Watch out for this no good SCUMBAG!

Posted on : 17-08-2011 | By : ReneeCharest | In : Deadbeat Dads, Rhode Island


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The person in the pic is Leo Armand Charest, III. He currently resides in the state of Rhode Island. He owes over 8k in back child support that he never pays. Actually, I did receive a few payments here and there, but he always manages to stay under the radar when it comes to the court and the police. He has an active bench warrant for his arrest. But I don’t have any hopes of him ever being arrested. He claims to be re-married, and his wife looks like a man…adam’s apple and all! She thinks she married a “wonderful man”, but little does she know that this so-called “man” is actually a deadbeat father. Hopefully she learns the truth really quick, but if she doesn’t, then that’s her problem! I had a child with this moron back in 2003 and he hasn’t seen his “sperm donor” since he was 6 months old. That’s great for my son though, because I don’t want my child growing up around that idiot. It all started when I got pregnant. Leo and I would get into these arguments that sometimes escalated to the physical level. When I was still in my 1st trimester, he punched me in the stomach, claiming that he wanted to kill the baby because he didn’t think my son was his. He beat me up on more then one occasion, but I was trapped with him. I had no money to leave, and my family lived out of state. The last thing I wanted to do was put all my problems on my parents. I dealt with it, until I actually got to move back home when he went on deployment. After we divorced, i told my family about all the things he did to me when we were together. They were very upset that I never told them before. Anyways…moving on…if you come across this guy, kick him in his babymaker…HARD! He doesn’t deserve to be called “dad” because…well….he is simply a “sperm donor”. He has never taken any interest in my son…and I know he never will. That is fine by me, because my baby will be taken care of regardless of whether he is an active father or not. He actually thinks that because my father makes great money, that it is my father’s responsibility to take care of my son. He has stated in the past that he wants nothing to do with him. One time he wrote me an e-mail stating that he doesn’t care about me or my “country bumpkin kid”. He claims that he is in the military again, but I am not so sure I believe him. The military runs criminal checks on people and since he has a warrant out for his arrest, it would have showed up during the check. Also, if he is in the military like he claims, then how come the child support is not rolling in on a regular basis? Because he is just hiding….he’s a bum, who thinks he is the next EMINEM. A wannabe rapper, who thinks he actually sounds good. I can’t stand the fact that he thinks he can do whatever he wants and never have to be responsible. He should never have anymore kids. He is nothing but a LOSER, a DEADBEAT, a LEECH, a real DIRTBAG! If you know him and have a grudge against him, I advise you to turn him in. I can’t wait for the day that I get to see him face to face in a Michigan court. Michigan is not like other states when it comes to child support. If someone owes support and there is a warrant out for their arrest, they will extradite them back to Michigan to face charges.