Total Loser

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I kind of feel bad posting him as a deadbeat, but this pothead sperm doner has nothing to do with him son. He runs around clubbing, partying and doing drugs with his friends and left me right after our baby was born. He is a bully and has no idea who his son is! He won’t pay child support and is so busy going to parties, he doesn’t even want to get to know his son. Mostly, I just feel bad for this guy. He thinks that one day he is going to be a UFC champion (which should give you a good idea of what my relationship was like with such an aggressive meathead), but he has no motivation and is completely lazy. He left us a month after my baby was born so that he could punch dudes in a friend’s garage and get as many girls as he can. He’s missed the baby’s whole life so far and that’s what makes me the most angry!! Get it together, a-hole, time to be a big boy.

Horrible dad just got even worse

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I have a story and I will try to make it short.
I married Sean while in HS to get away from my mother. I was stupid to get pregnant by him. I should have left him before this. He refused to come to any OB appts, didn’t have anything to do with the pregnancy, picked fights with me constantly. He was at least there for the birth. But after that, I couldn’t get him to do ANYTHING for our son. Even when I had emergency surgery when our son was 4 weeks old, he wouldn’t take care of him or even bring him to the hospital so I could nurse him. I moved in with my mother so that I could get some actual help.

I learned several times that there were women who said he was sleeping with them. I ignored it. Even one woman said she was pregnant by him. I do believe there is a child out there that is his while we were married. I even learned when I kicked him out for his crappy behavior that he slept with his “best friend” Kristina. Why did I kick him out? Because he wanted to “go into work” 4 hours before his shift. Oh and he didn’t want to get a job beyond a waiter.

He finally does get a better job, joining the Navy. He did this before telling me. He went off to boot camp and A-School. When I went to pick him up, it had been 2 months since I saw him last. Yeah, he couldn’t perform. I find out later it was because he had a girlfriend in A-School. But none of this is the worst part of all.

His girlfriend got my son sick. Sean decided that his girlfriend needed to meet his wife and son. That GF was a Corpsman in the Navy who had worked on someone who had Meningitis. She ended up having Pneumonia and coughing all over MY son. With 3 days my son got sick with Meningitis. The hospital I took him to (top hospital) did not treat him in time so now my son is deaf and has a brain injury. I was able to get him cochlear implants and get treatment for his brain injury but he still isn’t back to normal.

I found out the day he left for his ship that this woman I met was his girlfriend. I already knew she was the one who got him sick. That day was the worst day of my life. I dumped his butt immediately. I moved on with my life. I wasn’t perfect but I was a damn good mother to my son.

Fast forward 9 years and I have moved out west with my 2nd husband who is also in the service. We have lived out here for 4 years and Sean has yet to see his son. Even after telling him that my son’s Trust would pay for the plane ticket. I recently learned that the gift cards that Sean gave to my son for b-day and x-mas didn’t even have any money on them.

So what made me submit this? Well with my ex-”husband” being in the Navy and us just moving, I have to change my son’s primary care doctor. But I can’t do that without information from Sean. Information which he doesn’t share with me unless I ask for it. The best one? The only contact information I had was a cell phone of his 2nd wife. I do have an email address and his email through Facebook but he can’t really check those while out to sea. I tried calling his base to see what ship he is on but unless I have the ship’s name, I can’t find him.

I am done. I am so done. I removed all of our mutual friends on Facebook, blocked him from emailing me on there and depending on if he actually replies to my emails, I will block him from them too. I have given this man so much leeway when it comes to contact with MY son and he wants no part of it. The man even took me to court to fight for visitation (which he had unlimited access to him anyways) and never ONCE took it. Oh he did meet me “in the middle” for him to see my son at McDonald’s for an hour.

The International Dead Beat Dad.

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Meet Greg Haile, the international dead beat dad! He has two boys. One lives in Germany with his mother. Greg was in the military and was stationed in Germany (where he met his son’s mother and married her). When he was sent back to the US he made promises to bring his wife and son with him. He never did. She sent him money for her visa, he spent it on his car! She asks him for help with the baby, he says no! He says he never has money, but he has the money to buy parts for his ugly truck, things for his new girl friend, things for his dog, and things for his self! The boy is almost 2 and has never received anything from his father. His other boy lives in the states, he refuses to acknowledge the child as his (even after a DNA test). The mother to this child filed for child support when the child was 6 months old, the payments did not start until the child was 2. Now, since he has gotten out of the military, the payments have stopped. He also never put the child on his insurance (which he was court ordered to do). Both of these children have only met him once, neither of them remember who he is. He is very sneaky and shady and lies ways too much! All of these things are what make him the international dead beat dad!


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I have NEVER seen someone that was raised with both parents in the home still become a BASTARD like WARREN RICH !!!!
This BUM ASS dude don’t do SHIT for his kids and has the nerve to always want to talk shit about the women that actually PROVIDE AND SACRAFICE FOR THEIR KIDS. He has NOT seen his SON in over a year and get this… this pathetic mother fucker was once locked up and would call once and a blue moon..and he had the nerve to pretend that he was STILL locked up and he would tell OUR SON that “I’M GONNA COME SEE YOU WHEN I COME HOME”. and this no good bitch was home for atleast 3 – 4 months. We found out because we heard the TV blasting int he background and heard another kid in the background. WOW… damn shame.. but he has the nerve to tell me that i can have his d**k when ever i want it! ARE U SERIOUS? #killyourself I don’t want that shit…fuck outta here!!!!
and this bitch is a woman and has nothing to say about her new husbands absenteeism in his 6-8 kids life…
yall !!!!!!!!!


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This is Christopher Tatum.He is $36,090.61 behind on child support.He has 3 beautiful teenage daughters ages 16,14,and 13.He does not have anything to do with them.He never calls or never sends them any kind of birthday or christmas presents.He is one of the worste dead beats out there.He has a son with another woman and as soon as his son was born he didnt want anything to do with his daughters anymore.He got the son he always wanted and did not want his daughters anymore.He even went to the extent to tell me he wants my fiance to adopt the girls but he still wanted rights to them.LOL!!!He said its because he can provide for them better but I knew the real reason.He wanted out of paying child support.I would never let that happen.He owes way too much money to his daughters.He works under the table so they cant garnish his wages.If anyone has seen him or knows where he is working please contact me.His daughters deserve the money owed to them.

What a LOSER!!!!!!!!!

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This BOY has 2 kids which he only has to pay 387. a month total. He normally only works 5 months a year and lives with his girlfriends parents in Chesapeake. He is over 6000 in the rears. He gives the mom 3 days notice usually when he wants to see his kids from 3 states away.( He complains that the mom takes too much money he can’t afford them, and gives them back early). He has pulled his son out of therapy he has taken his kids out of ballet and Karate and is now attempting to pull them from football and chearleading. He orders there mom to drop everything to pick them up and uses the kids to make the moms life crazy. They are pawns in a game to him. He didn’t even bring car seats for children under 8 when he picked them up. He is collecting unemployment pays no rent and his mommy pays his cell phone bill. He has no car no job and mooches money off anyone. The mom was so ready for the divorce she even paid the notary fees.


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Here is a lovely picture of my ex-husband, Ryan E Taylor, he lives in Norfolk, VA currently. Ryan has 3 children, one of which I didn’t know about until we got married -_- Ryan and I have been separated for 5 years now ad in that time has has given me a total of $400.00 for his son. I have been trying to get child support from him but he has a job which pays him under the table. He told my son that he currently works at a Hospital in Virginia doing what lord knows but this man is a DEADBEAT!!! His older children are 14 and 17 and he hasn’t done anything for them either, smh. Sad excuse of skin.

Allisa :)

Danny Watts is a dead beat father

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I say father because dads don’t do this to their children.

This guy is 46 years old. For 25 years he’s been trying to become a rock star. For the last nine years since I took the kids and left, he’s thrown them a bone every once in a while. Never paid a dime in medical or dental since they were born. Always puts himself first. Sound familiar? This guy purposely left great paying jobs to go on the road and become an amateur “rock star”. What a joke. The Child Support Enforcement system reduced the amount of the order because he wasn’t making money any more. They’re another joke. If you see this guy touring in your area with a band called “Modern Superstar” (they’re on Facebook), let him know what you think about deadbeat fathers.

Eddie A. Sherman

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This low-life decided that he wanted to “live” (drink & party like a high school kid) rather than be a father. He cheated w/ a co-worker & left us before our daughter was even born. He’s done nothing to support her & has never made any true effort to see her. He’s the kind of person who lives a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, loves to brag & show off but truly has nothing. It’s all a front. Unfortunately, so was his promise to “always be there for his baby girl”.


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This dead beat father lives in elliston va.He has not seen his 3 daughters in years.they are 13,14,and 16 years old now.He also has a son with his girlfriend that he supports 100%.He has missed his last court date so now he is wanted.If anyone has seen or knows him please contact the elliston va police department so I can try to get the help I need for our daughters.He is over $35,000 behind in child support right now and still climbing.In this economy it is hard ro raise 3 teenage daughters.I do have a wonderful guy that helps me with them but it is not his responsability.He needs to step up and help with his daughters he helped create.Its not fair that he gets a free ride and does nothing for these girls and I go to work 5 days a week and work my butt off to support them to buy them what they need.He works under the table so they can not garnish his wages.Its not fair to me or our daughters that he is getting away with this and has for years. Teenage girls are not cheap now a days.So please help me find this dead beat father so I can get the help I need for our daughters.