Matthew T. Culpepper, Sr

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Matthew T. Culpepper aka Baby Blue.

We can start with the fact that I am a deadbeat father of 6 …. yes 6 by 6 women! I recently had one of the mom’s drop some Karma on my by dumping our son on me, I am happy to have him, but hate the fact that he takes too much of my time. I am low enough to have a child with my 1st cousin! I had 3 kids born in one year and 2 of them are a month apart. I dont pay child support for any of them. I have all the contact information for the moms and still refuse to pick up the phone. I am such a deadbeat that one of my kids is about to get adopted and I didn’t even bother to show for court. My oldest little girl knows I am her father, but I don’t bother with calls..” I mean she is 8 and if she don’t call me why should I call her?” My 2nd oldest (7) lives in the same town as I do and I even had custody rights to see her, but I don’t bother. Then a boy (5) is also in the same town, but I don’t like to deal with his mom so I just avoid the Kid all together. Then a girl (3) she is the one about to get adopted….. yet again, not interested. Then another boy (2) he is with my first cousin, again he lives in the same town of West Palm Beach and I don’t like to talk about him because he is like my own cousin. Then the one I got now (2), dumped on me by my soon to be ex wife. everyone knows that neither one of us is any good to this kid, but some one HAS to take care of him. He will probably be just like me. I will raise him to spit on women, smack them around, call them panty droppers make a lot of little kids so my “spawn” of a family can grow.

YEP, I am on the look out for baby number 7…. any offers?
I get you knocked up and dump you.
I don’t pay child support, bother with visits or calls.
I don’t like to stay steady…. and all this while lying to your face.
PLUS…. you ready….. I will tell them all, I love them and it’s mommy’s fault you can’t see me.

if you too wanna be the spawn of my kid, drop me a line, i will give you my number.


Hi My name is Patrick Dennis Dahl and I dont support my child!

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My name is Patrick Dennis Dahl and I live in Phila Pa 19111. Back in 1999 my ex-wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Through the years I choose to lie, cheat, steal and degrade anyone and everyone that came into my life including my ex-wife. Since she wised up and left me I felt that getting back at her the best way I could was to “NOT pay child support or financially support my daughter at all”. I know that its wrong but in my eyes I think that this is getting back at my ex for not tolerating my Infidelities, the constant hitting on her girl friends, and trying to sleep with them. My ex-wife cares for my daughter, supports her financially, supplies her medical and has her about 80% of the time (if not more when I get a bug up my butt). That’s the way it should be cause heck Im not much of a father I’m alot like my own mother that abandoned me.
My daughter is a bright, beautiful, sweet young lady and I owe all that to my ex-wife for raising her. By me not supporting her I know that at times she had to do without, or didn’t get what she needed or couldnt go on trips or participate in things that mattered the most to her. BUT this will give her some tough skin later in life. She will know better than to pick a loser such as myself. She will know when to run away when a man lies on a regular basis. This is a lifelong lesson for her and I’m glad that I was the one to bring it forward for her. I know she may hate me later on in life but who cares, hell I didn’t care enough when she needed me growing up why should I care later? Paying support is useless and I really dont see the need in it when her mother can support her.
Showing my daughter that I dont want to support her, raise her, love her or spend time with her like daddies and daughter should will just give her a lesson in life that Daddies aren’t always good daddies sometimes they just say they are good daddies to hear themselves talk! It makes us deadbeats feel better when we hear it.
Well when my daughter gets older and she goes to college, meets a wonderful man, gets married, buys a huge house and raises an awesome family, I know who will be in all the photo’s leading up to this…. MY EX WIFE cause she’s the one who stuck by her side no matter what and did what she had to make ends meet without government assistantace… she will deserve all the much needed credit :)

Wanna Be street racing POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My names Evan, and I am a wanna be street racer, who would rather put money into new tattoos and piercings, instead of paying his child support. I left my kid when he was 4 months old to run away from loseing a street race, because I couldnt pay up. Ya, they jumped me and I still ran home to Palmdale/Lancaster Califonia. That is where I have currently been for 4 years now. I havent paid child support or sent a card, a gift, or even called or asked how my kid is. I make up excuses for everything on why I cant do something. I am a deadbeat dad. I owe about 20,000$ dollars at the moment to my kids, but doing what I wanna do is more important to me.

Anthony Cochenour, I AM A DEADBEAT DAD!

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I have two sons that dodn’t even know who I am. My oldest is 6 and the youngest is 4 years old. I have not seen them in over 3 years and I refuse to call them on the holidays or there birthdays. My oldest son ask about me all the time and there mom has made numerious attempts to get me to talk to him, by sending me messages on myspace and facebook so I blocked her from being able to view my pages so I dont have to listen to it any more. I dont care if my kids want to talk to me or want to see me because I dont want anything to do with them. When me and my x split up I told her I would not pay childsupport for those kids and I havent. I am now 12,653 dollars behind in childsupport and will not make a payment. My x was willing to give me joint custudy of the boys when we split up but I decided not to show up in court. Now she has full custudy of the boys.

Michigans Finest Deadbeat Dad

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Hi my name is Lisa Little. My sister Magan Matwyuk has three beautiful girls, ages 2,4,7. My sister recently got a divorce. Her x-husband, Frank Matwyuk, kidnapped all three of her girls in January of 2010 from her home in Michigan. She fought to get them back and they are home safetly now. Let me tell you her story. Megan was married to Frank for about 8 years. She was a wonderful wife to him. She gave him 3 beautiful girls. She the type of person that works and works to keep her kids taken care of and to give them most of the stuff that they want. Through out her marriage her husband cheated, lied and was a part time dad to his kids. Frank spent many days away from home with other girls while Megan worked and took care of their kids by herself. My sister and I was out one night for a girls night out. It was a way to tell me goodbye since I was moving to Florida a couple of weeks from then. We went away for about 3 hours and came back to find her house trashed and her kids and Frank gone. She called everyone including the police trying to find out where Frank had taken her children. A couple of days later she found out that Frank was in Nevada with her kids. He had decided to take them to his dads house. It took her about 3 months to finally get her babies back home. This past year has been really rough on her. Frank is about $8,000 behind on child support. In the last 15 months my sister has only seen about $500 from Frank. She tries so hard to make sure her children have everything they want and need but its hard for a single mom of three to do this with no help. Frank has parenting time that the courts gave him. He is allowed to call the girls a couple of times a week at a scheduled time. Over half the time he doesnt even bother to call. Right now he is living in Kingman Arizona with a woman named Rebecca Jones. The picture I have posted is of Frank and his most recent girlfriend Rebecca. Rebecca has three kids of her own and is supporting Franks choice to abandon his three girls. Rebecca has 2 boys and a girl. Frank considers Rebecca’s kids as his own. I dont know how anyone can abandon his kids and take care of some other mans kids. Its sickning that a woman that has kids would support this. Frank also possibly has a newborn son in Nevada. This newborn he disowns. I mainly posted this to let other women know about Frank. He tends to cheat and lie to his girlfriend. So ladies if you see Frank run the other way. Hes Michigan, Nevada and Arizonas top DEADBEAT DAD.

York St Dead Beat

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James ‘humpty” Johnson and dead beat nigga who lives with his mother at his aunt house he is a clown a broke clown lying that he get money and he cant even take care of his kids he had 2 kids and one whi he was claiming wasnt his till he got back with tha babymomma now all of a sudden the kid is his..smh he is a degrace to the york st community a dead beat a wanksta he dont even own a car he does not own anything at all he stands on the block all day begging for cigarettes he is a broke scrub who lives off of his mother and whatever women dumb enough to take care of his ass he is also a women beater but when it comes to fighting men he is a coward…he talk all that tough stuff be he aint nothing…a chump who got sucka punched by another man and was crying like a litlle punk telling bol to fight his friend cause he was afraid..all i gotta say is ladies be careful he will juice you for your money a place to stay and he will steal you cellphone so becarefull ladies!!

Bill Lorenzo Clifton Park NY

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Well here is the story of Mr.William Dominic Lorenzo aka Bill Lorenzo who owes well over 18500.00 in child support and has not seen his 15 year old son in 3 years. But don’t let him fool you he has an open door to taking him for a summer or a week. But he chooses to take trips to Florida to visit girlfriends and cruises to who knows where instead of seeing his son. He claims on his facebook page to be religious however he doesn’t apparently know the meaning of the word Hypocrit! The upstate New York courts have done nothing to collect and in fact recently let him change venues even though he had a 90 day suspended jail term in Saratoga County Family Court. They let him reduce his current support further and also let him quit a job to become a waiter in order to do so. In the last 10 years he has quit 4 jobs most paying 65000.00 per year +bonus in order to modify his support and was not successful until he found that the Rennselaer County family court system was crooked and prejudice enough to let him get away with anything. So that is what he did he pretended to live in a home in order to change the venue and avoid any further action.

The home he claimed to live at was sold in June 2010 and he no longer lives in that county yet for some reason I am unable to move the case out of that court. Oh, yes and by the way all he had to do was request it moved based on nobody living in Saratoga County anymore since I moved to NC and it was granted. However when I requested it be moved back since nobody lives in Rennselaer County that was denied. of course!!
So the dead beat gets away with anything and I no longer have the means to provide for my kids as they should have been provided for. In fact the law states that the children should be provided for the same as if the divorce never happened…what a crock of BS….these courts are full of Narcissitic judges and men and nobody cares what happens to the kids….and they wonder why boys grow up to do drugs and steal etc…..huh what a freaking joke….

Enjoy your miserable life Bill Lorenzo… lose because in the end your kids see the truth of who you are and so does GOD!!! Your son went to a good college not because of anything to do with you because you didn’t pay a dime. He did the work and I sacrificed my life to move to a state where they care about education.

To All Bill Lorenzo’s friends who have enabled him and listened to his lies I hope you sleep well at night knowing how much you have aided and abedded a dead beat and hurt two very nice children who’s lives have been changed forever!! Yes this changes who those children would have grown up to be. And they need alot of counseling that I cannot afford. Hopefully someday they will get the help they need to carry on a normal life and hopefully you will ROT IN HELL all of you!!

Stephen Kyle Brisbin in Burton Texas or Brenham Texas

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Stephen Kyle Brisbin is a coward, baby making, little dick cheater, liar and good for nothing loser. He is 38 years old has seven kids that he knows of from 7 women…. One was put up for adoption (not by his choice… Thank god that girlfriend had sense) and is just now starting to pay back child support on the two youngest (one is 16 and the other is 14.) The others he never paid a dime on and are now over 18.

He was ordered to pay both moms $60.00 a week….
Wife number one is owed $53,000 and wife two is owed $48,000 in back child support.
Why hasn’t Texas put him in jail??? I don’t know but he should be put underneath not like he pays anything anyway!

He doesn’t call, see or have any contact with his kids and could careless if they are okay or not. He would rather move from household to household and screw up other families lives.
The sad part about this whole thing is that he is hurting the kids and doesn’t care. He is the crappy father of the year… Decade.. We can go on and on about what a loser Syephen Kyle Brisbin really is!

East Texas Deadbeat Dad!

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This man, John Alvin Underwood, I over 15000 behind in child support. He has had over 38 jobs in the last 10 years in order to avoid his obligation. He also has not filed his taxes since the courts put a lien on them for his arrears.

He lives in Elkhart Texas and currently has a warrant out for his arrest for failure to pay his support. While he lives it up with his new family.

William Michael Devaney

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Owes over 20,000 dollars in 2 years and has only made one payment of $20.19.
moved out of state and fathered another kid he does not help support.
he leaves jobs as soon as they get contacted about garnishing his wages.
shows up when ever it is convenient for him in new clothes and shoes and talks about how he is a better man than the guy that raises and supports his daughter.

also he is convicted of multiple domestic violence charges \including a minor.
warning he leaches of anyone that will let him