Dead beat dad

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This is the father of my child. He watched him fight for his life for almost two months and now has nothing to do with him.He has three kids by three different moms and just started paying child support for one.( i have received 16$ in two years). For me its not about the money. All I want him to do is call every now and then. He can’t even do that.At this point i am cutting my losses or should i say my sons losses. He is a worthless piece of human fecal matter and deserves nothing good in his life. If you ever meet this man do not let him charm you he will use you in every way he can.

T-Shirt Man

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Hello all this is Barry Smith. I’m going to keep this short and simple. He’s a 42 year old bum. He sells T-Shirts and walks around a lot in the Las Vegas area. He has a bunch of tattoos that say “HH or Hustle Hard Gear”. He pretends to be nice but he is the scum of the earth. If you see him, run the other way! I have a two year old child with this individual who he has never really taken care of. I had to drag him into child support court after he went around telling people that “I said” he wasn’t the father of our child. After dna testing proved otherwise and he was ordered to pay a whopping $100 a month… I haven’t heard from him nor has he made one payment. It’s possible that he has a bunch of other kids scattered about but he claims to only have one (not including ours). Do not support this dead beat!!!


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Not only does this father not support his children but he actually left his children at home alone while they were asleep with loaded weapons on the side of their bed in order to get high. This paramedic/fireman whos role was to protect the public was instead convicted of multiple burglaries for stealing morphine and other drugs from fire stations and ambulances. He not only put the public in jeopardy by calling false alarms in order to obtain his drug of choice but he also thought it was wise to leave his small children at home while he did his dirty work. Due to his plea deal with the District attorney he was given a minimal sentence where as anyone else would have served years behind bars for their crimes.
In addition to his superior choices as a parent he also fails to support his three children financially. This deadbeat dictates his own set of rules on what he will pay which is the minimum of a $100 per child per month. The sad part is his desperation to have more children and he has actually impregnated multiple other women who have unfortunately not had the babies. This dedbeat dad will avoid paying medical care for his children and any other judgements imposed on him by the courts. He plays the odds of court by praying on women that are financially unable to take him to court and instills fear into women with the positions his parents have in the local government. His father being exMetro police officer and his mother who works for the District Attorney Child Support division. Surprisingly the obstacles to obtain support from this deadbeat for your children is daunting.

Deadbeat Dad Jo Diggz aka Joe Shepherd

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First met our second child when they turned 3 yrs. old. Doesn’t pay child support. Doesn’t visit his kids. Doesn’t attempt to do anything for his kids. Been almost 5 years since he last seen them. I just want to warn females because he has multiple baby mama’s and takes care of none of them.


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Patrick has four children that he refuses to support. Following our separation Patrick immediately stopped working and moved in with his parents, at age 32. He continued to live with his parents for 3 years. In order to keep our children fed I worked 3 jobs, almost 24 hours a day at least twice a week, while Patrick did nothing. Approximately 6 months after the separation our 6 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. Patrick continued to live with his wealthy parents who supported him as if he were a child and allowed him to stand by and watch all of this, doing nothing to help.

The separation occurred in 2002. At the initial court hearing Patrick’s attorney offered $350.00 per month child support to support the 4 children. He would not even pay that amount and continually holds himself out to be a great guy. Ask Patrick how picked on he is for having to pay that amount of child support per month and he will gladly tell you. LOL! Pathetic!

Self centered whore loving child abandoning scallywag.

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My name is Jason William Baker. I was born February 8th 1977. After four months of trying to conceive a child with my wife, we succeeded! Then I noticed the skirt on the whore at work and fell head over penis in love! It only took me a few weeks to decide I had to do away with the ever growing proof of the mistake I made inside my wife’s womb to know that I had to put her away quietly so I could stick it to the woman who was old enough to be her mother! I made sad excuses to avoid any and all doctor’s appointments, despite her best efforts to get me involved in the pregnancy cancer that was quickly turning into my spawn! I had no desire to be a Grandpa daddy at the ripe old age of 33, (and for a smoking man of 20+ years, that’s like becoming a father for the third time at the ripe old age of 68!) Don’t get me wrong. I love my two little girls who are raising themselves, because, let’s face it – I don’t have the selflessness it takes to be a good dad and start ALLLL over again. I mean, 12 is as good as raised, right? I can leave them home to go to Pennywise concerts, and hit the moshpits because I’m cool that way. Why pay a babysitter? I need to buy Kilts for $250 a pop because I’m a Scot. I don’t like buying groceries for my kids, I’d rather spend that money on my blackberry, and snowboarding. Oh wait, I let my sister pay. I don’t really like her that much, but she pays for everything so I suck it up and play pretend so she can sugar mama me! But I never take hand outs. I’m too prideful for that. I never stuck around long enough to know my child. I walked away and pretended she never existed. What’s her name again? I like playing that I’m a little boy. I commit minor criminal offenses and think it’s cute to wear shorts with my socks pulled up to my knees and act like I’m 18! Always cool to be the grey haired dude with the faux hawk! I recently purchased an FJ cruiser in my new sugar mama’s name because my credit is shot to hell, but damn if I’ve avoided the ball and chain of child support to enjoy a life of freedom burning the man every year and pretending I believe in something greater than myself. Who could do all of this with a bouncing bundle of joy dragging me down? I stuck my head in the sand and pretended it all away, and poof I got the perfect life! Got the old lady by my side (she likes her nights free to whore around on me behind my back, but hey, I got the shit my ex never could have gotten me, and that’s REAL happiness.) got the house, got the car. I don’t need the baby, screw that, those things just don’t mean much to me, they’re accessories to a life I’m not interested in.

My daughter has cancer and I DON’T CARE!

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This is Sean Michael Willford of Elko/Spring Creek Nevada.
He has beat the record for Deadbeat Dad’s by refusign to provide basic health care or insurance for his 15 year old daughter who was diagnosed last July.
Sean owes (as of July 20th, 2011) $102,557.30 in child support.
I could tell a harrowing tale of what a creep this guy is, but at the end of the day, he is just a loser.
He says nothing.
He does nothing.
He pays nothing.
He just doesn’t care.
He never attended any of his children’s school events or graduations.
He does not send even a postcard for birthdays or other special occasions.
The lst time he showed his face in court was to levy totally crazy, false charges against my husband and myself.
The charges were unwarranted, even false, and he lost any custody that we shared.
My children do not care to see him at this point, except my 20 year old son who helps hid his father.
He lives at home with his mother and step father at almost 42 years of age.
He works under the table for his mom’s cleaning business “Top Notch Janitorial” in Spring Creek , NV. This way he doesn’t have to pay ANY support for those pesky kids!
About once every few years, he kicks down with a gift card for Walmart.
His stories are always so pathetic….
Since he has his mom, and hsi two older sisters, and his felon brother in law to protect him, Sean will likely never do the right thing.

He is an alcoholic who would rather spend his money on rescue dogs and guitar equipment.
Since he is quiet and soft spoken, most people don’t even notice his existence. Sadly, he is probably robbing them blind.

Thank God he had a vasectomy in 1996, so there aren’t any more kids out there with his DNA.
I am the lucky one, I had the good fortune of raising beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious human beings.
Sean, if you’re reading this, I hope you take a minute to evaluate your actions.
You have my PO box, you know where to find me. You’d better not let anything happen to our 20 year old son. I’m not very happy that you suckered him into coming up there to take care of you You don’t deserve him, you did nothing to help raise him.

William D Ozanich

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This man is the father of twin two year old boys. He chooseS his friends/partying over his family. He has lived within walking distance of his boys and has seen them four times in a year and a half. He doesnt pay child support,taxes or his bills and takes no responsibility for his sons or his actions. So if you come across this man make sure he wears a condom. HE IS A TRUE DEAD BEAT DAD!

Dead Beat and Scam Artist!!!

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Cory Draper! Watch out he’s a master manipulator. Lies about any and everything. He is from Salt Lake City Utah and is now avoiding the IRS and Child Support Agency (and I am sure many others he has wronged) In Las Vegas Nevada. He loves to show off his bikes, cars etc. But he if owes you money….. He cries poor like it’s no one’s business. He is a COWARD, LIAR, THIEF, CHEATER, and a low life snake. And he is my DAD.

{{{{Jorge L. Estebanez}}}} A.K.A. Deadbeat POS!!

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My name is Jorge (goerge) and I am from Las Vegas , Nevada, and have relocated to O’fallon, Illinois.
I do absolutely NOTHING for my 13 year old daughter. I don’t call, write, send gifts for birthdays or any other holiday for that matter, even though her address and phone number have not changed in over a year. I am currently $22,000 behind in back child support, but I do NOT care whatsoever that my daughter may need some of that money for glasses, contacts , clothes, shoes, or even books for school. My wife, (that is 11 years younger than I and closer to my daughter’s age than mine) is my sole income provider because I do not want to take the chance of getting a job and the state garnish my check for child support. I would rather be unemployed and have someone else take care of me, because I am useless and the only thing I am good at is sperm donating and stealing from anyone including family members, friends, and even my employers.
I have 4 kids with 3 different women, and I keep my 2 sons away from their mom so I can use them as a sob story to get over on people. I am taking my son’s mom to court to fight for custody even though I have no job. Let’s face it, if I have them, I can get welfare or food stamps, even a tax deduction on my wife’s taxes.But if I really cared about them I would at least want their mom to see them right? But then again, I am whipped on my wife, or at least she thinks so, I probably have her brainwashed too!
Oh yeah! I think I am super smart, but in reality, I am so fucked, once IRS catches up to me, along with child support enforcement!!
I am such a winner!! See all you guys in lock up!!