Deadbeat..who me

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My name is Derrick but I’m really a preacher man. I quote scriptures and post them to my FB page every day. I talk about how bad things happen to good people but if you trust in the Lord he will deliver you. I don’t consider myself a dead beat cuz I have paid child support although not consistently. Right now I’m over $16,000 in arrears. But it is not my fault that my job doesn’t pay enough. I choose jobs based on commission like car sales and auto parts. I have never had a job longer than 2 years and I’m 45 years old. But then again it is not my fault when I get fired or quit because I was accused of sexual harassment or someone is out to get me. I always find another job but never for long. I considered myself to be the perfect husband and told my wife that everything was her fault. She wanted to leave me and I told her that “this is what you wanted.”

I only see my 2 kids when it is convenient for me. I usually show up to their sport events and I will speak to everyone around my ex( separated but not divorced, although I list single on my FB page…If she wants a divorce she can pay for it is my philosophy) but I don’t speak to her. I know this upsets her but I don’t care cuz this is what she wanted. I go to these events cuz others will see me and think I’m a terrific dad cuz I’m there supporting my child. I’m usually the loudest one there cuz I like the attention. My ex has to keep taking me to court cuz don’t pay and I don’t pay 51% of their med and dental bills either. I lie when I go to court to get my way but the judge told me that I have been in the system long enough to know better. Can’t fault a guy for trying. I’m a hypocrite but none of my friends know this. i use to preach at church and teach sunday school but not anymore. Usually when my ex talks to the pastor I just move on to another church where no one knows me and I start over.

I know my kids miss spending time with me especially my son but they get punished along with my ex. I date women with kids cuz most women with kids want a man so bad that they will take a bad one just not to be alone. Lucky me. I do what I can for others so they can praise me but my own kids are last on my list. I’ve been evicted and had to live in a hotel and now I live with 3 other guys. My credit in the toilet and my checking account was closed. I would not even give my son $2.25 for lunch cuz he didn’t call me himself. My ex did but I didn’t believe her. My bad. I don’t answer her calls or texts concerning my kids cuz my ex just wants to bug me. I don’t know what is going on in my kids lives but I figure they will tell me if it is important. Despite all this I still consider myself to a good dad. Who agrees with me?

Raheim “The Loser” Murphy

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So this Loser has been semi paying the same little bit of child support since his only daughter was 6 months old…she’s now 12. H!e’s been in jail for child support & still can’t get it together. He only has ONE CHILD! The loser is still stuck on those hoop dreams at the age of 32! And it doesn’t help that he’s from a small town where his enablers encourage him to continue playing ball instead of getting a JOB! When is he going to grow up?? After months of saying he didn’t have any money to help with his only child’s tutoring, not paying child support which lead to child court on May 9th, not paying her phone bill on time…do you know this Loser had the balls to go to Vegas!?? I know how much it cost to get to Vegas and to be in Vegas! Been there because unlike his broke loser azz I have a job and my child support is paid in full!! This loser just makes me laugh! Get a job!!!!!!!!! If everyone really know what kind of Father you really aren’t. If they knew the only way you see her is because I bring her. SMDH! I just want this loser to grow up and start thinking like a parent. There’s no way I could do the mess he does not knowing if my child is taken care of. Oh but I guess he doesn’t have to worry about that because he knows I’m going to take care of her because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

P.S…To his loser D riding fan club…unless you plan on helping this loser pay his child support…don’t say sh*t. Thank you and goodbye.


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I am a mother attempting to get my ex to pay the child supprt he owes. I am frustrated and exhausted and broke. We live in Hawaii. He lives in North Carolina and has not seen his kids in over 3 years. This is most likely just a way for me to vent as he has not intention of manning up and paying what the state has ordered and what his kids need.

Dead Beat Liar!

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This is Ricardo Rangel~Moreno from NC.He has lived in Lexington,NC and also has ties to Cary/Pittsboro/Chapel Hill/Carrboro areas.I met him when I was 16 and we dated a few years and when I was 18 in 2002 I found out I was pregnant w/ my beautiful daughter. He was good not perfect during my pregnancy and promised he would be there and always make sure his daughter had the best and never wanted for anything.At first he seemed like he would make good on his promises,but after a couple of months things quickly changed.His family started making comments of them taking her to mexico and me never finding her.Then he started disappearing and playing games.He finally left and left me with the baby and no diapers or baby formula.My mother drove to his family’s home and he was in the shower and his brother told my mom it was not his place or their place to take care of her.One of the females there told my mom to let them have my daughter.She told me no matter how hard it was we would do what we had to do.Shortly after he started coming around and giving money every week..then it turned to month…then nothing but excuses.When we finally took out child support papers…He called stating he recieved papers and he wasn’t going to show up..And he didn’t.They ordered childsupport and he was paying..After three years he asked for a reduction and my then case worker allowed it.He was paying for 2 1/2 yrs…Then comes him listening to others on how to get out of paying.He quits his job takes me into court and says he lost his job and moving with his new girlfriend to find work.The attorney for childsupport did his work and confronted him with him quitting his job…So the judge said you quit your job..Who pays the bills??His response my girlfriend..Judge said you must feel like a man. Why do you have to move to find a job..Why can’t you stay where you are and find one??He gave no response.So the judge denied his request to terminate his childsupport order.This was May 2010 and after June 2010 he quits paying.We can not locate him because family is lying for him.Feb.1,2011 he paid $40 and March 4,2011 he paid $50.He owes me right now :The balance of past due support owed is $ 3,034.10 on April1,2011 it will go up another $239.00.Three year mark is coming November of this year and I guess he will make a couple of payments until November and hire an attorney and try to lower or stop his childsupport.He is still in non-locate status so they have to serve him before we can get him in and serve him with failure to comply w/ a court order.In all this time he has never came to see his daughter,called or anything.He has kept his location and number a big secret.But my daughter deserves this support!His family has treated me like I was crap because I was white and I guess they happy he on the run since he is with a mexican woman.Please if you recognize him or his lady in this picture I pulled from facebook or know where they work please call Davidson County Childsupport enforcement @:336- 236- 3033 or contact me @ am proud I have a smart, beautiful girl who is 8yrs old in the 2nd grade and Making A’s and doing well.I am proud of how I raised my daughter and she deserves to have this money to help support her!Ladies Beware of this wannabe Playboy sprem donor!He is a good liar of fake and empty promises and his word is as fake as him!

Cedric Arenell Boyd age 38 hvae at least 8 kids and I am a DEADBEAT DAD

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Hello, world…My name is Cedric Arnell Boyd. I think that I may have 8 to 10 children. My fourth oldest, I think… I may owe her 25, 558.43 which is only 272 a month and 20 dollars arrears. It really isn’t enough to take care of my daughter but that’s all the court say I have to pay. My fourth oldest I think… She is now a 17 year’s old beautiful little woman. She is a senior in high school and an A, B student. Her mother stayed on her to do well in school. She is almost on her way to college in a few months being that I have never helped her in any way a car would be nice. I think I may have seen her 5 times in her life and I use to live 3 minutes away, man what was wrong with me. I have never brought one bag of pamper, one can of milk, one pair of shoes. So really what I am telling you is I have never done one thing for her. I have made promise to my daughter to be in her life but haven’t. I run from state to state to avoid jail or getting a job and helping them out. I was even stupider, I got married and had three more with my wife, knowing I already had about 6 for sure, what since did that make. Then I decide to go get myself fix, I should have thought of that years before. I guess after taxing my taxes two years my wife found out I had more kids. I just stop working all together to not have to pay any of my children’s mothers. But I had money to pay for a surgery, and order to carry my daughter on my insurance, but let my daughter’s mother get stuck with the doctor bill and mess her credit up. Dang at least I could help with the doctor bills; I don’t see, call or take care of my daughters. How do I sleep at night not knowing if my CHILDREN have ate, or sick, have past on. I can get married, have more children, drive a new car, buy new clothes, but I can’t make sure my blood has what they need. I can take the time to play on face book but not go to work. I’m thinking I owe out over 115,00.00 to 120,00.00 I have stop counting, and I know that my children mothers haven’t forgotten. They mighty well because they will never see a penny. So to my 6 children’s mother I keep giving you my a. to kiss. Keep up the good work with the kids; you guys have done a great job raising the kids alone. WHAT is wrong with me please help me I’m lost… So I change my number once again and go into hiding. From New Mexico I go to Colorado, to New York, to South Carolina, North Carolina where I’m from High Point, Greenville, Greensboro all over I go once again… Cedric Arnell Boyd.

45 yr old man disowns 4 kids and makes more with Hoe less than half his age

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If you see this goof, let him know how sorry he is.This is my husband, Greg Burton who unfortunately I am still married too. It took me 6 months to get child support for him while he played with a lil HOE younger than our oldest child.While he ran back and forth begging for forgiveness and playing games his Hoe claimed pregnancy twice. Well he got what he deserves because she IS now pregnant.Sad part she has 2 that she already gave up and just turned 22. Its not the child support ,we live in a world that requires morals. Our 2 year old has to live in the same town and see him out and about and he runs or hides from him. In 9 months , he has taken him once for 4 hours and that was forced. He does not call, text or ask about any of them, and uses his girlfriend as the excuse, but then again she has BEAT him because she THOUGHT he had contact with me.
I pity the children that enter this world that may be his or hers, but others beware of Greg Burton and Nicelynn Barnabas because they both are 2 sorry excuses for parents.


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This is my husband Timothy Wayne Baker. He is currently living with a 40 year old stripper named Laura Mann in Gastonia N.C.. We have one child together. He is currently over $21,000.00 behind in childsupport. Thanks to the US marshalls service I was able to get him into court and have him locked up. He was able to make bail, via the GF, and now only pays enough to keep him out of jail. His arrearage is untouched and he is currently behind $400.00 additional dollars from the last court order. I am tired of dealing with the courts, and his dollar ans change payments, You Owe over $21,000.00, and damnit you should have to pay all of it, expeditiosly!!! Did I mention he supports the girlfriends children, because their fathers don’t???? He’s not just a deadbeat, he is a lowlife!!!!!

Farrell Garner A.K.A. MAMMAL of NC

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This man has 3 kids. He owe’s over 7,000.00 dollars child support on his daughter that is grown. When I met him he had his own house, and lived alone with his son. He tries to play off like he’s a hard workin man trying to raise his son, but beware he is just a BUM and lookin for a woman that will financially take care of him and his son. I finally found out that the house he lived in belonged to some woman he use to have relations with and she just kept letting him stay there. Everytime I would go over there his son wouldn’t even be there, and the whole time his son was with another woman that Farrell was sleeping with. He payed child support on my daughter that is a year old for two months, then moved in with his girlfriend Tammi whom told me that my daughter isn’t gonna get 5 cents.(she has also threatened me, called my child names, and tried to fight me) He works jobs that pay under the table, and sells weed. He has two types of styles that he likes to dress. Sometimes he dresses like he’s 12 and wears a jersey, and sometimes he dresses like a homeless crackhead and wears a tobogan. He is short and everything on him is even shorter!!! He is known to sleep with numerous women at the sametime. He has no respect for himself, his kids, or any woman or thier kids!!! He is known to get an STD atleast once a year. He doesn’t talk much. He met his dad for the first time when he was a teenager behind a grocery store. You would think that someone that had to meet thier father this way would want to do different by his own children!!! If you see this man, do yourself a favor and RUN!

BEWARE… Biggest Deadbeat and worst father EVER

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Charles Alan Shadrick…this name you need to remember. In May of 2010 I get a call from DSS telling me that this “man” is leaving our two young children (ages 2 and 1) alone in our apartment to sell DRUGS around our neighborhood!! Not only that, he STOLE my babies money for his FIRST birthday. That was IT!! Once you mess with my children, you cross the line. Since then…MAY 2010…he has not called, seen, txt, or even EMAILED the kids AT ALL. He’s only 3 months behind on child support. He got a settlement check of $6000 and you want to know what he spent on the kids!? $175!!! He didn’t call my oldest son on his 3rd birthday, he didn’t call them on their first Halloween (he would always spend money so we could do anything), and he didn’t call them on their first REAL Christmas (I spent over $400 in 3 weeks of last min. shopping!!!). My youngest son bday is the 28th of this month and their “father” has YET to ask ANYTHING about what he would like or even to mention his upcoming big day! He cashed money orders that were supposed to be used for rent at our apartments and cause us to be evicted. He left me and the kids STRANDED at wal mart with NO way to get home. I’ve taken restrianing orders, child abuse charges and more charges out on him but some how his mommy gets him out of trouble every time. I never thought I could hate someone so much! I love my kids, they are my life but how someone could just turn their back is BEYOND me. He claims he has no job and no way to send them money but I’m hearing from several people, including himself, that he’s STILL selling drugs and buying cell phones and taking little skanks out and blowing money on them. Just ONCE I hope he sells to an undercover!!! Girls…watch out for this guy!! He’ll put on a sad little act but once you see through his bullshit, you’ll see the real Charles…a sad sad sad deadbeat dad.