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lanier.jpg (105 KB)

The story here is almost unbelievable, it’s so screwed up… but as sad as it all is… unfortunately… it’s true.

This “man” (and I use that term VERY loosely)has fathered 6 children, by 5 different women (that we know of, I’m almost positive that there are more). He provides NO moral, emotional, or financial support for ANY of them, and continues to make more.

For my child, specifically, he is $20,000 behind, and counting. He currently has an active bench warrant in Berkeley County for non-payment of child support.

To top it off, the woman that he is still legally married to, the mother of his 2 oldest children, is also looking for him; not only for support of her children, but for a divorce. Rumor has it that he has already remarried… to a woman named Jakera Lakeshia Jenkins. If true, then he’ll also be wanted for bigamy.

He and this woman have apparently fallen off the face of the earth… for now; but the DOG-HUNT is on. Any information would be greatly appreciated…. by many different people. Let’s put this piece of scum where he belongs!!!!!!

His drivers license is suspended, but he doesn’t care, he still drives around without one. That’s how I managed to catch up to him the last time he was locked up for non-payment.

Date of birth: 12/12/1975
Height: 6′2″
Weight: 150 – 180 lbs
Race: black / light-skinned
Hair: Black / dreads
Eyes: brown/hazel (not contacts)

Has been known to go by the following names: “Tazz”; “L”; “Lanier”; “Stimpy”

He is musically inclined, so may be playing piano, keyboard, or drums for churches or the like, most likely under the table.

Deadbeat Mechanic(sperm donar) in Myrtle Beach

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rick.jpg (35 KB)

I live with a beautiful woman, my two kids and her two kids as well. My gf’s ex, her childrens sperm a complete DEADBEAT!! We live in Western NY while he is enjoying some fun in the sun in Myrtle Beach SC! He pays ZERO..nada..zilch in child support! He is an ex con and works as a mechanic down there. He hasn’t seen his children in THREE YEARS!! He calls them and lies to them about bringing them down to visit. Im sick of this guy getting away with this! Please, if you see him, report him to the authorities!! Send hi where he belongs..back in PRISON!!

dead beat dad of charleston!

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074.JPG (134 KB)

the man that you see in this picture is jake burch (21) the father of my son. me and this man were together since april of 2010. we had a really rough relationship. i found out i was pregnant on may 25th of 2011. i left him when i was about 9 weeks pregnant for different reasons. one being his drug problem, his anger issues, and mainly because he was just an overall asshole. we tried working things out again in december of 2011 for the sake of our son. i wanted him to have his father in his life even if we never worked. 12/30/2011 i was admited into the hospital. i called him as soon as they told me it was time to push. come to find out, he brought a friend to the hospital (one that im not very fond of) not to mention they were both highly intoxicated. the friend was in the waiting room with mine and jakes entire family talking about how shit faced they were and how they had been up all night and so on. right before i gave birth jake looked at me and told me he loved me and was ready to be a dad and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. i was so happy. i later found out he was talking to other girls when i was in the hospital. the first week after i was out and home with our son Brentley, he was coming to my home as much as he could trying to do what was right. he didnt last very long. jan 6th (one week exactly after our son was born) he was gone. i have tried since then to let him be in brentleys life but he would never step up. ive givin him plenty of chances and have finally called it quits. the last time he has even asked about his son was at the beginning of march. i am offically dreading that day when my son looks at me and asks me, “mommy, why is my last name different from yours?” i am a 19 year old single mother with just a sperm doner.

Dead beat alert!

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Beware dead beat dad! Hodges J. Drake has a beautiful little boy and does not take care of him whatsoever. He demanded a paturnity test so i gave it to him and then cs was ordered. He skipped town a week before the first payment was due. Now his son is turning a year old and has no clue who his father is and has never received anything from him nor his family in all honesty.

Don’t Sleep with this man! BEWARE

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deadbeat 4.jpg (66 KB)

He love to fish for his victims on CRAIGSLIST! his name is Jamal A Williams,girls beware he is a liar and a user he also goes by the name “TIER” or “j” who has sex with women and leaves them raising a kid ALONE now his current victim is currently pregnant he’s raising her two kids that aren’t his but never fought to make sure his child had food clothes or diapers nothing! and his ex before her almost got preg last year too and my son is almost 2 now! YOU DO THE MATH

he is a disgrace he also has a older child from another mother he doesn’t see, he left me 8 weeks pregnant doesn’t know what his son looks like,his birthday or even his name!

His entire family knew I was pregnant and they also did nothing to hold him accountable they supported him not helping at all.
he made up having HIV when i told him i was pregnant and told me that if I didn’t abort my child would die from it!.he hasn’t gone to court to pay a dime to my child but is out playing house and raising two kids from his current victim!

PLEASE GIRLS do not sleep with this trash deadbeat dad.

Daniel Jay Lollis – Piedmont, SC

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274961_100000308889812_4510556_n.jpg (8 KB)

Daniel left his wife and 3 children when his youngest was 6 months old. His youngest is now 7 years old. The child support issues started at that time. He lied to the judge that he went before for his seperation so he got off easy. He was only ordered to pay $89 a week for 3 children’s child support. He has never paid it regularly. He has always run from his warrants. His latest venture was off to SanDiego, CA. During that time the divorce was finalized and child support was increased to $185 a week. When he came back they found him slapped him on the wrist with a 90 day term (reduced to 45 days) and sent him home. He lives with his parents and has no resposibilities and they gave him a month “to get on his feet” before he was to make another payment. During that time he lost his job that he had and has not made the payments as ordered. He now owes over $10,000. He does not pay child support. He does not call to check on his kids. He does not care. He is a deadbeat!

RUSTIE DAVIS ABANDONS his daughter, and his child support responsibilities!

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31715_1293722353064_1530475378_30675942_6097790_n.jpg (94 KB)

RUSTIE DAVIS, of the Belton and Honea Path area-(address to come soon) has decided that he no longer wants to be a part of his daughters life. Nor does he want to pay the over $5,000 worth of child support that he owes to the child’s mother.

The very same man who refuses to see his 7 year old daughter (or pay his child support), was recently blessed with twins from his new wife. Explain how he has time and fatherly love and support for his new children, but not his first born child who adores him. He also owns a house, a boat, and manages to take fishing trips, and vacations. . . but he doesn’t have the time to see his daughter, nor the money to pay child support.

RUSTIE DAVIS is the brother of Professional Fisherman and Country Music Singer, and MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL AND RESPONSIBLE. . Casey Ashley.

If you see this man around town, please feel free to remind him what a father is supposed to do for his children. Let him know that it is not okay to abandon them and make excuses. Remind him that he is a deadbeat.

Loser with MANY children!!!

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This loser’s name is Bruce Anthony Washington aka BJ aka Snooks. He is from Awendaw, SC. Bruce decided to flee on his children and move to NC where he’s probably spreading his sperm. He is a crook and loves to scam femeles.You can find him at local clubs and bars but he will never go visit his children. He tries his hardest to convince others that he only has 4 children when he has more than that. What kinda man claims that one of his children is deceased? That clearly spells out SICK! This son of a bitch needs his penis clipped because he makes babies and refuses to take care of them. He owes child support to a few of his children and just wont do right. Ladies stay away from this bastard, he is truly unstable.

Charlie Scott could give lessons on being a “DEADBEAT DAD”

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This sorry excuse for a father is Charles Anthony Scott. He’s the father of two older children and a precious 6 year old little girl. He’s a liar, loser, user and cheater. He preys on women that usually have children already and are most definitely independent, because he only works long enough to fool the woman he is working on then comes up with some reason to have gotten fired or quit. He has never paid child support and is jumping from place to place to dodge the courts on taking him to be ordered to pay. He’s been married 4 times and would have already gotten married again if the last wife hadn’t wised up and decided to let him pay for a divorce for a change. His beautiful 6yr daughter just had her 6th birthday and out of every year she has been born this low life has not once attended a birthday party for her. This is a man you makes you think he is a good person by treating your children like his own while on the other hand completely ignoring the fact that he has three children biologically. He comes in and out of their lives when its convenient for him. He hands off a buck here and there just to make himself feel like he’s accomplished something in his life. Just be warned that this guys is full of many acts and will turn your whole life around. If you’re with him you better hope you use protection or have your tubes tied because having a child with him will result in your baby being daddy’less!!!! He’s the biggest deadbeat dad of South Carolina in my book!


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J.jpg (7 KB)

Check this 36 yr old loser out! He has 3 kids and is $30,000 behind in child support. He doesn’t so much as even acknowledge the fact that he has kids and has not seen them in 3 years! He literally lived 1 mile down the street but chose young girls and drugs over his children! He is a selfish, poor excuse for a man. His main concern is hooking up the latest stupid young girl that will keep him up. He “raises” these girls children calling them his own and tells people that he has no other children. His kids have grown to hate him for all the things he has done and refuse to call him daddy. He will never know the extent of damage he has done to their lives and honestly he could care less. He lives for himself and what he wants at the time. He has no heart and no feelings. His loss, not mine..MY kids know who is there for them every single day of their lives and who is not!