Kelvin Leo Gravely Sr.

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My son is 20 yrs. old now and his father has never done anything for him. He is now 56,000 dollars behind on his child support and just got out of jail for drugs. My son is in the Marines now and doing good but this deadbeat dad of his missed out on it all. He was very abusive to me when we were together, both physically and mentally. Luckily I left him when my son was a toddler so he doesn’t remember any of that. He does know, however, that he’s never been in his life and therefore now wants nothing to do with him. Serves him right.

David Alexander – Fredericksburg/Richmond, VA Deadbeat

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I just found out that this poor excuse of a man had a wife and not one, but two kids that he NEVER sees. Apparently, his kids stay in Richmond, while he lives in Fredericksburg. Who does that?

To make matters worst, he tries to front like his is single. Whenever we would go out, he never had on his wedding ring so I thought he was single. He always talks about how much money he makes working for the government, but he does not take care of his wife or children. He is a porn addict and he needs to be exposed.

After I found out that he had a family, I immediately stopped talking to him. He is disgusting and it is so unfortunate that his wife does not know what he is up to when she’s not around. I also feel so sorry for his children. He is NOT setting a good example for them, at all.


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Kregg Nelson of Virginia, owes 15,000, in back childsupport. He is court ordered to pay 640.53 per month, he has failed to do that. I have gotten check for 14.00 from child support enforcement. He has not seen his son in 3 years. It amazes me that he can drive a brand new VW JETTA, but cant support his child. He has custody of another kid which he recieves child support on, in the amount of 575.00 per month, but cant pay for his first son.

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up, HE IS A DOUCHE!!

Chris McDaniel-DeadBEAT Dog Training Dad!

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This is Chris. He has a daughter that is 14 1/2 years old (born in 1996). Although he NEVER provided for his child prior to the court order, he was ordered to pay a lousy $20 a WEEK in child support in Sept. of 1999 which proved to be too steep for him even tho he had a good job, but quit to sell cocaine so his baby mama couldn’t get his $$$. At any rate, he’s NEVER PAID A DIME! He got himself locked up for a year in early 2000 (for selling coke), got out and went back to prison for 10 years in 2001. He’s been out of prison since August of 2010 and has worked as a lead dog trainer in Bealeton, VA’s Liberty Hill Pet Resort since September of 2010. He was asked to consider paying $300 / month for the next 3 1/2 years of his child’s life, and all back and non support would be forgotten. He declines! Claims he has NOTHING!!! Gave an entire pity speech about how things are hard for him, blah, blah, blah! Guess he hasn’t considered that he was given almost 7 full months to save some $$ before he was even approached about this matter! Guess it doesn’t matter how hard its been for the innocent victims left behind to struggle to survive….he has NOTHING yet the website of the company he works for boasts his numerous titles and certifications he’s acquired. He has NOTHING but since August of 2010, he’s been on a trip to Ohio, a trip to South Carolina, and has taken lovely day/weekend trips to DC, etc. with his new girlfriend and her 3 kids! He has NOTHING yet he’s somehow he’s managed to pay a large portion of his court fines off, and loan his sister a large chunk of money (which she is paying or already has paid back)! Poor Chris!! The one he’s hurting is his CHILD! But, lets face it, he’s always hurt her so what’s new, right? Get over yourself Chris McDaniel! Kick your child some change for God’s sake!!! You know, the child you’ve NEVER taken care of!!!!!! You’re a big man of God now, right???? PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Hester Smith Jr. AKA Smittymann

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This dead beat loser has has all the chances in the world to atleast financially support his children. Mine being the oldest of atleast 4 that we know of. He has choosen to just be done with her because he can’t just do what he wants. I’ve helped, my family has helped and he has no excuses for why he hasn’t financially supported his child/children. My father even tried to help his get his CDL so that he could drive a truck and make atleast $1000 a week once he was fully trained and off driving on his own. He lived with my dad for atleast 6 months rent free and he still didn’t get his CDL what a lazy, ignorant, stupid uneducated high school drop out. Yeah you can blame me for having a child with this loser but atleast I’m taking care of my responsibilities. As of date he owes over $40,000 in child support. If you see him turn his butt into the police.

He calls himself Smittymann and is some kind of music maker, if you want to call that crap music.

DaShaun L. Armstrong

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NAME: DaShaun L. Armstrong
DOB: 08/28/1979
HT: 6′4″
WT: last known 220 lbs.
Born: Cook County, IL
Raised: San Antonio, TX (since appx. 1990)
Last known residence: Chesapeake, VA
Previous Employer: United States Navy

WANTED: For unpaid child support. If you know of his where abouts, inbox me or comment!…

GOT CH’YA NI**A!!! >>>>> I TOLD YA NOT TO &%#$ WIT ME!!