The ultimate piece of shit

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So this guy here Jeffrey Neal Donnelly Jr AKA Jay or Jeff Nevergetmedown Donnelly (facebook name) is the ultimate piece of shit. Not only does he have 4 kids to 3 different women, none of us knew about the other women until it was too late. Apparently he was screwing his two exes at the same time and they got pregnant 5 months apart from each other. He married one (the other one dumped him) and was living with her for a couple years. She got pregnant again and they separated. That’s when I met him. He told me that he was divorced and had 2 kids. A couple months later, I found out I was pregnant. When I told him, that’s when I found out he was still married and had a 3rd kid on the way. So his two oldest (are 5 months apart and the two youngest are 5 months apart. He pays child support for his first 3 kids, all through court order. But unlike those lucky ladies, I don’t have a rich mommy and daddy to run to to help me pay the money for the child support order. Plus, he as informed me that he wants nothing to do with my son because he doesn’t want to pay child support and volunteered to sign over his parental rights. He’s staying with his ex wife just for the BAH and uses the fact that he’s technically married to secure on post housing which he lives in by himself when there are military families on months long waiting lists waiting for a house. he can afford to buy himself all sorts of stuff (new tatoos, new piercings, new clothes, etc.) but he’s constantly fighting with his baby mamas to lower the child support because “he’s broke.” He fucks anything that walks and actually got a vascetomy so he didn’t have to worry about birth control. But meanwhile, he has never given his son a dime, doesn’t ever call or see his other 3 kids (hasn’t seen them in over 2 years). He’s a waste of life and if you see him, RUN!!! you do not want to fall for his shit. He says he’s a good dad and he cares about his kids, but unfortunately he’s just a loser and deadbeat dad. I live 10 minutes from him and he refuses to see his son. He’s pathetic. oh and not to mention he has weasled thousands of dollars out of each of us to help him pay off his debt and buy him things with promises that someday he’ll pay us back, or that it will in some way benefit us too.


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Fitzgerald Mclean could easily win the Deadbeat Dad award. He lives in the same city as his daughter, and actually lived 2 blocks from her for a couple of years. She turned 9 today. I texted him to remind him it was her birthday because he didn’t remember it on his own, and he didn’t even ask to speak to her… just told me he would stop by to see her today. He didn’t of course. In 9 years, he has only taken his daughter on two occassions, and both times it was only for a few hours and he didn’t even spend time with her, he dropped her off with his other BM. He works under the table doing construction, but keeps a part-time job in the evenings as a janitor at the court house so he only has to pay $105 a month in support. He makes a LOT more doing construction, so if anyone knows who he is working for and want to let me know so I can bust his ass that would be great!! He is an alcoholic, and always has money for weed, booze and women, but never for his kids. The money isn’t even what bothers me… it’s that she will call him and want to see him and he ALWAYS blows her off. She actually told me today that she didn’t expect to see him. :( It breaks my heart. She is on the porch right now waiting for him to show up… but I know he won’t. She is an amazing kid, too. Straight A student and one of the most kind hearted people you could meet. He is such a loser to miss out on knowing her. He couldn’t tell you when her birthday is, her favorite color, her aspirations in life… nothing. He knows nothing about her. He had NEVER bought her ANYTHING for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc… nor does he call her on any of these holidays… she will have to call him and half the time he won’t answer. So if you see this deadbeat who also has quite a few other children in Jamaica (his homeland) and in the USA… run!!! But get the name of his employer for me first, please! :)

Michael Dorsey

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Michael Dorsey from 4600 block of Kendrick st.. as decided he will not support his son that he chose to have. he claims to be the best dad in the world on Facebook and to ppl that know him.. however many do not know that he has a sons that he does not claim or take care of.. he has also had a daughter recently that he claims to be his pride and joy along with son of his nieces and nephews but not his own kids.i doubt if all the women he deals with even know about all of his children.because his family dont or they claim to have no knoweledge of them. to this day he has only seen one of his son once and the others he no longer sees based on his new relationships with different women he has children by. he does not pay child support because he claims to be “crazy” so that he can receive a ssi check. he’s in and out of prison and is a true dead beat.

Thomas Cherry

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This man lives in Philly somewhere near Broad and Champlost(for now atleast until he finds his next female victim). He is the Donor of 7kids by five different women. He had to be taken to court for the mothers to get financial support. Some of his kids do not even know who he is. He denies his kids to other women. He has a history of only claiming the three oldest kids however he has been disfunctionally involved in their lives. Seeing them sparingly and exposing them to the triflin and perverted lifestyle that he lives. All of the children know how he has treated and felt about each of their siblings. He intentionally gets women pregnant and then fails to deal with the children. He has caused his kids emotional distress. He has wished death on the mother of his kids right infront of the kids. He has seriously thought of ways to kill his kids while the mother was pregnant, even to the point of practicing out how to “mistakenly”knee the mother in the stomach while pregnant to cause a miscarriage. He has stated that he regrets having some of his kids and refuses to be apart of their lives. He claims to be a prophet of God and uses the Bible to lure women into believing he is a God-fearing man. He uses women for money and other worldly posessions. He destroys their credit, by putting cars, motorcycles, apartments, expensive cellphones, and music equipment in their names, with no intent of ever paying the creditors. He claims to be a Hebrew Israelite and that his way of life, such as using women, polygamy, hatred of caucasians, and lying is justified by God. This man is truly a deadbeat and a menace to society.

Jimmy Byrd is a loser ass Dead BEAT and his family is JACKOFFS!

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This loser has 2 girls to a woman, and a little boy with me. He has his girls every weekend and can not be bothered to be in my sons life. He is court ordered to pay 61$ a month, and has not paid in over 3 months now. He had a job at eat n park and then after child support was established he went and got a better job at a plastics plant. OH and he still lives with his mommy and daddy in their Trailer…LMAO… His mom i gave her the chance to be in my sons life, and she had no balls to face me like a grown woman, she had her daughter in law e-mail me telling me the family wanted answers as to why no one knew.. Lol. But just 2 weeks ago had the nerve to friend request me on Facebook wanting to see pictures of her grandson. I told that bitch no since none of them wanted to be a part of his life and after 9 months they think they are going to be a part of his life after all the harder things in his life are over and hes crawling now…Piss on you! If you see this loser hocker on him for me!

Hi My name is Patrick Dennis Dahl and I dont support my child!

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My name is Patrick Dennis Dahl and I live in Phila Pa 19111. Back in 1999 my ex-wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Through the years I choose to lie, cheat, steal and degrade anyone and everyone that came into my life including my ex-wife. Since she wised up and left me I felt that getting back at her the best way I could was to “NOT pay child support or financially support my daughter at all”. I know that its wrong but in my eyes I think that this is getting back at my ex for not tolerating my Infidelities, the constant hitting on her girl friends, and trying to sleep with them. My ex-wife cares for my daughter, supports her financially, supplies her medical and has her about 80% of the time (if not more when I get a bug up my butt). That’s the way it should be cause heck Im not much of a father I’m alot like my own mother that abandoned me.
My daughter is a bright, beautiful, sweet young lady and I owe all that to my ex-wife for raising her. By me not supporting her I know that at times she had to do without, or didn’t get what she needed or couldnt go on trips or participate in things that mattered the most to her. BUT this will give her some tough skin later in life. She will know better than to pick a loser such as myself. She will know when to run away when a man lies on a regular basis. This is a lifelong lesson for her and I’m glad that I was the one to bring it forward for her. I know she may hate me later on in life but who cares, hell I didn’t care enough when she needed me growing up why should I care later? Paying support is useless and I really dont see the need in it when her mother can support her.
Showing my daughter that I dont want to support her, raise her, love her or spend time with her like daddies and daughter should will just give her a lesson in life that Daddies aren’t always good daddies sometimes they just say they are good daddies to hear themselves talk! It makes us deadbeats feel better when we hear it.
Well when my daughter gets older and she goes to college, meets a wonderful man, gets married, buys a huge house and raises an awesome family, I know who will be in all the photo’s leading up to this…. MY EX WIFE cause she’s the one who stuck by her side no matter what and did what she had to make ends meet without government assistantace… she will deserve all the much needed credit :)

York St Dead Beat

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James ‘humpty” Johnson and dead beat nigga who lives with his mother at his aunt house he is a clown a broke clown lying that he get money and he cant even take care of his kids he had 2 kids and one whi he was claiming wasnt his till he got back with tha babymomma now all of a sudden the kid is his..smh he is a degrace to the york st community a dead beat a wanksta he dont even own a car he does not own anything at all he stands on the block all day begging for cigarettes he is a broke scrub who lives off of his mother and whatever women dumb enough to take care of his ass he is also a women beater but when it comes to fighting men he is a coward…he talk all that tough stuff be he aint nothing…a chump who got sucka punched by another man and was crying like a litlle punk telling bol to fight his friend cause he was afraid..all i gotta say is ladies be careful he will juice you for your money a place to stay and he will steal you cellphone so becarefull ladies!!

beware of this man

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he has 5 children 1 is a newborn he owns child support to all these kids. he keep moving from state to state, from woman to woman, he quit the navy in 2007 to avoid paying for child support. he is not working and he is living with his new family that 1 day he will leave without notice. he hasnt a passport anymore… he is in PA now, probably already trying to contact women online to move to the next state…

If he won 10 million he would give it to everyone but his daughter.

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Roland Butch McClain Hickory/Cannonsburg PA

Roland Butch McClain owes $56,000 in back child support and he has learned all the laws of Alabama to avoid getting caught in PA. Him and his brother Sonny say that Iam a trick ass white ho that uses my child for money.
In 2007 he had a national warrant and was caught going into Canada by customs, 2 weeks later he came to court in Jefferson County Alabama and while we were in the courtroom he thanked me for making him lose his job!!!! I truly apologize for him losing his job since it benefited my daughter so much. He was released from county jail on $1,000 dollars and of course promised he would start paying.
Just like your typical deadbeat dad he goes off and makes more babies that Im sure the state and your tax money will be supporting!!!!
He is part of a motorcycle club, well founder with all his extra time and money, that ask what would you do if you won 10 million dollars-his reply “I would give each member of the Redline Guerillas a million” he does not mention his 11 year old daughter in Alabama that he does not call on birthdays and Christmas~
The following is what his brother emailed me on fb when I asked him to have his brother call me about paying for our daughters braces:

22 hours agoSonny McClain
you stupid yankee bitch only reason he got picked up is because he crossed the border. ur sorry ass pi aint going to do shit for you……join the millions of other crying as women who use kids for the money. And as far as my mother she nevr once asked our dad for money she did it on her own…….listen here who cares what you think he is because ur a sorry ass excuse for a mother…… fuck off one white kid and on black kid are u serious next u will have a mexican or japaness kid lol get a life dirt south girl………..

Ronald Andre Harper aka Lonnie Harper. Hiding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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This deadbeat walked on his kids never paying child support. He has worked off the grid for the last 10 years and has loads of family and friends that willingly help him neglect his basic responsibilities in taking care of his children.

Every year he helps organize a family reunion ( )
but has never even once shown any concern for the children he sired. He pretends to be all about family but has never even made any attempt to provide even the most basic necessities for his kids. He just picked up and started again.

He has a judgement against him and currently owes well into the 6 figures in back child support. What a wonderful family man!