Hide your wife Hide your KIDS! Registered sex offender deadbeat: ROBERT MARK VAN OSTEN

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Not only is this man a registered sex offender he is a straight deadbeat. He does nothing for his daughter and justifies his behavior with dumb excuses. I, his baby mother has gone to great extremes to eliminate EVERY excuse he has for not being the father he is suppose to be and he still remain a deadbeat. ROBERT has even lived with his daughter and never formed a bond because he simply chooses not too. And according to his Dumb bitch of a wife. He is a deadbeat to the children he lives with as well. SMH, I have a wonderful daughter, THANKS FOR THE SPERM, Donor.

Sorry excuse for a man!!!

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This deadbeat dad, Garret L Phillips of the Bronx, New york is a 40 year old baby. Has never done anything to support his only daughter and even refuses to help out for schoolbooks. All he thinks about is himself and his problems. And always has some lame excuse to keep feeling sorry for himself. To strangers he acts like he loves his daughter more than life itself, but the reallity is that he won’t even answer her online. This man will run away from every type of responsibillity and all he ever did was make his child misserable and insecure. Even had the nerve to make her feel like she was the reason he was using dope!!! But thats just like him, blame everything on somebody else, so you wont have to step up, grow up and be a man.

MIA and I dont mean Miami

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DEAD BEAT Dad goes by the name of Frank Miller, Frankie Cracka, or DJ Frankie Cracka has not done sh*t for my child.He has never seen my child and has no intentions on taking care of him. He totally ignores the fact that he has a son(which is his first child). He lies about his location, but he can be found around New York City. Must be nice to live it up while your child struggles, you rat bastard!


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Okay so here is the dead beat people said had to put the FLEX on me in order for me to have ever loved him let alone have children with him.. He is what you call a seasonal father.. and although we live in two different states, when we had both resided in the State of NEW YORK he did absolutely nothing for his children. He is what you call a part time daddy and although every tells him he is a great father, he IS NOT!!! He has 4 or 5 children and does not take care of any of them. This man is the biggest bum you will ever meet in your life. MEET NAKIA BITCHASS FACEY, He is a mooching ass niggah that has his grandmother and girl friend taking care of his children. He calls his children everyday and does nothing but make empty promises to them. Nakia is that loser, he is running around busting a nut in every women with a uterus and a vagina. Good luck for them cause I wouldn’t let that infected nasty fuck me if I had a prosthesis for a twat. I am disgusted at the fact that he is making all these children yet his grandmother is paying his child support for his first child and for my children he owe almost 5G’s in back child support and expects that the people are going to drop the case if he continues to ignore the claims papers that is being mailed to his house. Nakia aka Jr.. will sit there and tell everyone that he does for his children but in 3 years I have received on a CRAPPY 200 dollars for my children. He becomes jealous because reguard less of what he does not do my children stay clean and are doing extremely well in school and in life.. So whether he does for them or not they will always be well taken care of. KICK ROCKS DEAD BEAT

New York’s Number 1 Deadbeat

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This is Deadbeat Dad Tyrone Overton! A 33 year old, lame duck dad! He has ONLY one child! A child that he claimed he wanted soooo bad, a child he begged me to have, yet he does nothing to care for his child. He was put on child support when his son was 6months old and he cries about the amount he has to pay every chance he gets. His son is now 2 years old and doesnt even call him dad, he calls him tyrone! SMH! He makes $12 an hour, sleeps on a twin size bed and spends every free weekend he has partying at fat girl clubs called remix. he thinks that all the nasty fat chics trying to get at him makes him the man! LMAO! He makes up constant excuses of why he cant take care of his son and even has his mother calling me up telling me why he couldnt take his son this summer as he and I agreed on. He claims he didnt have a sitter for his son, but again he clubs every wknd. he even sent his son to his mothers house the last time he saw him because he wanted to go to the club. He hardly ever sees his child and the one time he does (which I had to force him to take him) he passed him off to his mother so he could party! WOW! And his mother condones this!!! Women please raise your boys to be men and don’t condone their ignorant behavior when they get older. It’s not good for them. It creates monsters like Tyrone Overton!!! SMH in disgust!!!

Daniel Bernard Moore the deadbeat runaway.

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Hello Everyone:

This is Daniel Bernard Moore, he has a two year old son who he has seen in person only once. He left me when i was 7 months pregnant for his other childrens’ mother who he later married. While in a relationship with me he continued a relationship with her that resulted in his second daughter. My son was his third child. After getting married he had a fouth child. He has three duaghters and my son. He supports his other children finacially and emotionally and refuses to support mine. Read the rest of this post »


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Behold this man is the ultimate deadbeat. This man is a registered sex offender for sleeping with a 14 year old girl he CLAIMS he thought was older. He has 3 children by 3 different women and lives with two. He is ultimate deadbeat to his middledaughter (my child) and although he lives with the other 2, he still is a deadeat. Everytime my daughter smells weed smoke she think her father is around. He told my daughter he was going to take her to sesame place then asked me for the money to sponser the trip for him my daughter his daughter and his wife. He is the ultimate loser and deadbeat.


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OK lets see if i can make this short.. my daughter is 16 we had her young me 14 him about 18. he has been in and out of jail since she was 5.. his last jail visit lasted him 8 yrs in jail when she was about 9. he has been out of jail for the past 2yrs..

now since day 1 he has not done anything for her at all except make broken promises, he has never spent 1 day alone with her ( movies dinner walks nothing) he barely calls to see how her day has been ( he says he be to busy) for a 5min call?. Read the rest of this post »

Robert Mark Van Osten : Registered Sex Offender Deadbeat

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This man has 3 children wit 3 different women and although 2 lives with hime because his wife is a complete and total dumbass, he neglects all of them. This man is a product of a deadbeat and 1 of the traits he has carried from is father is his lack of being a father. He works to support his weed habit and just started working as of a result of being released from jail for sleeping with a 14 year old girl. He resides in Troy, NY and claims to be the ultimate father but reused to get his son tested who might have a potential (untreated) learning disability. Robert is notorious for feeding people stories about his baby mothers; claiming they are the reason why he is not the father he is suppose to be. When his youngest child was still an infant he (being the only income in the household) purchased a box of diapers and felt like he did someone a favor. From the outside looking in this man portrays a typical father figuere but those who knows the truth know this is a CLASSIC Deadbeat.


Deat beat..

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Jeff A. Mejia of upstate ny
Is one of the biggest dead beat dads I know.
This guys has so many kids and still going
And get this he’s only 21 years old.
He really only claims his first child
Why? I have no idea
Babymomma #1 his son young and he won’t deny that one
Babymomma#2 is a friend of his mother lol and apprently she’s pregnant
Right now with another one of his
Babymomma#3 won’t let him see her daughter cause he don’t do shit for her
Babymomma#4 he’s apprently denying this one to other people
But claim he so in love with her and is happy she’s pregnant..
Now only one female has taken him for childsupport..
When will the rest jump on the band waging?
I have no idea
So to sum it all up mad kids-21-no job-addicited to weed and beer-denyin half
Of them-plus possible stds
What a winner!