The Truth Liar A.K.A. GrandDaddy Deadbeat

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Watch out ladies Skip,as I call him, can turn the truth into an lie or the lie into the truth.He perpetrates like hes the greatest dad in the world,but sic.He has his children right under his nose and will not call or visit them.Hes the type of asswipe that thinks if the baby momma not with him,then his children means nothing to him.Hes all on facebook bragging about his assets,throwing lavish parties for the community,but wont even pay his child support,of which he also bragged about on facebook.he goes to court and lies about his financial situation so he pays next to nothing in child support and refuses to pay that.A grade A Loser i tell ya.I blasted his ass on facebook as well,look up my notes mrsshakur1975,if he can do it I can too,y not!!If you happen to run across this sob u better run in the opposite direction cuz the personality is straight up deceitful!!! Hes a misognist and is narcissitc.By the way,real name is Perry Borders and he has no respect or appreciation for women what so ever.Hes the type that will screw u and then spit you out!!Trust!! His children knows him by name only cuz he quick to do for other people and charges his children if he does something for them and he also makes his children pay if he does something for someone else.Loser!!!

The GrandDaddy of DeadBeat Dads

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This jerk claims to be the best dad in the wrong on facebook and im sick of it.I have begun blasting him there,too.This jerk’s children live right under his nose and he doesnt call them,visit them,or come get them to visit with him at his home.He believes the children dont exist outside his twisted,crazy,narcissitic,misogynistic world.He just pretends their not living or breathing!!!! He treats his children more like a burden instead of a blessing!!! He doesnt pay the nothing child support he has been ordered to pay.He’s just a grade A DeadBeat!!!


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This loser sperm donor is living in the Trophy Club, Texas area. He has mutliple children that he does not take responsibility for. He “works” in the entertainment industry. He claims to run local tv stations and sports programming. Keep your legs crossed when encountering this deadbeat!

Chase Rives

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I have seen my Dad choke my Mom even when she was pregnant with my little sister. He use to yell and scream bad names in her face.He even told his new girlfriend that my Mom was dead so that he could cheat. He tore her glasses off her face and broke them. He lies about paying his child support. He lives with his girlfriend and supports her instead of us.He does nothing for us since 2009. He doesn’t call or even try to see us.

watch out Texas deadbet on the loose

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Cederick Dewayne Guillory San Antonio, TX. No car, job r place 2 live. Pays no child support seez r do anything 4 my son. Ova $3000 behind n cs and countin. Worthless nobody full of lies games and bs #1 drama king mamas boy. Weed head drunk wanna b drug seller but broke azz hell and love 2 trick off what lil change he has on females instead of my son that he hasn’t paid cs 4 n almost a year.

Rhett Kenagy-Balan refuses to take care of his son

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What Rhett has done for his child over the past 12 years. Bought him shoes twice, given me about $500.00 TOTAL, paid for him to rent a Clarinet, paid HALF of baseball registration. That’s all, over a period of 12 years. He has never paid consistant child support. Of course,this is all my fault. I will not allow my son to stay at his numerous girlfriends houses, stay at his house he won’t provide an address for, go over to his house & not allow my son to call me the entire time he’s there. Also, he does this to my son that has Asperger Syndrome & Tourrettes. The FEW times he did have him he took him to horrible adult-themed movies, let him play video games that are too old for him all so that he could ignore my son/keep him busy to spend time w/ his newest girlfriend. He lies & makes up excuses to why it’s always my fault that he can’t see him or I moved so he didn’t know where we were. Forget the fact that you can search for me on facebook, email me or even call. He’s one of those guys that can’t take responsibility for his actions & likes to blame me & MY SON. It’s my sons responsibility to call & make plans. I guess in the end it’s better for my son NOT to see him But I sure am sick of him getting away w/ being a LOSER. These are the offers we’ve made to help RHETT out: pay just $200 a month, $100, pay some once a month. There’s always an excuse to why he can’t pay. So beware!!! He’s a lying, cheating, manipulating DEADBEAT DAD!!!!

Rene L Diaz–Claims to be a dad

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If you can afford a Harley then somehow I think you might be able to afford child support. I love all the bragging about riding your Harley and taking trips (on Facebook)…our daughter (MY daughter) deserves to get the support that he was ordered to pay, at this time he owes approximately $50k and he did pay support for almost a year, now I guess he decided he needed new toys for himself so he stopped paying once again. I hope his family sees this post, I think I will actually post it online so everyone can see that he isnt the wonderful person that he has everyone thinking he is…I will give him credit for being a good con-artist, guess thats one thing he learned from his 3.5 years in prison.

Soldier who hasn’t met, seen, or supported his daughter for 10 years!

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He left me pregnant with twins 10 years ago. Didn’t even tell me he was leaving me. On the day I miscarried our son and our daughter was battling for her life he was marrying someone else! I was waiting for him in Greece while stationed in Europe to call me back after our last call. He never did. For ten years he would call and see how we are doing but the minute I would ask if he would help he would never call back. Ten years later I am in the US and so is he. I am a veteran he is still active duty. I am finally in medical school, he divorced his wife of 9 .5 years for a 20 year old. I asked him if he could insure our daughter since it is free for active duty as I am in medical school and cannot afford it. He never called back, so I filed through the state of KY. 7 months later he was forced to take a DNA test to prove paternity so the state can force him to insure her and now get child support. NEVER in 10 years has he provided anything for his child. Since the court order in December, he is in arrears , owes me for medical bills, and refuses to pay. He is a deadbeat and the world should know this. JASON ADAM PETERSON OWES CHILD SUPPORT and has never supported his daughter and is stationed at FT HOOD TEXAS. I hope the world knows what a deadbeat he is !

DEADBEAT DAD/Sperm Donor!!!!! Feron Tyrone McLemore

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This deadbeat father in this picture verbal & physically abused friend of mine for over 5 years and now he has abandon his 2 younger kids. Ladies watch out for him. He even has 2 other kids as well that he don’t pay child support for. Watch out cause he will get your money, car and whatever than run to the next woman. This deadbeat father has 4 kids and don’t pay child support for none of them. DEADBEAT FATHER OR SHOULD I SAY SPERM DONOR!!!!!!

You can take it all up….

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Gordon Charles Shaw III

Has three children ages 8, 5, and 2. His 8 yr old has been living with a family member for the last year, since his father was found unfit and custody was removed by a Texas court.He was given supervised visits, but refused to take them-this child lives less than 2 hours away from him.

His 5 and 2 yr old live with their mother. His 2 yr old has no idea who he is, he has not tried to have contact or use his visitation in over a year. He uses the old worn out excuse “I am angry with my baby momma so I won’t see my kids.”

He assaulted his last baby momma, pled GUILTY to the assault, and yet still refuses to have anything to do with his children because he is angry his ex left him. HELLO-if you beat someone they will leave you if they have a brain!