Anthony Cochenour, I AM A DEADBEAT DAD!

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I have two sons that dodn’t even know who I am. My oldest is 6 and the youngest is 4 years old. I have not seen them in over 3 years and I refuse to call them on the holidays or there birthdays. My oldest son ask about me all the time and there mom has made numerious attempts to get me to talk to him, by sending me messages on myspace and facebook so I blocked her from being able to view my pages so I dont have to listen to it any more. I dont care if my kids want to talk to me or want to see me because I dont want anything to do with them. When me and my x split up I told her I would not pay childsupport for those kids and I havent. I am now 12,653 dollars behind in childsupport and will not make a payment. My x was willing to give me joint custudy of the boys when we split up but I decided not to show up in court. Now she has full custudy of the boys.

A wolf in sheeps clothing.

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Sultan Abdullah Asiri, was someone whom I thought had wonderful potential. Alas I was mistaken. I don’t want his money, all I ever wanted was for him to love his beautiful son. I have made many mistakes in my life but I never ran away from my children. Ladies if you run into this good looking fellow please be careful he has a way with words and will promise you the world…….but if you get pregnant he will threaten that his whole Arab family will kill you and your child. I find it so sad sometimes that it is the beautiful children whom suffer there whole lives wondering why my “real” daddy hates me. I am just thankful everyday that I am the one who has the child and he will have more than enough love. As far as all the money Sultan owes…..I know I will never see it, but Sultan will never see what an amazing and wonderful son he left behind. HIS LOSS IS MY GAIN!!!!!

Just A Piece Of Crap…

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Meet Justin Bratton aka Cincinnati, Ohio & Indianapolis, Indiana’s Most DeadBeat Mofo! This loser right here is the biggest piece of crap that walked into my life. We’ve dated for over a year and a few months into the relationship we found out I was pregnant, I was uber excited and what did he do? went straight to the fridge and started to drink 151 from the bottle! I should of known he would be a terrible father from the get go, but I just thought he was scared and whatnot. A few months after our son was born we broke it off cause when our son was 2 weeks old he got straight in our son’s face and told him to ’shut the f up’, when he did that in front of me, it was over for good! When our son turned 4 months old he came to visit our son and I, he walked in and our son was sitting in his chair in front of the tv, he passes him without saying a word or even looking at him. he did that multiple times. Also he said he can’t see our son til December(2010) cause he needed new tires, yet he can go to Indianapolis and see his father and step mom (whom he’s see more often than our son). It really makes no sense. Oh, wow, after 6 months, he finally sees our son and what does he do doing that visit? throws a stuffed animal at our son to wake him up! really?! What ‘father’ does that?! Justin is also a liar, I’ve heard from multiple people that he says that I won’t let him see our son when I have proof that I messaged him multiple times to come and visit. He even thinks that our son isn’t even his…he told that to his girlfriend! I could write more but the list would go on and on. Just stay away from this loser ladies!

Sultan Asiri

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Sultan has all the charm of a snake!!! Young girls beware he will promise to help with the baby. When he was born he stated he was going to hide cocaine in my house for the baby to get into and his problem would be solved. I didn’t want to marry him so he can become a citizen….so now he spends all his money on drugs strip clubs and party favors for girls 10 yrs younger. Please young women be careful he is a liar and if you get pregnant and wont marry him he will threaten the life of your child. He has no Idea what a wonderful boy he is missing and threatening to kill. Please be warned abound this angry crays man.

Lorain County Loser

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This guy owes almost $20,000.00 in back child support. He has figured out the Ohio Child Support System by paying a few dollars right before it goes to warrant to stay out of jail.


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Ladies if u see this character RUN AS FAST AS U CAN! He abandoned me when I was 5months pregnant. He hasn’t EVER seen my son. He hasn’t done shit for him. And he is running from the system so he dnt have to pay child support. He is a low life! Fuckin dead beat ass nigga. He take care of his other two kids but not mine!!! DeShawn Mann from Cincinnati Ohio is the worst deadbeat of them all!

James Amore Dead beat Dad

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We had our first one together 4 years ago… shortly after our son was born we broke up.. since then things have been a pain in the ass getting him to take any type of responsibility… he went and wanted custody of our son so bad.. he filed for emergency custody of him but the day after he filed the lady from child services gave him back 2 me… we have been in and out of court numerous types for study shit.. he was contesting visitation because he was stuck with supervised visits.. it was by my parents and then he tried to stretch the rules to benfit his family.. and when my parents decided to stop doing it, it went to a local agency… at that time he was ordered to pay 200 dollars a month in child support.. well my new boyfriend and i had to hear it because they took his entire income tax check… well in august of 2008 we settled into shared parenting.. he was now order to pay 36 dollars a month in child support… since shared parenting his parents have been running the show… everytime i want to talk to my son i call his parents, they take him to doctors appointments, they drop him off to me,i pick them up at there house, they pick him up from school, they think that they need to be kept informed on every decision made… his parents are more of a parent to my son than his own dad is… thank god he has a father figure in his life.. he calls my boyfriend daddy, instead of his own dad.. and when i pick him up it seems like he cant get away from Jay fast enough… there is absoultely no bond there what so ever… back in november of 2009, Jay beat the shit out of his mom jeannette. and then i went back to court well lucky for me they dont have his as much as what they did have him… and jay no longer as him for school rights because he pulled our son out of school against what everybody else was saying…since then i havent received child support since september of 2009… JAY AMORE ABSOLUTELY REFUSES TO WORK… He is now living in New Philadelphia Ohio off of kelly Street.. over by united way… he is currently living in a run down apartment with his new wife, Kami, and her son, Johnathon and their daughter…. I cant help but feel bad for that little girl… they cant even support themselves let alone 3 kids… its sad that dead beat parents have to bring kids into this world that they know they cant take care of… instead of doing the responsible thing and giving the kid a fighting chance..

deadbeat dad, child molester, women beater, this guy has it all

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justin wright aka jo wright of cincinnati ohio, where to start well he raped and molested his own brother and sister from age 11 to 14! finally his sis told and he went into “thearpy” at 18 his case was closed! his family lied about all this to his girlfriend for 3yrs. only reason she found out was when they went to court! same girlfriend he abused for the 3yr’s they were together and because of him hitting her she lost their first baby and her living daughters twin. very sad. when the girlfriend was 8month pregnant she caught this dude cheating on her,,, with men he would met on craisglist! thank god she left him! let him be there for thier childs birth thinking it would make him man up, no he took off after refussing to sign for the baby, told the babby momma he would make her life hell if she made him, so 2weeks later walks back in their lives, buy’s 1 92count of diapers, 1 16oz fourmal, and a paci, says he’s the best dad in the world ha! goes back to abuseing her shortly after, finally in dec 2009 he got made she had to leave and go home wih the baby ( and because she wouldn’t sleep with him) so he hits her while she is holding their baby! so she cuts all ties and beg’s his parents to help her which at first they do ( also they have only seen their grandchild 3times, becasue she called them and made them see her some grandparents) then dec 19th he tries to break into her house and kill her and the child, thankfully a neighbor called the cops, so she goes downtown and gets a restraining order, same day the deadbeats dad calls her leaving her a voice mail ( that she still has and i have heard) saying this baby isn’t his son’s and blah blah, fine. jan 6th 2010 justin wright agrees to 5yr restraining order and pleads guilty to DV on his ex. 4days later he pleads guilty to CPS to child abuse on his daughter!! shortly after this guy join’s the national gurad and leaves only to come back and start crap. him and his family have been saying crap like my friend and her baby died, that they moved away, that he is going to take the baby from her, bunch of crap, even funnier when he has a new girlfriend he deines the child is his and is cheating on his current girlfriend still oh and he just found out he has a nasty STD ( only found this out because his good friend called the ex girlfriend and told her to get tested, she already had and knows she is clean, hasn’t been with this guy in over a year) him and his family sit around lieing about this girl and he baby and doing their drug’s ( they all smoke pot and justin take’s pills) the grandparents deny the child, justin changes his story all the time. watch out for him ladies he has it all

Bradley Lafferty

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He has a almost 6 year old boy who hasnt seen in over 4 years..Not even so much as asked about him!! Owe’s over $16,000 in child support! He is dating a 15 year old and he is 23 years old..He has 3 warrants out for his arrest but is hiding out with his little girlfriend..He needs to be caught and locked up for a long time..He is the most immature guy you could ever meet..He wont even talk to his babys mothers about his kids! The other kid he has he has not even seen!

Ladies, RUN!!! Tiwoni Bayne a.k.a. Wally from the Bronx

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Ladies, if you do NOT want to be with a loser, stay away from this one!! He is selfish, self-centered and an arrogant ass!!

Just want to let the world know this deadbeat is a worthless excuse for a father. He was nothing but a sperm donor. I raised HIS son by myself for the past 18 years. oh, wait, when his son was 12, he went to live with him for 1 year. He couldnt cut it, said it was too hard. LOL. Funny, I did’nt get a choice!!! The only thing he ever did for him was buy him a game system two times, once for Christmas and the for his birthday. My kid cannot eat a game system. Sorry to say, but it was pawned. Nah, not sorry!!! Its really too bad, because his son has grown up to figure it out himself. But MY son now knows what NOT to do.