Aaron E. ROSS, Phoenix area, Active Warrant for failure to pay child support. TOTAL LOSER

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AARON ROSS (alias Everett Ross, A.E. Ross, Aaron Winters, Gemini Jones or any combination of these) is wanted by the Yavapai Sheriff’s office for FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. He owes close to $30,000.00 in arrears.

How to spot him: he is the shortest black man you’ll ever see. He trains dogs. Some of his company’s names are Ross Dog Training, USA dog training, and many more. If you need to know what a SCUMBAGE he really is then go to aznews.com and put in dog trainer runs off with people’s money. They did a 3 on your side on him and the news found countless people in AZ that were scammed by this bastard. And the worst thing of all is he took people’s money and didn’t even pay his child support with it!!! WTH????

He went to jail 2 years ago for the same thing. Had a wimp judge who let him out on less than the purge amount. Have a new judge now and I am hoping and praying that he sticks to the purge amount.

AARON ROSS (alias Everett Ross, A.E. Ross, Aaron Winters, Gemini Jones or any combination of these) is wanted by the Yavapai Sheriff’s office for FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. He owes close to $30,000.00 in arrears.

How to spot him: he is the shortest black man you’ll ever see. The warrant says he is 5″5 but he’s more like 5 feet. He walks bowlegged. He owns more shoes than most women. He has brand new white teeth. He shops in the children’s department because he is so short. He is losing his hair on top (easy to see as he is so short)lol.
He trains dogs. Some of his company’s names are Ross Dog Training, USA dog training, and many more. If you need to know what a SCUMBAGE he really is then go to aznews.com and put in dog trainer runs off with people’s money. They did a 3 on your side on him and the news found countless people in AZ that were scammed by this bastard. And the worst thing of all is he took people’s money and didn’t even pay his child support with it!!! WTH????

He went to jail 2 years ago for failure to pay child support. Had a wimp judge who let him out on less than the purge amount. Have a new judge now and I am hoping and praying that he sticks to the purge amount that is set now.

Aaron has lived all his life in Arizona. The address on the warrant is a LIE. That is his grandmother’s address, he uses it to hide all of his crap. Wonder what he’ll do when she passes away. So feel free to stop by there and ask her where he is. Here is her phone number [REMOVED].
So if you are sick and tired of men (he’s not one at all) not taking care of their children and running from the law then I dare you to find him and turn him in. In fact I am willing to pay the person who has him arrested or gives me the direct information to have him arrested$ 250.00 cash. I will paypal you or western union you once I have confirmation he is in jail.

his dob and address is on the warrant- go to
http://apps.co.yavapai.az.us/warrantsearch/WarrantDetails.aspx?id=88620 for all the info.

Thank you !


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Not only does this father not support his children but he actually left his children at home alone while they were asleep with loaded weapons on the side of their bed in order to get high. This paramedic/fireman whos role was to protect the public was instead convicted of multiple burglaries for stealing morphine and other drugs from fire stations and ambulances. He not only put the public in jeopardy by calling false alarms in order to obtain his drug of choice but he also thought it was wise to leave his small children at home while he did his dirty work. Due to his plea deal with the District attorney he was given a minimal sentence where as anyone else would have served years behind bars for their crimes.
In addition to his superior choices as a parent he also fails to support his three children financially. This deadbeat dictates his own set of rules on what he will pay which is the minimum of a $100 per child per month. The sad part is his desperation to have more children and he has actually impregnated multiple other women who have unfortunately not had the babies. This dedbeat dad will avoid paying medical care for his children and any other judgements imposed on him by the courts. He plays the odds of court by praying on women that are financially unable to take him to court and instills fear into women with the positions his parents have in the local government. His father being exMetro police officer and his mother who works for the District Attorney Child Support division. Surprisingly the obstacles to obtain support from this deadbeat for your children is daunting.

dereald nuez aka big d

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this person dereald ( big d ) nuez is the bottom of the bucket kinda father , friend and overall person and has been the majority of his life. he basicly had a choice ….. motocycle race ( not a pro or gets paid for it) or listen to his woman and stay together. well ofcourse this person believes only in doing what they want regardless of what anybody else wants, with the mind set of believing a good excuse ( lie, b.s. , hearsay)or appology will fix everything. he has lived this way his whole life. he hides it well at first but even when people catch on to the lying, he still does it no matter what and even acts like nothing is wrong ( mental and dumb). well ofcourse he chooses a race over his family and he gets what he deserves = lost custody and no more baby momma ( good for her) he owes his friends ( and ex-friends) money in the hundreds and thousands for supporting him when he didnt work for 4 months ofcourse not paying child support either. but when dereald nuez finally got a job and had money again he would rather spend it on booz and pot than catching up on child support or pay his debt with his friends. he wont admit to anything and goes around when he meets new people to tell them a b.s. story about how everything is the moms fault and shes the liar and hows he has been trying so hard to come back and make it all good again. he is ONLY a person of words…..meaningless words. his actions tell a whole different story. a few mentions of actions…. he met a woman living on the streets in and out of rehab, took advise from thjis person to admit himself to a mental hospital to try to get paid by G.A ( general assistance). he was denied the G.A. and when he found that out he jumped ship at the hospital…..now with a 11000 dollar med bill which ofcourse he never plans to pay. another example……. a neighboor across the street which he now claims was in a sex ring with his son, along with the mother, dereald apparently seen a picture of the neighboor Chris wearing a leather out fit with a baby ( which he said looked like his son) but of course he stilll says “whats up neighboor” and hangs out like they are buddies. then he say his old friend Mike is out to get him and does nothing but talk down on me and dereald even showed me a song he wrote about him called ” leave my family alone. sure enough a week or so later i catch them hanging out at derealds place having the time of their lives and all good. hmmmmm , so evidently he talks about everyone behind his back and when hes around them he denies it and acts like they dont know. he also has suggested he will get his son back soon and when he does he is going to make a raft out of pieces of foam and scraps from the shore of the american river and take his son rafting…..mind you no life jackets paddles or anything….just float down… yes dumber than @%@*. his intentions are unpredictable and he says things like he just going to “go away” one day and take his family back home. hopefully the sooner he realizes he has no family or home he will be better off.

Deadbeat woman beater Luis Guzman

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This is my childrens deadbeat father Luis Thomas Guzman. Luis is 24 years old with 4 kids that I currently know of. He refuses to pay any child support towards any of them and sometimes even acknowledge them. He is court ordered to pay for his only daughter a simple $63 a week which he doesnt and has refused to take three court ordered paternity tests for his last son.

Luis is a pathological liar and also is mentally unstable. He has been arretested over 6 times with drug charges, domestic violence and battery and has a suspended license. He gets thousands of dollars for going to school while living with his mommy and daddy who support him being an abusive deadbeat, thus allowing him to stay scum and not man up.

Luis wants to tell everyone that hes the father and what a great dad he is when he hasnt paid for his kids in over two years and absolutely REFUSES to do anything for his kids too. He’s very dangerous and isnt allowed to see my children unsupervised anymore.

Recently Luis Guzman was terminated from a COURT ORDERED Batterers intervention program. He was arrested a year ago and put on probation for being me with a baseball bat in front of his two children that he ” loves so much.” Because I refuse refuses to be with him anymore (for obvious reasons), out of spite because he is obsessed with me, he posted pictures and harassing things online. He has never paid for his kids, watched his kids or even attended his last sons birth, but yet thinks he has the right to say ANYTHING about the mother who has been the ONLY ONE there for those precious kids.

Because of his refusal to pay and even show up for court ordered child support hearings, the DOR has issued a warrant out for his arrest.

He owes over 5k for his 3 year old daughter and an unknown amount and counting for his last son whose 1 and a half years old. I will NOT STOP UNTIL MY CHILDREN GET THE MONEY THAT THEY DESERVE!


Marcus D. Miner (29 y/o) LAWTON, OK – Hoping for my 5th kid **Fingers Crossed** SMH

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FEEL BAD FOR ME??… Let’s start the PITY PARTY:
LET’S TAKE IT BACK TO 2005: I put my first baby momma thru HELL… and MAN, DO I mean HELL… I cheated on her, degraded her, disrespected her both physically & verbally, not to mention the constant mental anguish… its no wonder she got sucked into some bullshit since I was just a broke ass dude livin wit my Mama… but anyway… That Girl did me SOOO wrong, she went out trying to hustle (like I showed her was so cool to do) and you know what that Bitch did??? YEA!! She got locked up and I got stuck wit these TWO babies… Its all good tho, cause I ain’t gonna let them cramp my *SWAGGA* & I’ll never let her live it down even tho my Mama be taking care of them right up until her final breath… but did THAT stop me?? OH NO… I’m too awesome for my kids needs to come before mine… so you see… I gots me a plan… I need me another baby momma… good thing I hit that dope hoe raw before my momma passed… but I ain’t really feelin her too much cause she cheats, so I’m gonna put her through hell and claim he couldn’t be mine cause he look like the mexican I saw comming out her back door one night. OH SNAP!! That shit came back MINE!! DAMN… its all good, I can keep her on the back burner now. RECENT: 2011… I just met this down ass chick, she got it ALL together, she cute, work, got her own car, her own place, no baby daddy drama, she don’t sleep around, she educated AND she a great mom… MAN I HIT THE JACK POT… Better scheme on her fast!!! I’m so smart, I brought my two babies over (cause remember the other one’s only mine when I wanna get some *wink wink*) to her house and she just fell head over heels IN LOVE… I better act fast!! “I love you, and look, our kids get along so well, our life will be wonderful, let me have a baby with you… PLEASE” YUP… I’m DA MAN… I GET WHAT I WANT. Hope she doesn’t find out that I been tappin’ the wife of my homeboy’s brother-in-law… that could get sticky… ehh, she a trick anyway, my other boy said he and like 3 other dudes tapped her too… WHAT? She txting claimin’ she pregnant… CRAP… gotta choose…. SKANK or my good girl… Ummm… Yea! HA HA HA… Like I gotta choose… let me put this chicken head in her place!! What’s that u heartbroke? who cares… word on the street is u aint pregnant no more, so fuck it. OH, and can’t forget to keep F**king Baby Momma #2… can’t let her take me for child support… and now its even easier cause my girl got taken outta work on medical leave cause of the belly (YES!! No job means she can’t leave me… I can start to slack). What’s that?? Baby Mama #1 want the babies so bad she willing to come back to me? SWEET… TRIPLE CAKE!!! I’ll just string ‘em all along while I try to pull in some reserves cause this sh*t gotta blow sometime. Baby #4 came early cause I made his momma sick… DAMN… I THINK I know where it came from…. oh well… im gonna stay doin her cause I rather make my babies sick then have to give up some of my check… wait, naw… that’s right I quit my job right after #4 so no one could expect me to run out and buy baby items, WOW man… SHE DID IT ALL… Premature Labor, Emergancy C-section, they BOTH almost died!! And she so on top of her Sh*t that she was back home with the baby in less than a week, taking care of all six kids and she not even healed yet… OH Well… I’m goin OUT! Who cares… Oooh, I forgot, “Babe? Can I get some $$ from you”?? OK now I can bounce… after all… I got chicks to do, baby mamas to see, and weed to smoke… what I wanna be around a bunch of kids for?? I know the straight if they with her!! SHIT!! Chicken-head just popped out a baby… FEWWWW!! She claiming it’s her man’s… Uh but wait… it look just like my other ones… and nothing like him… Let me hit her up right quick “But Mama, u know I wish he was mines don’t you? I love u girl… u know I got your heart” there, that should be enough to get her thinking… YUP, it worked & just in time cause Good Girl talking bout she knows what’s up? And she a smart one, so IDK how long I got with that sitter situation… let me go hit up Baby Mama #2 for a mercy f**k… I can get high & laid, AND she’ll give me back the money my girl spent on baby #3 @ Christmas… SWEET!!! Now I can go out with the guys tonight and get drunk. MAN, I’m LIT SON!!! And sh*t, she caught me where I ain’t supposed to be… Now I gotta get aggressive… I’ma act like I’ma hit her while she holding my premature baby… YEA… WHO BOSS NOW? What’s that? WTF? Who hittin me? DAMN… Its her son… tryin to protect his Mama… Wellll SH****T… I’ll fix him… Let me choke this lil nigga out…. (got my hands round his neck real good… even left a mark!!) Damn… she callin the police… I’m out… Oww, don’t let me forget to take my first two kids out @ 4am from they sleep so I can run from the police high & drunk with them in the back seat… cause that’s what COOL DADS do!!! Yea, I’m the best… My cheating, lies and violence put me in the street with the two kids I have, I don’t see my other two kids cause Baby Mama #2 moved South when she found out bout Baby #4 and Baby Mama #3 left to the East Coast cause I tried to kill her son…. now I guess I really need to pray that the Shank Chicken-head is pregnant by me and leaves her Baby Daddy because I need a place for me to drop these kids off so I can do it all over again!!!

BUT HEY… It’s all worth it cause I got all these beautiful babies to use as tools to call on these women when I get horny, lonely, depressed, bored, or need a sitter so I can screw someone else!! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!

dead beat dad!

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gregory mathew kelley is a dead beat dad he has
never seen my son and we also had a dna test done
and he was proven to be his dad he claims the
DNA test lied and he still refuses to step up and take responsibility he says as far as he is concerned my son was and never will never be his dad.i emailed him to get family medical history for his side of the family and he refused to give it to me my son has a breathing problem and he could care less he laid in a hospital bed for four days and do you thing the dead beat dad called or even asked about him.

Dead Beat Dad in camillus

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When we in the home he would offer 10.00 a week for a family of 5 to live off of because he couldn”t be left with no money to go out to lunch with his co workers. when he was out of the house he would break in and live in the basement he was arrested twice and put in jail once for domestic abuse second time for breaking a restraining order. Some how got into Nursing school and led us to belive he only made 23,000 dolloars a year and could only pay 75.00 a week. When in reality he makes close to $60.000 a year. and is not paying he child support at all because he claims he has family emergencies. with his other children which he only paid child support for 9 years for one child he has 3 from his first wife. never paid a dime for the other two. becuase as he said we have an understanding. if you see him tell him to grow. child support is a bill just like any other. Just lie his New car payment his credit card payments, and his rent.

a real winner

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this is DeAngelo Mitchell. he has 4 children with 3 different women. mine is the youngest at 14 years old. he doesn’t pay child support for any of them but mine is the only one he refuses to acknowledge even though he knows for sure she’s his. he lives minutes from our house but will not spend any time with our daughter which is all she ever wanted in the first place. i waived my right to child support when i was working full time because he said it was ‘ruining his life’. now I’ve lost my job and my right to drive due to disability. I’m still stuck with the burden of explaining to my beautiful child why her father loves her brother and sister’s but not her. how can a guy consider himself a man when he won’t take care of his own kids. how do you pick and choose which kids you are gonna love? even if he hates me how can he hate a person that came from him? that looks like him? that has nothing but love to give him? i would feel like a mega piece of Crap if i let my daughter go without anything! in 14 years he has given her nothing.

Ronnie Victor Smith Jr: Child Molestor / Deadbeat

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This Deadbeat Dad has 11 kids by 6 different women in 3 different states. He currently lives with his sister Dawn Smith in Williston, South Carolina…. She protects him because she’s a deadbeat mom. She lost custody of her 15 year old when she was just a little kid for being abusive, killed her second baby during her pregnancy, and recently lost custody of her 6 year old for being abusive and beating her with belts. It has been rumored for years that they are sleeping together, not sure but I do know that Ronnie has a baby with 1 of his cousins.
Ronnie is a registered sex offender who molested a 12 year old little girl. He currently has another baby on the way in Maryland, where he just left to avoid child support for baby he has in Florida. He gave his wife an std (genital warts). if you see him don’t fall for his southern charm …he is a drunk and very abusive. google his name and you will see that he molested a little girl! protect yourself from this monster and his family!

dead beat dad of charleston!

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the man that you see in this picture is jake burch (21) the father of my son. me and this man were together since april of 2010. we had a really rough relationship. i found out i was pregnant on may 25th of 2011. i left him when i was about 9 weeks pregnant for different reasons. one being his drug problem, his anger issues, and mainly because he was just an overall asshole. we tried working things out again in december of 2011 for the sake of our son. i wanted him to have his father in his life even if we never worked. 12/30/2011 i was admited into the hospital. i called him as soon as they told me it was time to push. come to find out, he brought a friend to the hospital (one that im not very fond of) not to mention they were both highly intoxicated. the friend was in the waiting room with mine and jakes entire family talking about how shit faced they were and how they had been up all night and so on. right before i gave birth jake looked at me and told me he loved me and was ready to be a dad and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. i was so happy. i later found out he was talking to other girls when i was in the hospital. the first week after i was out and home with our son Brentley, he was coming to my home as much as he could trying to do what was right. he didnt last very long. jan 6th (one week exactly after our son was born) he was gone. i have tried since then to let him be in brentleys life but he would never step up. ive givin him plenty of chances and have finally called it quits. the last time he has even asked about his son was at the beginning of march. i am offically dreading that day when my son looks at me and asks me, “mommy, why is my last name different from yours?” i am a 19 year old single mother with just a sperm doner.