Marcus D. Miner (29 y/o) LAWTON, OK – Hoping for my 5th kid **Fingers Crossed** SMH

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FEEL BAD FOR ME??… Let’s start the PITY PARTY:
LET’S TAKE IT BACK TO 2005: I put my first baby momma thru HELL… and MAN, DO I mean HELL… I cheated on her, degraded her, disrespected her both physically & verbally, not to mention the constant mental anguish… its no wonder she got sucked into some bullshit since I was just a broke ass dude livin wit my Mama… but anyway… That Girl did me SOOO wrong, she went out trying to hustle (like I showed her was so cool to do) and you know what that Bitch did??? YEA!! She got locked up and I got stuck wit these TWO babies… Its all good tho, cause I ain’t gonna let them cramp my *SWAGGA* & I’ll never let her live it down even tho my Mama be taking care of them right up until her final breath… but did THAT stop me?? OH NO… I’m too awesome for my kids needs to come before mine… so you see… I gots me a plan… I need me another baby momma… good thing I hit that dope hoe raw before my momma passed… but I ain’t really feelin her too much cause she cheats, so I’m gonna put her through hell and claim he couldn’t be mine cause he look like the mexican I saw comming out her back door one night. OH SNAP!! That shit came back MINE!! DAMN… its all good, I can keep her on the back burner now. RECENT: 2011… I just met this down ass chick, she got it ALL together, she cute, work, got her own car, her own place, no baby daddy drama, she don’t sleep around, she educated AND she a great mom… MAN I HIT THE JACK POT… Better scheme on her fast!!! I’m so smart, I brought my two babies over (cause remember the other one’s only mine when I wanna get some *wink wink*) to her house and she just fell head over heels IN LOVE… I better act fast!! “I love you, and look, our kids get along so well, our life will be wonderful, let me have a baby with you… PLEASE” YUP… I’m DA MAN… I GET WHAT I WANT. Hope she doesn’t find out that I been tappin’ the wife of my homeboy’s brother-in-law… that could get sticky… ehh, she a trick anyway, my other boy said he and like 3 other dudes tapped her too… WHAT? She txting claimin’ she pregnant… CRAP… gotta choose…. SKANK or my good girl… Ummm… Yea! HA HA HA… Like I gotta choose… let me put this chicken head in her place!! What’s that u heartbroke? who cares… word on the street is u aint pregnant no more, so fuck it. OH, and can’t forget to keep F**king Baby Momma #2… can’t let her take me for child support… and now its even easier cause my girl got taken outta work on medical leave cause of the belly (YES!! No job means she can’t leave me… I can start to slack). What’s that?? Baby Mama #1 want the babies so bad she willing to come back to me? SWEET… TRIPLE CAKE!!! I’ll just string ‘em all along while I try to pull in some reserves cause this sh*t gotta blow sometime. Baby #4 came early cause I made his momma sick… DAMN… I THINK I know where it came from…. oh well… im gonna stay doin her cause I rather make my babies sick then have to give up some of my check… wait, naw… that’s right I quit my job right after #4 so no one could expect me to run out and buy baby items, WOW man… SHE DID IT ALL… Premature Labor, Emergancy C-section, they BOTH almost died!! And she so on top of her Sh*t that she was back home with the baby in less than a week, taking care of all six kids and she not even healed yet… OH Well… I’m goin OUT! Who cares… Oooh, I forgot, “Babe? Can I get some $$ from you”?? OK now I can bounce… after all… I got chicks to do, baby mamas to see, and weed to smoke… what I wanna be around a bunch of kids for?? I know the straight if they with her!! SHIT!! Chicken-head just popped out a baby… FEWWWW!! She claiming it’s her man’s… Uh but wait… it look just like my other ones… and nothing like him… Let me hit her up right quick “But Mama, u know I wish he was mines don’t you? I love u girl… u know I got your heart” there, that should be enough to get her thinking… YUP, it worked & just in time cause Good Girl talking bout she knows what’s up? And she a smart one, so IDK how long I got with that sitter situation… let me go hit up Baby Mama #2 for a mercy f**k… I can get high & laid, AND she’ll give me back the money my girl spent on baby #3 @ Christmas… SWEET!!! Now I can go out with the guys tonight and get drunk. MAN, I’m LIT SON!!! And sh*t, she caught me where I ain’t supposed to be… Now I gotta get aggressive… I’ma act like I’ma hit her while she holding my premature baby… YEA… WHO BOSS NOW? What’s that? WTF? Who hittin me? DAMN… Its her son… tryin to protect his Mama… Wellll SH****T… I’ll fix him… Let me choke this lil nigga out…. (got my hands round his neck real good… even left a mark!!) Damn… she callin the police… I’m out… Oww, don’t let me forget to take my first two kids out @ 4am from they sleep so I can run from the police high & drunk with them in the back seat… cause that’s what COOL DADS do!!! Yea, I’m the best… My cheating, lies and violence put me in the street with the two kids I have, I don’t see my other two kids cause Baby Mama #2 moved South when she found out bout Baby #4 and Baby Mama #3 left to the East Coast cause I tried to kill her son…. now I guess I really need to pray that the Shank Chicken-head is pregnant by me and leaves her Baby Daddy because I need a place for me to drop these kids off so I can do it all over again!!!

BUT HEY… It’s all worth it cause I got all these beautiful babies to use as tools to call on these women when I get horny, lonely, depressed, bored, or need a sitter so I can screw someone else!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

dead beat dad!

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gregory mathew kelley is a dead beat dad he has
never seen my son and we also had a dna test done
and he was proven to be his dad he claims the
DNA test lied and he still refuses to step up and take responsibility he says as far as he is concerned my son was and never will never be his dad.i emailed him to get family medical history for his side of the family and he refused to give it to me my son has a breathing problem and he could care less he laid in a hospital bed for four days and do you thing the dead beat dad called or even asked about him.

Deadbeat Psycho, Eric Exton

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This man is a piece of work. Not only is he completely insane, he dreams of killing people, hurting people and molesting girls. He is a complete nutcase. He has been in an institution and was diagnosed as a paranoid delusional schizophrenic. He does not seek mental help, but instead believes he is just fine and that everyone else is crazy. He is a violent man, threatening to kill the mother of his first child if she ever tried to take him. He eventually overstepped his bounds and filed for custody, which he lost by a landslide, so luckily his first child is with the mother, although he doesn’t pay a dime to help with expenses. He doesn’t help because he hasn’t had a job in a decade. He has mooched off family and friends and does not stand on his own to take care of himself or his child. He is obsessed with becoming a rock star and believes that he will tour the world one day and be rich and famous. Now he has gotten married to a former extreme drug user with two kids by different dads. They live on government assistance because they’re lazy, not because they need it. He has now gotten his wife pregnant, so here comes another child he won’t take care of. Watch out ladies, because eventually him and his wife will split up and he’ll be back out there, hunting for the next one. DO NOT fall into his traps OR let him impregnate you. He is a liar, a manipulator and he is pure EVIL!!!!!

Ultimate Loser

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My name is Johnathon Smith. I live in Poteau Oklahoma. I was with a smart funny awesome chick for 4 yrs. During that time I cheated lied and right after she left me found out she was pregnant. I said it wasn’t mine and ignored her for her entire pregnancy to screw underage girls. When the baby was finally due to be born I had lost my apartment and my job so I decided to promise her I’d be a father and like a dumbass she accepted! I lived with her and my son for a year and just couldn’t help but be a jackass the whole time. One day I grabbed my son by the arm and yanked him off the couch while yelling at him and she had enough and kicked my ass to the curb. I never visited him again after that in 2009. He is 3 yrs old but I recently told someone he was 4 because hell I don’t even know how old my own child is. Maybe its because right after leaving my son I went out and knocked up another girl and made another baby I could care less about. But if you ask me I am gods gift to women and all my ex’s are just bitches who were mean to me and don’t want me around their kids. Imagine that!!! I’m only the biggest liar in the world not to mention I like to fly off the handle and yell and scream and throw things every now and then. WHO wouldn’t want that in their kids lives?! I’ve heard another man has stepped up and has been the only father my kid has ever known. Thats a huge relief because I couldn’t be bothered by it! I’m too busy playing video games and looking for new chicks to bang.

Jeramy’s Harem

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I’m Jeramy Doublehead from Oklahoma and I have 4 kids that I know about. I was married and had a beautiful son with my wife. Then I left her and I’ve been living with a different woman for the past 6 years. I have 2 kids with the woman I live with and I have another kid with one of my girlfriends. My last 2 kids are the same age. After I divorced my wife I kept sleeping with her and made her think I wanted to get back together with her when I really never wanted that. I just wanted sex. I kept having sex with my ex-wife until she fianlly got smart and wouldn’t let me anymore. Even after I met the woman I live with now, I kept screwin around with anyone who’d let me. I got one of those girls pregnant and never bothered seeing her again so I didn’t even know about that baby. She had a miscarriage when she was five months pregnant so I got lucky and didn’t have to deal with them. The woman I live with was pregnant at the same time and she had her baby six months later. Instead of learning my lesson and being satisfied with the woman I lived with, I kept meeting women and having sex with whoever would let me. I had a couple of longterm girlfriends and there were some one night stands. I was having a great time! Until the woman I live with and one of the other women got pregnant at the same time. It was happening AGAIN. This time I wasn’t so lucky, they both had their babies. Lucky for me my babies mama’s are to stupid to file for child support but not my ex-wife. She filed for child support and even though I don’t see my beautiful first born son very much I’m still supposed to give them money. It isn’t fair! Lucky for me though the woman I live with will put up with me and my lies and doesn’t mind all my other women. I’m always on the lookout for more women to add to my Harem so if your interested look me up!

Sad but so true :(

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MY ex-husband has got to be the most unfit parent in the universe. he has moved to Oklahome before we were divorced legally because i kicked out after finding out he had a meth problem and cheated on me. the girl he cheated on me with he is now married to and they have two kids together. he does not call my kids. he does not offer to come see them. i have let them go to oklahoma a few times, but the strories my babies tell me are awful and i can’t imagine them having to see that. they are bright and wonderful children. Brent was ordered to pay $521 plus keep or pay for insurance. he doesn have insurancne for him or his other kids so i suppose thats why he thinks he doesnt have to pay for my kids. he does not pay child support. owes me over $12k which i will NEVER see. he’s just not a good person and i hate that mychildren suffer because of it.

Brent Blair… you ARE a deadbeat dad.


Deadbeat Dad…John Rothell

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The photo I have submitted is of my ex. His full name is John Clinton Rothell, and he is 38 years old, and his last known where abouts is Guymon, Oklahoma, but there is a good possibility due to a possible job change he may now be living in Georgia or Nebraska. He is always skipping from farm job to farm job and rarely stays put. He likes to work as a hired hand for various farmers….. We have three Daughters together that he will not pay child support for. He also chooses to live hundreds of miles away to avoid seeing them. He currently has a girlfriend (Shyla Chapman) that has three children and he has no problem whatsoever taking care of this woman and her children. This woman practically runs his life, but he sits back and allows it to happen. I just don’t understand how any father could put another woman’s children before his own. This guy is a REAL JERK and cannot be trusted! He is a MAJOR habitual liar!

Thank you for viewing.

Ronald Gregory Allen Jr

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This piece of crap resides in Oklahoma where they REFUSE to do anything to him for not paying child support. My son is 14 (15 next month), and we have received exactly one payment in over two years. He also owes child support to two other women. The amount owed to all three of us is over$200,000. He has not been punished and all of our requests for prosecution have fallen on deaf ears. He very clearly told the judge that he will not pay child support and nothing has been done about it. If we, as the mothers, refused to take care of our children we would be thrown in jail for child neglect and our children taken away. Why should it be any different for them? The should be charged with not only felony non-support but child neglect as well. I have heard horror stories from other women dealing with the state of Oklahoma. It is time they step up and do their job. If you see this man stay far away from him ladies. He is worthless as a man and a father!

Robert C. Hunter, Ardmore Oklahoma, is worthless deadbeat dad.

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My sperm doner, Robert C. Hunter of Ardmore Oklahoma, abandond me at birth for whatever reason. Is any reason good enough to abandon your child? Robert took care of the other three kids he had, Chris Hunter, Taylor Hunter-Rison, and Jordan Hunter, all of Ardmore Oklahoma. I have sat and watched Robert Hunter live the good life and I’m here let people know he is a loser! I’m dedicating this page to you Robert Hunter. You are what you are(a loser deadbeat) and I’m glad I never abandond my child. I could never do that. I’m 28 now and it’s payback time. The picture is of Robert Hunter and his wife dining on an Alaskan cruise ship. Must be nice to take all those trips. Oh but wait, it’s easy to do when you run from responsibility.