JOSH LAUGHLIN- New London/Manawa/Shawano/Clintonville Area

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This man is the definition of DEAD BEAT DAD. He has 3 beautiful children (from 3 different mothers) that he fails to take care of… He is technically unemployed but works for cash, so what little child support his children get comes from unemployment. He currently doesn’t see any of them because he is too busy with his life and getting high. While this man can be charming, funny, and witty…he only cares about himself and what he wants. He is a liar and will say anything to make himself look good. His current pick ups are getting women to think he loves his children so much, and that their mothers are keeping them from him to screw him out of all his money (he has none and lives with his parents, who pay for everything). He spends his time and money on a racecar….interesting that he can’t afford child support or find time to get a job, but has the time and money to race at Shawano Speedway on Saturdays. You can find him sitting at Phils Still, John’s Bar, Bigman’s Den, or Shawano Speedway. If you see him-BEWARE! Or feel free to get him a job!

Dead Beat Poser

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This Is Jeff Robertson, he lives in wichita ks. He has 1 daughter, that he has nothing to do with and hasnt paid child support in years. He is dramatic, and pathetic and blames the mother of the daughter for his disappearance. He posts pics on his facebook, posing as a wonderful “daddy”, but in reality hasnt seen his daughter in a couple years, and was only around for a year of her 7 years in this world. Bc he cant handle seeing her if he cant have her mother too. PATHETIC

He has a new family now

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Meet John. He is a 47 year old man who now has two children by two diff women. One is my son and the other is his daughter from a previous marriage. He currently lives in Louisiana with his new girlfriend and has since seemed to forget that he has a son down here. He could care less to pay any child support or cover his child on insurance. He got 6,000 dollars behind in child support before I finally found out where he worked and reported him. Its sad I had to report him in order to get him to pay. He doesnt call his son except maybe once or twice a month and rarely sees him. He know spends all of his time with his new girlfriend and her son. STAY AWAY FROM HIM WOMEN!! He is a smooth talker but when it comes to actually taking care of his kids he could care less.

Mr. CW

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This loser is from Detroit, MI. A close relative had the misfortune is getting involved with him and having his child. He was married, with multiple children she later found out, and has spread his seed all over the city of Detroit. He even has a grown kid who doesn’t even know who he is, so he has been at this a while. He portrays himself as a business man, and old school, but in reality is an abusive, cheating, lying manipulator, that has at least 11 children from (that we know of), from six different women. This is an old picture one he pride’s himself on showing.

Kenneth Scott Allen

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Proud owner of The Maine Housewright Company located in York Maine this wonderful upstanding man has not 1 but 2 beautiful children that he has never paid a dime for. These kids that he wanted more then anything else in the whole world yet now he cant be bothered. Not only does Mr. Kenneth Allen not pay for his kids but he cooks his books as he owns his own business so that the state cant get a dime from him. This man is the pure definition of all things looser. 47 years old 2 kids and lives with his mommy.

Roger Swan Man up!

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It has been two years since I filed an order for child support. Roger was only paying me $250 as it was! He emotionally highjacks you so you don’t take him to court! I recently said I would forfeit all that he owes me if he would just be our daughter’s life but he hasn’t contacted her. He abates service and won’t return my calls!

Maybe this will get his attention!


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The story here is almost unbelievable, it’s so screwed up… but as sad as it all is… unfortunately… it’s true.

This “man” (and I use that term VERY loosely)has fathered 6 children, by 5 different women (that we know of, I’m almost positive that there are more). He provides NO moral, emotional, or financial support for ANY of them, and continues to make more.

For my child, specifically, he is $20,000 behind, and counting. He currently has an active bench warrant in Berkeley County for non-payment of child support.

To top it off, the woman that he is still legally married to, the mother of his 2 oldest children, is also looking for him; not only for support of her children, but for a divorce. Rumor has it that he has already remarried… to a woman named Jakera Lakeshia Jenkins. If true, then he’ll also be wanted for bigamy.

He and this woman have apparently fallen off the face of the earth… for now; but the DOG-HUNT is on. Any information would be greatly appreciated…. by many different people. Let’s put this piece of scum where he belongs!!!!!!

His drivers license is suspended, but he doesn’t care, he still drives around without one. That’s how I managed to catch up to him the last time he was locked up for non-payment.

Date of birth: 12/12/1975
Height: 6′2″
Weight: 150 – 180 lbs
Race: black / light-skinned
Hair: Black / dreads
Eyes: brown/hazel (not contacts)

Has been known to go by the following names: “Tazz”; “L”; “Lanier”; “Stimpy”

He is musically inclined, so may be playing piano, keyboard, or drums for churches or the like, most likely under the table.

This is Brett Modjahedpour.

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Brett Modjahedpour lives in Centreville, VA. He owes over $44k in back child support but only pay $36/month even though he is court ordered to pay $900/month. He was reported to be working at either Savvis or Verizon.

Deadbeat Mechanic(sperm donar) in Myrtle Beach

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I live with a beautiful woman, my two kids and her two kids as well. My gf’s ex, her childrens sperm a complete DEADBEAT!! We live in Western NY while he is enjoying some fun in the sun in Myrtle Beach SC! He pays ZERO..nada..zilch in child support! He is an ex con and works as a mechanic down there. He hasn’t seen his children in THREE YEARS!! He calls them and lies to them about bringing them down to visit. Im sick of this guy getting away with this! Please, if you see him, report him to the authorities!! Send hi where he belongs..back in PRISON!!

Nicholas Daniel Schafer

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Decides which child he chooses to support!! Has spent a total of 15 minutes with his son. Got married a week before his first childs 1st birthday and just had another kid. Good luck to the dumb girl who married him!!