Another big deadbeat dad move!

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Here we go again! Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of my door being banged on once again by cops! In a weak attempt to keep me from contacting him about CHILD SUPPORT Ken Schneider thought it was cool to go down to the court house with a couple of vm’s I had left weeks before when he got out of payin CS by calling the cops to do his dirty work. He says in his report that I just out of the blue left these messages for no reason!!!! I am SO sick of this justice system protecting these deadbeat dads! When is it going to end!!!!!

I work my ass off, go to school full time, barely scrape by to provide for my child and I, and this asshole gets to walk the streets not having to man up for fathering a child!!!!! Why is it that I am the only one responsible for providing for my child!!!???? It takes two to tango. I know he put all of 5 minutes of effort into all of this but he still needs to man up. He never will and thats fine cause he can just in jail oweing a shit load of child support and think about what a dead beat he really is.

I have to believe that one day karma will come back to him cause thats the only reason I keep going. I try to take the hate out of my heart that I have and go about life with just my daughter and I but this shit has got to stop. He is runnin around making problems for me and my child and could give a fuck less.


Hey Ken your daughter needs some more diapers why don’t you go buy her some!? O yeah that’s right I forgot. You spent all your money on a roach infested motel,drinking cheap beer instead of handling your responsiblities like a REAL MAN SHOULD. The only reason you got a TPO is cause you seem to think that will keep anyone from finding out what a sick SOB you really are. O and that you think it will keep you from paying up, sorry stupid it don’t work that way. I have no doubt in my mind at all that you are going to hell. Go smoke some more meth and tell some more lies.


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LIVES IN RENO NV HE EITHER SAYS IN THE HOMELESS SHELTER, OR THE PONDAROSA MOTEL. Has not paid one dime in child support. After leaving his stuff in my jeep he called me up wanting to come get it. I said sure! When you pay me atleast 100.00 bucks in child support that you owe me you can have your crap back. What does he go and do? Calls the cops and wastes tax payer money just to aviod paying child support. I have had enough its about time that he got whats coming to him. PAY BACK IS GOING TO BE A BITCH FOR THIS DEADBEAT DAD!

Guy Cully – the Ulimate Deadbeat DAD!!!

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Over $12,000 behind in child support. However you can find him partying on Just type in the zip 89801 and ages 39-41. His screen name on there is ‘metalminer’.

I have our quadruplets here with me. They are 3 yrs old and Guy hasn’t seen them in about 18 months. They don’t even know who he is. That is a good thing though. He is a heavy alcoholic and abused me quite often. He finally was arrested for assault on me. I am busting my butt trying to provide for my kids and make a great healthy and christian life for them. It’s hard not getting the $1,136 I need each month to buy diapers, wipes, hair cuts, shoes, clothes, keep the lights on, property taxes, morgage, car insurance, homeowners insurance… etc. Read the rest of this post »

Richard M. Lombard aka: Jared Richard Lombard

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This “man” owes over 50 thousand in back support, he gets away with everything, he has been using his son’s SS# to avoid paying anything! He has moved from WA state where he has a few court things going on, when things get heated he moves to another state to avoid the LAW! He is a sociopath, unable to tell the truth, he will and has abused women, he needs to be stopped, and turned into the sheriff’s department, he live’s in Dayton NV. at this time!

Such a coward!

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His name is Kenneth Wilson Schneider, he decided one night while I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our first child to run into the front of me causing harm to my unborn daughter, he also got in my face that night as blew ciggiret smoke in my face and verbally abused me. Before that night I had went through this with him for over 3 yrs. He was quick to play the “I’m not the daddy game” when I told him I was expecting. 3 diffirent times now he has walked out on me and left me with all the bills and with a lease, he has never helped with any of the bills anyway. Read the rest of this post »

This one is a real treat

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This one is a real treat… Zane Neubeck – remember this name and know you have been put on notice! Sure he may look harmless and his mild, meek personality may have you thinking…Really??? He could do no wrong. This poor excuse for a man will be lying to you from day one. NO JOB, when he does get a job spends his money on video games, tanning, other stupid things instead of paying child support.
The real topper is that he not only is a poor excuse for a dad, he is currently in a relationship because the poor girl is letting him live there for free. I tried to worn her, but unfortunetly, she doesn’t believe me. Please women, his small appendage, (if you know what I mean-less then 2 inches hard), is only the first fault this man has. Do not fall for his, oh poor me stories… Please, take responsibility for your own actions and then you won’t have any “poor me” stories to tell!

World’s biggest Deadbeat

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    This guy here! let me tell you!:
    NO child support
    Jehovah Witness
    Fraudulent lifestyle
    Continues to have children, only to bail on them in a few short years.

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Deadbeat Dad Mr. Financial Dodger

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Has court ordered child support in CA and lives in LV, Nevada. Was laid off work, collects unemployment and does jobs under the table  but has no money to pay child support but travels to CA and Montana yet he has no money. Read the rest of this post »