Boye Michael Lozada II (Deadbeat)

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Boye Michael Lozada
lives in Fayetteville, NC

He is a deadbeat he has never paid child support. He currently owes $14, 983.89. He hasn’t tried to pay or get a modification. A serious deadbeat dad, but as his wife says: Yes, her children go to private school, yes they take family vacations, yes she has new cars. Good for you and your family, he just needs to help support his child, or sign over his rights. Too simple. Deadbeat, and its a shame a women would support this. So sad.


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Martin Maurice Mcdonald is a 43 year old barber at Goodfellas Baber Shop in Charolotte NC. Mr. Mcdonald has learned to manipulate the child support system to evade arrest and more importantly shirk his financial responsibility. Martin owes more than 8k in back support and has no intention of paying. Martin uses his status as a barber to avoid providing his financial records so that an accurate assessment of his financial obligations can be performed. His monthly obligation is only $200 a month, gas money in this economy; yet he owes 8k. So you can do the math on how long its been since he has made a payment. The child support system in NC is apathetic to custodial and non custodial parents alike. Underfunded agencies and heavy caseloads result in enforcement action only being taken after an irrate non custodial parent (me) makes an unexpected office visit. It’s really sad to see how men and women have degenerated into such half beings. Even wild animals care for their young! Its not just enough to belly ache the only real action has to come from your local government officials passing stronger child support legislation and tougher penalties from judges….

Cheating husband with SEVERAL outside kids

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Sometimes you will run across a masterful liar who will turn your happily normal life into a scene made for daytime television. This is certainly true of Dwayne Lockett, of Raleigh, NC.

He keeps several girlfriends, and a wife. Yes, you have read that correctly, this man is MARRIED. Dwayne Lockett has fathered 7 children, none by his wife, and at least 3 since has been married. Don’t believe me? Several of these women are more than willing to furnish you with the DNA results as proof of legitimacy. All you have to do is ask. He denies his children, denies his long affairs with these women, and worst of all, he STILL has profiles on Adultspace, Black Sex Finder, Black People Meet, Tagged, and Plenty of Fish (to name a few), that will lead other unsuspecting women to believe, once again, that he is single and ready to mingle. Be thee warned, ladies! NONE of these pregnancies were unplanned, and that is because one thing that each woman had in common, is that they thought that they were in a committed relationship.

Here are a few of the lies: He will tell you that he is divorced, with only two kids (both are obvious LIES). He will lead you to believe that he is a hard-working man who owns a moving company, which he will even try to prove legitimacy of by showing you a website, business cards, AND flyers (which different women helped him to create, thinking that they were running a family business with the man in their life). If this can be mentioned, this business is called Kings Movers (formally known as DADS movers). He will ask you to marry him, in the most unromantic way. He will tell you that he has two vehicles at his disposal and that you can use the second one at any time (which we later discovered was his wife’s car). He may even be so bold as to take you to his house when the wife is not in, leading you to believe that his single persona MUST be true. Lastly, just when you think that he is yours and only yours, he will convince you to have his child. But beware ladies, by the time you find out that you are pregnant, he will already be in his next “serious” relationship, claiming that he never wanted you or your baby, and to leave him and his new lady alone. He preys on women in Raleigh, NC, Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC and Cleveland, OH. If you run into this man online (because he LIVES on his laptop and on the dating sites)… RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION, but not before telling this DEADBEAT DAD to take care of his babies!


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Don Ray Jones Jr, is his name. He is originially from Greenville, TX but resided in Austin, TX and now in Greensboro, NC. He has 3 kids by 3 diferent women. He does not support any of them. He is also still married from what I heard. He is behind 30,000+ for 1 child and 19,000+ for the second. The third child I do not know about any child support. He would rather party, smoke weed, drink and be bum, instead of taking care and supporting his children. He is not a man he’s a little boy. To the child support people find him b/c its not fair these 3 women have to do it by themselves whiles hes living his life!

Deat Beat Missonary

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I left the Country 6 years ago to serve as a Missionary in Ecuador. I abandoned my three children and began failing behind in my child support as court order. I began slowly not taking care of them so I could better care for and preach the Word of God to people in Ecuador. Myself and my current wife have flown repeatedly to the United States to fund raise for the missions couch but have failed to care for my children. Both myself and my wife where here in the United States in may and June of this year and very successfully avoid being served court documents for a child support hearing by Child Support Enforcement. I only paid a few months last year and haven’t paid a dime since December of 2010. I hold my head high and preaching the word of God to the countryside of Ecuador while my family here in the United States suffers. I am such a proud man of God.

Runaway Missonary

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Michael Labrador whose filing address is Holly Springs North Carolina. Father of three who left the Country 5 years ago to be a Missonary in Equador. Mr Labrador has returned to the United States on many occasions since he began his missions trip in 5 years ago. He and his wife make repeat trip to the US to fund rasie for there Church and on his latest retrun in June 0f 2011 he avoided North Carolina Child Support Enforcement to avoid being served Vioaltion of Court order. Mr Labrdor has been flow all ove rhte US rasing money and has since return to Equador as Of today he is over 10 months since he paid any support and continues to Sprend the Word of God for Pathways international. North Carolina has failed to suspend his passport and he continues to travel freely as a Minister.

Warning run if you see him better yet kick him in the balls!!!!!!!!!!!!LIAR!!!!!!!CHEAT!!!!!!!!!!

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His name is Jeffrey Faulk, he is a correctional officer at New Hanover Department of Corrections—-He has three beautiful children that he does not take care of, doesn’t even call. He uses the excuse he doesn’t have any money as to why he can’t see his children but he can sleep around with a married woman and spend money on her (all while he is still legally married). He is a liar, I think he breaks out in hives if he tells the truth. He lies don’t believe anything he says unless he has written documentation from an authoritative source to back it up. He cheated on his wife of 10 years and he is currently staying with a woman and is sleeping with a married woman…. ALert Alert somebody call the pound a dog is on the loose. . . . . He does nothing absolutely nothing for his kids no Xmas gifts no Birthday gifts no nothing .. . He doesn’t even know what grade they are going to. . . LOUSY DEADBEAT SPERM DONOR. . . AND HE IS STILL LEGALLY MARRIED TO THEIR MOTHER. . . HE IS A SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MAN. . . CAN’T EVEN CALL HIM A MAN BECAUSE A MAN WOULD AND COULD DO BETTER. .. . IF YOU MADE THEM TAKE CARE OF THEM. . .AND NOT BECAUSE THE COURT ORDERS YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s more than financial support. . . Please avoid this idiot at all costs.

A major Deadbeat Dad!!!

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This guy meet me when I was 15 and he was 10 yrs older than me!! I got pregnant when I was 16 and I was living with him and he beat me while I was pregnant so I left him!!! I meet someone and he has been taking care of this mans daughter every since she was born!!! The court only awarded me with 102.00 a month because he does not have a taxpaying job and he doesnt even pay that unless they catch him and make him pay it!!!!!! He also has other kids that he does not take care of so everyone beware!!! He likes younger women and is married at this time but he will tell you they are not togather!! I just want him to stop making siblings for my daughter that she will never get the chance to meet!!!! I tried to get him to sign his rights over to my husband and he will not do this for some reason.. He has only seen her 5 times and she is 10 and he makes her promises and dont keep them!!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!!!!

Wat up Yo!My name is O!

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wat up yo! my name is omar ching but my fellas call me o.i live n greensboro, nc.i currently have a son on the way.but am i gonna take care of him?hell nah!my baby moms is a pretty decent chick.but now that she pregnant i have no intentions on bein wit her.not to long ago she was hospitalized.did i go?nope.why?because i dont give a currently datin somebody and she has a daughter who i love to take care of.fuck my son!my baby moms was offered a high payin job in ATL.but she didnt take it because she wanted to stay close by so my son would have a good bond wit me.little does she know i dont give a fuck becuz i dont appreciate shit.why should i?i gotta girl dats more pops wasnt around so y should my son have one?

Mike/Mikey/Michael Heller, Jr, please grow up or give up. NC isn’t that big and people talk

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This deadbeat thinks he’s gotten away with it. He hasn’t paid in almost the entire 9 years he’s had to pay child support. He’s the one who took me to court to pay it in the first place, I didn’t even go after him. But since he owes and won’t pay, well, he’s a deadbeat and I’m tired of it. He lives with a girlfriend and supposedly has no job or car and will not pony up his address to me. Time is running out on this fool as finally all the pieces are coming together. His own parents who claim to value their granddaughter over his lifestyle have hidden him away and lied for him. I left because of the drugs and lies and the embarrassment of it all. His poor little girlfriend Michelle probably thinks I’m the crazy one…they’ve yet to see crazy.