Deadbeat Father and Family!

Posted on : 12-02-2011 | By : megantouvell | In : Deadbeat Dads, West Virginia


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This deadbeats name is Michael Paul Brown from Beckley WV. We have 2 boys together age 4 and 1. I filed for divorce in September 2010 and recieved a final divorce decree in December of 2010. I have had to file multiple restraining orders against him because he is very abusive. He was ordered to pay 608.97 per month in child support. Child support was ordered to start November 1st 2010. Here it is January 2011 and he has only paid enough to cover a little over one month. He was ordered to have supervised visitation every week starting in October 2010 and he has not seen them once and neither has his family. They have completely dropped out of these boys lives. Pathetic! He has 3 other kids by 2 different mothers and he did the same thing to them in the past. I should have never believed that people could change. Watch out ladies he will get you pregnant and abuse you and then abandon your kids.