A Deadbeat’s Karma – Devine Carama

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Hello my name is Devine Carama… I think my latest video is something the CrappyDads.com website would enjoy!

This is the first visual from my brand new album, No Child Left Behind. It’s a track called “A Deadbeat’s Karma” (produced by S&G Beatz) which tells a story of a deadbeat dad and the result of not being in his daughter’s life. Directed by Lance Meaux

Devine Carama’s Thoughts:

“I wanted to tell a story and paint a picture that would make deadbeat fathers think twice before taking the easy way out when dealing with an unexpected child on the way. I hope the shock value of the story sheds a little light on the affect fathers not being in the home can have on our community’s daughters.”

Order a physical copy of “No Child Left Behind” for $10 here!

Pay Your Child Support – Child Support Bust

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“The Lee County (Ala.) Sheriff’s Department came up with an elaborate way to catch more than a dozen deadbeat parents: tell them to show up at a location in Opelika and claim tickets to this year’s Auburn-Alabama game. Operation “Iron Snare” didn’t round up all the suspects deputies were looking for, but it got quite a few. They mailed out over 140 letters for people with at least $10,000 of unpaid child support. It just goes to prove, in the state of Alabama, they’ll do anything, often without thinking about it…in order to get tickets to their version of a holy war.”

404 Page Dedicated to a Special Deadbeat Dad

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We just decided that our 404 Page needs to be dedicated to the Worlds Worst Deadbeat Dad. It’s never good to end up on a 404 Error page and ours is no exception. Thanks to Howard Veal we now have a face to the worst page on the one website thats dedicated to fighting the deadbeat dad epidemic.

CrappyDads.com wishes all the single mothers the best and hope justice will prevail for each and every one of you.

New Voting Feature

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Due to the overwhelming deadbeat dad submissions we have decided to add a new feature to our website. You can now vote for a deadbeat dad and we will post a monthly deadbeat on our deadbeat of the month page. Read the rest of this post »

Facebook Likes Deadbeat Dads?

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Ok so today we received a message from Facebook that says… Read the rest of this post »

Contact form a Deadbeat Dad

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It’s been a whopping 2 days since CrappyDads.com was launched and we have already received our first contact from a true deadbeat dad. The following is a direct message sent from out contact page, enjoy, if you have the stomach.

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Welcome to CrappyDads.com

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Deadbeat dads of the world have become an epidemic, period! They have freely chosen not to be a financially supportive parent in their children’s lives. According to the US Census Bureau, 47.3% of custodial mothers received all child support that they were owed and 77.5% received some. Read the rest of this post »