# 1 Dead Beat Dad Jeffrey Ingram

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Jeffrey Ingram has been a dead beat dad for 11 years he thought 25.00 dollars a month was too much money to pay for child support. when he decided to give up his rights was a good thing for me but when you owe back child support of 18,000.000 and you wanted to be stupid in your life and decided drugs and stealing and going to jail for stealing a police man’s car and thinking if I dont pay my child support they want come and get me but you know they did but he loved it in jail that he probably would go back. Aman that would hurt you just to get his way. he is just like his mom crazy, but you wouldn’t know that until he has already hurt you in anyway he can. what makes him such a dead beat is when he married his wife and she has kids and then they have a child together and then you start selling drugs on street corners when you have your kids with you. The hard thing is when you threaten to kill me just to get your kid back even though you gave up your rights to my husband so she could have a better life and you have not seen your child since she was about 9 months old. Telling me the only way your will pay your child support is if I let his mom take my daughter on vacation,,, not going to happen. There are more to raising a child than he thinks there is more to a child to have parents that love them and stays straight on the narrow path and doesnt do drugs and doesnt stay in jail, Because they are there having all the fun and watching there children grow up. what is so hard with this dead beat is he has not paid his irs taxes in 10 years and is always trying to be p-aid under the table or not work at all and doesnt care who he hurts or who he runs over to get what he wants. If you see him please dont sociate with him he will still you blind and you want know what hit you….

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This man Jeffrey Ingram owe over 30,000.00 thousand in back child support. he has not seen his daughter in 17 years this man has decided he would rather be a drug dealer and make babies he cant take care of and stay in jail steal a policeman’s personal car and only get probation is living in Harpersville Alabama and doesn’t care who he hurts even if it is his on mother. he has been a fugitive of the law for so long that he doesn’t care if he went to prison he would be thankful that he ha a place to eat and sleep. he is a women beater his 1 wife he did marry put a restraining order against him because of the abuse. I am very thankful I did not marry him and saw him for who he is and decided to take and raise my child with out his help because he thinks children are just drug mules specially when they put the drugs in there kids diapers and think they will get away with it. I do know that he got pulled over for speeding and being high as a kite and then to try and get out of it he claimed the person next to him wanted to kill him they both went to jail after they got medical treatment all because they were on the mushrooms and on a ton of pills that is probably why he had a heart attack and denied in the police report that he has never done drugs in his life. he has been on the run for so long that he thinks people cant find him but when you don’t think dhr looks at all your police records and sees what you put as your address and then they can arrest you on non payment of child support…

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