The Worst Ever!!

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I’ve been dealing with Child Support for years, with that said then most know that nothing is getting accomplished and just when I thought something was this is what happens:

I had already had two children by Mr Thomas when I became pregnant with the third. He gave me the option of either giving the baby up for adoption or aborting it. I chose another route and left him. I had the baby boy in 2004. Mr Thomas was notified of the birth but wouldn’t come see the child due to his JOB. From 2004 until 2005 he saw the children approximately 2 times. Once he showed up in the middle of the night, I’m talking about 1am-ish. The other he went to a mutual friends house and I took the kids over there. Thats when he had the nerve to look at my then boyfriend, now husband and father to my children, and ask him what we needed for the kids. We never saw anything though. Read the rest of this post »

The Story of Aaron T. Lockhart: South Carolina’s Biggest Deadbeat!

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Ladies please beware! This deadbeat that you are currently viewing is named Aaron Toliver Lockhart Jr. His hometown is Pageland, South Carolina but he currently resides in Gaffney, South Carolina or Spartanburg, South Carolina. I met this man (and I use the term, “man” VERY loosely) through my job in July of 2009. He was most definitely a “ladies man” that won me over with his southern charm. We had quick fling that lasted July-September, ending after I discovered that I was pregnant. Initially, he was excited, or better yet astonished of the fact that he was able to create a child. But that happiness faded just as quickly as it came. Read the rest of this post »


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Ok so last year i had posted about this idiot for been a deadbeat….well i was expecting for things to change as far as him been more involved in his son’s life but as you can see nothing has….he only came for his birthday but after that….he went missing doesnt call to check up on him or even help in taking care of him all he wana do is smoke weed,pop pills and drink….last time i told yall he has 3kids…well now he has 5 kids…3boys and 2girls….but he still denies that other 4yr old boy and his 1.5year old girl but he clearly knows that he is the father… if you see him dnt listen to his lies coz he clearly doesnt take care of my son,the other son or his older daughter….sn:he has all the access broke or not i told him he can come see his son even if he aint taking care of him financially but still didnt take advantage of it….

Genesis’s Deadbeat Dad

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Will is nothing but a deadbeat dad. As soon as he found out I was pregnant he quit talking to me. Not once in almost a year and a half has he even bothered to ask how his daughter is. He picked druugs and a new girlfriend over her. Now that he knows I have filed for child support, he has ran away and is trying to hide. He is the most pathetic person I know. I do not understand how someone could reject their own child! Genesis is the most beautiful and funny little girl, and yet his missed the first 5 months of her life. It makes me sick.

Marty E. White…He thinks he’s God

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Marty E. White. I was married to him for 20 years. We have 4 kids together and I got tired of his me me ways so I told him in 2009 that I wanted a divorce. He agreed to pay support if I didn’t take it to domestic relations. About 6 months after we seperated I met someone so he decided he didn’t want to pay support anymore. He is blaming me for him not paying support saying that I wouldn’t let him see the kids. The guy thinks he is the only one that matters, he is very selfish, only thinks about himself. He’s a good con artist and can convince just about anyone that he is the victim in whatever is happening at the time. If you see him run the other way, don’t stop, don’t stare, just run. He is not the person you want to be associated with, he will only destroy you and those around you. My kids have been doing without for 6 months now because of him, he tells them he doesn’t want anything to do with them while I am in the picture. He is an over the road trucker so the chances of you running into him are pretty good no matter where you are in the U.S.

The Worst of The Worst….Toriano “Tori” Mckinney

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This is my son’s “Dead Beat Dad” or as I like to now call him, my “sperm donor” cause apparently thats all he was. We were together for 3 years!!!!! So this was no fly by night situation. I got pregnant, and all was good. We had our problems and after 3 years and me 5 months pregnant we called it quits….This “man” was in and out my whole pregnancy. When ever it was convenient to him. He showed up to the hospital after i had given birth, knowing that i was in the hospital the night before scheduled to be induced. Read the rest of this post »

Jeremy Standley Dye ” Deadbeat Father”

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Jeremy Standley Dye is truly a deadbeat dad. Jeremy and I have a five year old daughter named Lexie.He has never seen her one time, because he is so sorry! He knows that she is his child. He did not want to be in her life, so he told his family that she was not even his child. He is such a lier! He also has two other children that he has nothing to do with and everytime the courts catch up with him for child support he quits his jobs and moves. He is such a sorry person and I do not understand how he sleeps at night knowing that he has three daughters he does not even care about.Lexie started school this year and she makes straight A’s too. I want to expose him for the looser he truly is. He should not be allowed to breed anymore!

sorry baby daddy!

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this is a sorry exuse for a man that has fathered 4 beautiful girls and has not been a father to none of them. he does pay child support but that is not all it takes to be a father. spending quality time with your child expecially a young girl is what is most important. that is what is wrong with most women these days. they never had a strong male figure in their life and spend their entire life looking for a man to compensate what they never had as a young girl. his main objective in life is chasing after no count women. he will be sorry one day when he needs someone to take care of him in his old age. the sad thing about it all four girls look just like him! he might make someone a good man, but he sure does suck at being a father to his kids!


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This stupid idiot right here is called DONDRE LAWRENCE HOLCOMBE born in 6/27/1980 yes that’s right he is 30yrs old but lies to people that he is 26yrs…..ok so this bum bitch has a 9mnth old son who he doesn’t take care of…he doesn’t call or text to see how he is doing not even coming to see him when he comes to atl…oh yea he lives in spartanburg s.c…but he comes to atl to party and can’t even have the nerve to come and see his son after i even told him he has all the access to see him….at the end he choose not to see his son at all….financially he has only sent $265 and his son is 9mnths now(what a dumb ass)the last time he saw his son was june 22nd and prior to that was when he was 6weeks… Read the rest of this post »

Darren Christopher Spears

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Darren is the worst he lives in Inman S.C with his second wife and her children and grandchild ( he left the first wife while she struggled with lupus). He quit his job the first day when he learned a portion of his earnings would be garnished for support of one of the three children he claims. He has always claimed to be the nice old country boy he volunteers at his church and had a lavish church wedding this past sumer yet, Read the rest of this post »