support! He filed for custody and they gave him joint custody and said we must remain in contact and since then he changed his number and he refuses to respond to emails or anything else. his son has not spoke to him in over a year. He went to FOC and said he was waiting for his SSI to be approved and they stopped child supposrt based on that but yet he’s never paid once before that so that didnt make sense.He lives in Jackson, MI and he has a facebook under Shamsiddin Brown. He recently had another baby, i’m not sure if he’s there for that one or not. Jackson County is helping him more than they would ever help me. They pay his rent they give him gift cards to shop and they help with transportation. He has insurance and food stamps. He has a criminal history and he recieve all this helps, it’s almost like a thank you for being a bad father and a horrible humanbeing. When we lived in Jackon and I would have his son call he would say he was comin to get him the next day and his son would be waiting by the door bags packed and at the last min we got a phone call sayin he wasnt comin he was going to hang out and our son would sit there and cry! He use to call CPS on me and try to get him taken just because he was mad or because he said he “heard” something from someone. It’s completely unfair that they are helping him and not making him pay child support when he wont do anything for his son. Something Needs to be done about that!!

Stephen “Shotgun” Willis is the biggest deadbeat in Detroit, MI

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This is the world’s biggest deadbeat. Stephen aka Steve or Shotgun is one of the worse dads ever. When I met him he said he had two boys. I was fine with that cuz he seem to be an ok dad. Well I got pregnant in 09 and when my son arrived he was a different person. In my son’s first year of life he received $10, 8 car visits and one diaper change. When I started talking about taking him to court he wanted to act like he wanted to be there well he wasn’t. When I went to court I found out that he had two other children(not the ones he told me about) I called him and asked him about these kids and he denied them. I told him he was lying and then asked how many children did he have he hung up and stop answering my calls. Well the next day his girlfriend(who he also denied having) called my phone and told me that with my son he now has…..9 kids. She said he never mentioned my son( I guess not the whole time they were together so were we) and the two that he told me about is all that he claims. She also said that while going through his phone she found the number of 5 other women including his other child’s mother. This man is living multiple lives and not caring about none of these children. The man should be put some where and tortured but its cool he has to answer to a higher power. Women beware of this man.

MR. I lie to get sympothy CHARLIE ROSS

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When I got Pregnant he seemed to be the most happiest guy in the world, was so excited about being a father and about my pregnancy. When I got about 5 months pregnant he still wasnt looking for a job or trying to do anything with his life. All he was good for was cheating on me, smoking weed, and playing video games… So I left.

The Next 5 months I would call him to tell him when I had doctors apointments…did you think he called when my doctor appointment came up to ask about his daughter? He didnt. All i asked from him was to call and try to be around. I had to continue to call him he never once called. Than when he got his number changed i had to hunt him down on facebook to get a hold of him wondering why he didnt give the mother of his child his new number. “I was going to call you tomorrow” was his excuse.

After my baby was born I called him the following day telling him this is his last chance, he cant take it or leave it. He decides to take it, so Im very nice i tell him he can come see his daughter WHENEVER HE WANTS as long as he calls ahead of time. He saw her once and called twice to see her than canceled. After 3 weeks of only seeing her one time he calls on fathers day wanting to spend time with her I tell him yes. He calls me an hour later telling me he cant make it because he has to pick up his girlfriend from work, so to avoid his excuse i tell him to pick her up and the both of them can come out here. He says he will be here at 6 finally 8 oclock comes around and i decided to call him. He tells me hes not going to make it because his girlfriend is now busy and wont be back till around 10ish so i tell him that fine he can come late..He never showed.

He finally saw her 3 weeks after that, two times in 2 months and I had to beg him to see her. she is 2 months now. He was non stop telling people I wouldnt let him see her so he could get sympothy from everyone and they all throw a “charlie pitty party” so now I dont let him see her and he has no problem with it and to e honest neither do i. I was with a guy a year before him and got back with him whille I was pregnant and he was there for me threw everything and stilll is. I guess you can say Im happy he is a crappy dad because when it all came down to it, she ended up with an amazing father. DNA dont mean shit


Dad calls mom Money Hungry Bitch

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This man is a prize ladies!! 2 years ago he had a warrant issued against him and he had no place to live so his visitation was suspended until he got his act together he never did. He still is living with his mother in Bancroft, Michigan with no job and although he tells his children, who are now teens ,that he loves them more than I ever could and I am a money hungry bitch for not allowing him to visit them (against court orders). Oh by the way this entire situation is my fault, it is totally my fault that he is 27,000 behind in his support and there is a felony warrant for him. So as you can imagine he didn’t get that way over night. He got that way while I struggled to feed, cloth and keep a roof over his children’s heads not to mention educate them and pay health insurance for them that he was suppose to be carrying !!! Now I am the bad one !! How is that? My children are great kids and all he ever does is tell them how awful I am and how much I don’t love them because I work all the time. I work all the time because he doesn’t pay his friggin support!!If there is an opportunity to berate me he takes it. Both of my children will be starting College in the next 2 years……Who do you think will be paying for that?? Surely NOT him. This man has NEVER taken responsibility for anything he has ever done in his whole life. He cheated on me with my own cousins wife and my cousin was suppose to be his best friend!! What a great role model for my teen age son and daughter!! If he tries to pick one of you ladies up RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!