Shawn Thomas Quay Dead beat Dad in Faribault MN runs a business owes over $42,000 in child support

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Shawn Thomas Quay of Faribault, MN owes his one and only daughter over $42,000 in child support. He has been self employed for years and years and has chosen not to pay his obligation to his daughter. He has let another man take care of his responsibility.
Shawn Quay runs a business out of Faribault MN out of the Car Corral right outside of Faribault on Cedar Lake Blvd. He works on cars for cash and skips out of paying his child support, but yet he can pay to rent the building.
This has gone on for many years and he doesn’t have the decency to see his child or form a relationship with her. She is now old enough to understand that her own flesh and blood could not send her any money to help support her.
Freeborn County Court in Albert Lea where our divorce was filed out of in 1997 has done ZERO to hold him accountable and the Child Support unit I have worked with for years is worthless in helping me because I am not on the “System”…….how can these losers get off?????
Who is looking out for these children who have deadbeats for dads?
$42,350 is my daughters college fund, or a downpayment on a house, or a new car…….This is what her father owes her. DEAD BEAT SHAWN QUAY


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When his daughter was a baby, no more than two months old, her “dad” didn’t like it that she was a thumb sucker so he taped pacifiers to her mouth to prevent the thumb sucking. Around the same age was the first time he put hot sauce in her mouth. His daughter is 4 years old now, he has only bought 1 pack of diapers her whole life. He beat up his daughters mother right in front of her on more than one occasion. This deadbeat dad uses his daughter to “get back” at her mom for “ruining” his life. He blames his daughters mom for everything that goes wrong in his life. He has never financially supported his child and refuses to take any responsibility. If you ever come across this deadbeat dad DO NOT TRUST HIM he is a pathological liar and only cares about himself. He is the essence of paranoid and antisocial. He would trade his own family if he got something out of it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEADBEAT DAD!!!! He lives in Duluth Minnesota and goes to UMD. He works for Onieda cleaning company and cleans the airport in Duluth among other offices. THIS DEADBEAT DAD WILL NEVER CHANGE OR GROW INTO A MAN!!!!!

Biggest Dead Beat Dad Looser! Chris Ahrens!

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This is Christoper Robert Ahrens. He is a Huge dead beat dad looser. He owns me over 9,000 in back support. Not only does he have one kids from me he knocked another girl up 2 years later.He works 2 days a week at a bar where he get loaded at work and drives home. He hardly pays child support and drinks at least 5-6 nights out of the week. He is a looser. Also he has the STD Herpes and loves to Spread it to stupid girls that think he is super cool. He is a compulsive liar and will tell you what you want to hear, so he can suck you in and take advantage of you and now also give you an STD you can not get rid of. I feel bad for my 8 year old daughter to deal with such a looser. Thank god my Husband has filled his void since she was 2. He is a great Father figure for her.

This is great pic that his sister (another super huge looser she is now pregnant in the work house for her 4th DUI, another lovely winner of the family) took of my daughter and him after he had not seen her for a few months. Yep he is a winner. She is smiling super cute too. I just can’t believe it. I blocked her face for her safety.

Deadbeat with no life

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This guy is a real trick. He pretends he’s down on his luck so that you will feel sorry for him. I was stupid and believed him. I was the working working to support HIM, while I was pregnant with his kid. He used ALL my money. Now he lives off his new stripper girlfriend and their new baby. Baby #3 (maybe 4) for him, on his 3rd baby mama. His current girlfriend supports him too. STUPID! At least I woke up and saw what his stupid ass was doing!!! He cheated on me and we broke up when our baby was TWO WEEKS OLD. He has paid ONE month of child support in 2.5 years, has only seen her a few times (I could count the times on one hand), he NEVER calls to see how she’s doing. He purposely does not get a job because he KNOWS child support will be deducted from his paycheck! She often wonders where her DADDY is and I have to try to get her thoughts on other things until she’s old enough to understand that it’s HIS STUPID ASS that has the problem, not her!!!! My little baby did NOTHING to him and he still abandoned her. He’s a reject, a manipulator, a serial LIAR, an alcoholic, a druggie, a sex addict, a cheater, a lazy bum, and a DEADBEAT FATHER. He does not deserve the title “Daddy”.

Minnesota’s Northside Rat, Worst Dad of the Midwest

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This my people is, Derrick Stewart, one of the many deadbet dads of our time. He is the father of our eldest son, 7, Derrick who he does not see, contact, support or worry about. My son has come to the point where he doesn’t even like him and could care less to be bothered with him…MY son is so mature and knows who is there for him and love and cherish him dearly, my mother and I. This low life of the Northside Mpls, Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center of Minnesota has so many babies scattered around the twins cities and surrounding areas and my son is the oldest, GROSS!!!! Read the rest of this post »