Adame worley

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The dead beat of the year in a very small tosn in brunswick missouri he was a respected man untill one night of fun got a single mom pregnant.. after deny deny even in court and he want another dna test he finally signed the papers saying he was her father but he doesnt know cant dont lie not only is the one old little girl he but he got 3 more kids in his house hold he take of but he cant take care of her and he spit on the littl girl calling her all types in the book… this ddead beat need to be slapped

Dead Beat Husband. Grandfather and Dad-David Sommer

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This guy owes over $43,000 in Support payments. He is a coward and a runner always working under the table to hide from his family and Courts. Plays the Bum most of the time. He is Capable of doing anything so there is no reason for him to not pay. He is filled with Contempt for the Justice System. He is a Criminal. He is very personable and hides behind a big smile and lots of lies and stories. He is a Musician in the Springfield/Branson Area.

Dead Beat Dad Stephen Sealey Jr.

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This man was kicked out of my house for putting my children and I in danger while I was driving(Long Story). Now he has done everything to try to make my life hell as much as he possibly can. He has had charges pressed against him for stalking. Yes this man is a stalker! He put a video camera up in my house while I was not home and video taped me and my children without my knowledge and then was stupid enough to tell me about it. On top of all of that as soon as our divorce was final and he was hit with child support he took off to another state!!!! He is constantly lying to people about me harassing him and when he is the one that is ALWAYS a jerk when I try to talk to him about the kids! Constantly telling people that I refuse to let him see the kids, when I have never done anything to that extent. It has now been almost a year since he has even tried to contact his children and now runs from the child support that has been court ordered. We have 3 children together and he has made it abundantly clear that he does not care for them at all. Even in e-mails he never once states tell the kids I said hi and that I love them, not a single time. I am done being nice the judge has now ordered that he have supervised visits with the kids and gave me sole legal custody, which this man had already done 2 years before we ever went to court over it. Now he is telling people that I am harassing him through his phone (rolling my eyes), I have not once called his phone unless my children were there patiently waiting to talk to their dad which he never answers, now him on the other hand has texted my phone and called it harassing me. After speaking with the sheriff’s department the other day, it is now my understanding but not totally sure as the sheriff would not give me a lot of information, but apparently he has a warrant out on him. I also found out after being married to him for 5 years, that everything he ever told me has all turned out to be lies. He once told me he had been in prison, well that was a lie as well. That all being said, I hope that this steers women away from him that don’t want to get together with a dead beat like him.

Crappy Dad of the Year!!!

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Hi! I would like to introduce you to Crappy Dad of the year. This picture features Crappy Dad of the year in his mug shot. This mug shot was taken in 2007 when he was arrested for beating his current wife (I’m the one that got away).
Other than beating on his current wife his other hobbies include:
Owing over $7,000 in child support
Cheating on his wife and girlfriends
Driving on an expired license for the last 10 years
Getting DUI’s
And denying his daughter the kind of father that she deserves to have
Crappy Dad of the year has not been in contact with his daughter since October of 2010 and before that it was a year and a half since he saw her last. He has a beautiful 13 year old daughter that fortunately is nothing like him. Yet she is still his daughter, always will be and deserves to receive the support that she is supposed to be getting.
He’s a catch, isn’t he?

DeadBeat Devan

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Mr Boettcher has decided he will not support his son that he chose to have. Behind over $4000 in child support, goes to great lengths to hide his employment so they cant garnish him. He will not even see his son; he often lies about being in town on his weekend to have him so he doesn’t have to see him. He does however tell other girls that he does take him, and also tells them that his mom won’t let him see him, which is a lie. He can spend money on dogs, boats, motorcycles, and his new girlfriend’s kids, but can’t afford to keep diapers on his, or provide any food, toys or love….DEADBEAT!

Deadbeat King Of Missouri

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This is Rodney James Fields. He owes me according to the last time I talked with the social worker handling my case over $68,000.00 in back support. He also has a child that was born in Germany that he has NEVER paid child support for either. I have 2 sons with this man. I have asked him time and time again to help me with his sons but all I ever get is “I am not working…I am not making that much money…I don’t have any money.” That my friends it a ball faced lie. I have found out that he has IRA’s with over $42,000.00 sitting in them. My sons are 15 and 13 years old. They have not seen their father since before August of 1994. He has not offered to come and see them or send them Birthday cards or even a Christmas card in all this time. I live in Alabama while he lives with his parents in Missouri. I am struggling to make ends meat for my sons while he is living off of his parents. I have asked him to help buy school clothes for the boys but I have yet to receive any help from him or his parents.

Gods Gift To Women

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Ladies, meet Josh Patton. He is quite the catch!! He is a great liar, thief and manipulator. He has a beautiful daughter who is nearly four years old whom he wanted her mother to abort. He refused to even acknowledge the pregnancy unless it was to call the mother a whore and tell people that she was sleeping around (which she wasnt). He refused to acknowledge the little girl’s birth, except to send texts, voicemails and emails threatening harm.
In the last three and half years, Romeo here has gone through more girlfriends than underwear, taken money and valuables from all off them and their families, has seen his daughter a total of five times with a combined total of an hour, cant stay in a residence for longer than 30 days, has no license and no car, threatened harm and lives, refused to get a job for fear of paying child support and harrasses anyone involved with his daughter with lies and nonsense AND he thinks that he is the victim in the entire situation.
Sound too good to be true?! The best part is, he can drop two to three hundred dollars on any given Saturday night down in the Power and Light District, but he refuses to pay his $300 a month child support because he cant afford to live if he has to pay it.

C’mon ladies, how could you refuse??? He is a dream come true RIGHT?!

Whadda great guy! NOT

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My name is Ty and I forgot I had 3 kids by 2 different woman for over a year. I forgot to call or even send a card on holidays or birthdays. I haven’t seen my 3 kids in over a year. I even went to jail after not paying my $50 a month child support after 4 years!

I used to head butt and hit one of the baby’s mamas and did it all in front of my kids!

Now I need attention. So I will claim the mothers have kept my kids from me and that I am current on my child support…….even though I only pay it when the IRS takes my returns or I go to jail! I will claim I am a good guy and that the women who care for my kids 24/7 and provide all their needs, while I do nothing, are nothing but conniving “c_ _ _s”. That’s what I call woman who raise my kids without my help! I’m an unappreciative douchebag. Hopefully, I can get a few more chicks pregnant and walk out! Well, gotta go. I have booze to buy!

DeadBeat Devan Boettcher

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Over $3000 behind in child support, never talks to his son, lies about being out of town so he doesn’t have to spend time with his son on his weekend. Selfish habitual liar!

Waste of space!

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This is Zachary Lechleitner, he has not seen or talked to his son in over a year this time. Before that it was 4 years. He is ordered to pay $111.00 a month in child support but can’t afford it. I found this pic on his myspace page.

Last I knew he was in Troy, MO. Before that he lived in Janesville, WI. I am looking to find him along with the State of Wisconsin for child support owed.

If you can help any please do. All others run fast don’t fall for his BS!