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Have you seen this fool? I had a daughter by him in 1995 and I got a child support order in 1996 and he has NEVER paid me. He owes me over $20,000 and I want my money. His name is Rayfield LaShon Holt aka Kuttack or DJ Kutaculus. He’s a dj in the Kansas City area and he’s from Topeka, Kansas. This fool is dirty and I mean trifflin dirty. He keeps green stuff oozing out of d**k!! So don’t have sex with him!! I NEED to get paid, I WANT to get paid. And Child Support Enforcement is a joke! He’s been required to pay $105/month for one child. Her hair costs more than that a month, not including her rent, gas, insurance, spending loot, shoes, clothes, and every day necessities. You know this fool? Then clown him about how he was seen on this website.

Terrance V. Bradley aka Jung TrU

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DEADBEAT DAD – Not fulfilling one’s obligations as a father physically or paying financially.

Hello world and Deadbeats, My Deadbeat dad = Jung Tru has been one since day one. Instead of being a man about his whole situation he felt lying to everyone who was dumb enough to believe his lies was the way to go! This lousy father has 4 children all together but my son, his only son is the only one he has choosing not to take care of! Read the rest of this post »